31 May 2007

Rain, Rain Go Away

We haven't had any rain in here in so long that I cannot actually remember when it did rain last. We really need it. We have some serious water restrictions, we can water twice a week between 4am and 8am and the same goes for car washing. Now I am not about to crawl about of bed at 4am to water anything so my flowers are wilting but they wont be for much longer. This evening it is going to start raining and this rain which is being caused by some tropical something or other is going to last through Monday.

Lily is having her birthday party on Sunday. It is outside!!?? On an up note it is outside at a waterpark so they will be getting wet anyway but these tropical deluges that we get are usually accompanied by lots of thunder and lightning. I really want it to rain but not on Sunday between 11 - 3.

Can you say wash out. Thinking cap...I need a thinking cap and fast cos I am going to have to go back to the drawing board and with less than 2 days to get it done I am going to have to work fast. Glub, glub, glub....... that is the sinking feeling I have in my stomach.

30 May 2007

The Emotional Side Of Motherhood

I have always been an emotional person, I wear my heart on my sleeve and always have done. Becoming a mother has raised my emotional quotient to an all new level that even has me shaking my head at my pathetic-ness.

I dropped Lily off this morning for school and as I walked back to my car I realised this was her last day as a "pre-k cutie" and no sooner had that thought entered my head the tears started flowing. I just cannot believe that the next time I walk into her school I will be taking her to Kindergarten. I composed myself and drove home with a sad face. I came home and pondered my little girl and how big she is now and just how incredibly wonderful she is.

I thought when I first became her mummy that I wanted her to stay little forever. She was so ridiculously cute and impish. I loved the way she talked and the way that she couldn't say the letter "s" and used "f" instead so that her life was filled with fiders and focks (spiders and socks) the way she called us Mummio and Daddio. The first time she met my father and his wife it was love at first sight and she refused to say grandpa cos he was her daddy too and I would tell her that it was her Grandpa and she would say, NO, my daddy too. And my father thought it was great and that she was just so smart.

I have now realised that I love every stage and every age. Each passing month just brings out more of her personality and curiosity. Tonight out of the clear blue sky she asked me if you can see people when they go to heaven if you are holding their hand. I wasn't quite sure what she meant at first but then I understood and we chatted about going to heaven and how the whole deal works. I can see her mind working when we are out and about and then out pop the questions. She is a sponge and so very funny and smart. (yes, I realise I say this a lot but she truly is, just ask anyone in our family!)

So as I sit here reminiscing the younger Lily years I have to smile because even though she is getting big and independent she will always be mine. And when she gets married she will still live at home with us. I know this cos she told us the other day. She added that she might get the house next door but she would come and visit and we could go there too!

She turns five in a few days and I am NOT ready for that but I don't suppose I can do much about it so I will put on my game face and deal with it.

29 May 2007

Lily's Pre-K Graduation

This evening our little girl graduated from Pre Kindergarten. I thought this was a overkill due to the fact that she is only 4 but let me tell you any thoughts of overkill flew from my brain once the ceremony got underway. I cried like a baby from the second it started to the very end and hubby didn't do so well either. She made us so very proud. And she was so flipping cute as well.

Her graduation had a beach theme and all the kiddos (with the exception of one who apparently didn't get the memo) wore their swimwear and sang lots of songs to wrap up the school year before starting the graduation ceremony. During the intermission there was a video presentation set to music of all the kids throughout the year and it was so touching. My, oh my, have they changed and grown. Each family was given a DVD of the presentation so as soon as I am done here I am going to watch it again cos I am a glutton for punishment and with all this crying I won't be able to open my eyes in the morning.

Only one child out of 18 lost their hat this evening which is pretty amazing and guess who that one child was? Yes, you are indeed correct it was Lily. It slid off of her silky smooth hair and refused to stay on again after that.

Lily truly has had the most incredible teacher for this school year and as far as we are concerned this lady has truly raised the bar. To her we say thank you and also to her aide who is also a wonderful, fabulous teacher.

So without further ado, I introduce to you the latest graduate of Pre-K.

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Jacob and I were at opposite ends of the patio so he has the better shots of this on his camera but I have not got the foggiest clue how to get them from there to here!

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The Fantastic Pre-k Teacher

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28 May 2007

Rhythm? Not Exactly

We are so busy at the moment it is nuts. We seem to be running from one thing straight to the next and it won't be over until next Sunday night so if you feel like I have been ignoring your blog, I haven't, I have read it I just don't have to much comment time.

Today was Lily's friend Nicolas' birthday. He is a big guy and he turned 6 so today we went to his party to celebrate. It was a Hip Hop birthday and we learnt a very important fact about our girl. She has the rhythm of an epilectic newt! She was so awe struck by the chap teaching them that she couldnt do a thing. They went right, she went left and so it went. She had the best time trying and that's what counts.

The 80 millionth try...she finally got it

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Getting Jiggy

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Apparently Lilys scooter doesn't go fast enough and in order to catch up with Marco she needed to drag it. Nuts I tell you. this kid is nuts. And we wouldn''t have it any other way.

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27 May 2007

A Memorable Day

We had another South Florida Asia Group picnic/gathering today and it was so much fun. Not quite so many of us due to the long weekend and no bounce houses just a bunch of kids left to their own devices and what a blast they had.This is the most wonderful group of people and we just love getting together with them. Lily now has play dates lined up until the end of summer.

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Jacob had all 3 of these girls on the swings at the same time. He was bombing around like a looney.

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Motorcycle Mama.

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This little girl is the youngest of 3 and is very shy and just so lovely but she will not have anything to do with ANYONE with the exception of Jacob. She spotted him from across the pavilion and shrieked, My Daddy, and ran straight to him. Lily even asked if we could keep her. I guess the wait is getting to her too and she thought this would be a good shortcut.

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The play area around the lake was home to this owl family who do not seem very happy about being photographed, at least the mama doesn't. ( it might be the papa but my bird sexing skills are nowhere near as good as Tracy's, thank goodness!)

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26 May 2007

Field Trip

Yesterday Lily had another field trip with her school and Jacob and I both went along as chaperone's. They were supposed to be going to PizzaHut where they would be able to make their own pizzas but when we arrived at said restaurant the manager informed Lily's teacher that they just needed to sit down and eat, as he had made all the pizzas already. Well duh...that's no fun Mister. But of course it was fun for them, all 18 of them. They didn't mind that they couldn't make it themselves, they toured the kitchen and Lily still hasn't stopped talking about the fridge that was so big you actually got to walk in it with your shoes on! It was a bit of a disappointment but after they finished eating we went to a park with them all and dodged the downpours for an hour. They thought it was fabulous and it was so much fun to see her playing at full speed with all of her classmates.

WooHoo, on a school bus!

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Where's our food?

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Here it is.

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I'm forever blowing bubbles.

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It took her all of a second to scale to the top of this thing and she then slid down the pole for her dismount with her thighs making that awful squeaking sound. It must have hurt like the dickens but she went straight back to the top followed closely by some of her friends.

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25 May 2007

A Classic Example Of Why I Laugh

Shortly after moving in to this house we started getting phone calls in the middle of the night. It was a fax machine and all we would get would be beeps but it was frightfully annoying at 3.am. The phone company said there was nothing they could do unless we wanted to change our phone number. We didn't want to do that cos we had only just got it and for those of you that have followed us for a while know that we have moved 13 times in 20 years so another number change was not about to happen. We decided to just turn the ringers off on the phone in our room. Problem solved, well sort of. Now the problem is that when we are upstairs we don't hear the phone. I thought of a way to help with that, I would teach Lily to answer the phone. I thought all kids liked answering the phone but Lily isn't overly impressed and will do it occasionally. I have taught her exactly what she can and cannot say and she does really well when she feels like it.

Where is this epic tale going you ask? Fast forward to this afternoon. I was in the kitchen and the phone rang and she answered it. This is what followed.

Lily: Hello, who is it ?
Oh Hi Goo Goo how are you?
Is it tonight the night that you come to our house?
(she then repeats the sentence again)
Oh, I thought you were coming tonight. When are you coming? Is Mummy giving you a massage?

(she has now walked into the kitchen and I asked if I could have a word with Goo Goo)

Lily: Mummy wants to talk to you.I love you Goo Goo, bye.

Dawn: Hi CF.

And this is the part that just cracked me up............... instead of Goo Goo being on the other end of the phone I hear a lady's voice say, "I'm sorry, I have the wrong number!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I absolutely lost it. I laughed so hard. Lily asked me 3 times what was so funny and I couldn't answer her. When I finally told her she just looked at me and said, "Oy Gevalt, I am so embarrassed!"

It was classic, just classic. Now I bet she will never answer the phone again!

24 May 2007

Fashion Statement

The queen of fashion has made a statement and suffice to say if she deems this fashionable then we should all agree it is a damned good thing I am not fashionable.

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The photo is a bit blurry cos I was very close cos as you can see her knickers are on her head and they cannot be in 2 places at once! This is what greeted me when I walked into the living whist she was playing earlier this evening. We had just got home from flying her kite and I assume she was hot!

23 May 2007

This Is NOT Pretty

What you about to see is not pretty. I shouldn't be showing it on the blog I should be doing more constructive things with my time like taking my daughter to etiquette lessons.

Tonight for dessert Lily wanted a push up (no not a brassiere) so I gave her one and she asked if she could sit on my knee on the couch to eat it. This is big no no but for some reason I said yes and we went and sat together. After about a minute she started making this horrendous noise and at the time it was perfectly rhythmic. I should have told her to eat nicely which I normally do but in this case I grabbed the camera instead to share the moment with all of you! She turned to me and said, I have the manners of a pig and let out this really scary laugh.

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Holy Cow Batman my daughter is related to Gene Simmons.

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22 May 2007

Lily, The Fashion Expert !

It is a good thing that I don't have a fragile ego because my daughter has an opinion on the way that I dress. Apparently Barbie and Polly Pocket are really styling but me, not so much. But I am not a fuddy duddy either. Ahhh, every cloud has a silver lining.

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21 May 2007

A New Day

After 12 hours of sleep Lily woke up her usual happy go lucky self. She didn't stir until shortly after 7 which is amazing for her.

We had planned on a beach day today but we forgot to tell the weather man that so he ordered rain for the day instead. (so glad it is finally raining here, since last week at one point 53 out of the 67 counties in Florida were on fire). So we spent a very low key day and it was just as great as any day at the beach cos this kid of ours is an absolute riot.

Here are some photos of the weekend. I failed to mention on Saturday that we went to the Build A Bear Workshop to participate in the stuff a bear for hugs where the bears were being donated world wide to children without families including those in orphanages and foster care. When Lily made her wish she wished that her bear would go to her Mei Mei in China. (Jacob now wants to buy the identical bear and smuggle it in our case to China and pretend that it went to the baby, what a guy he is!)

Lily looks so big in this photo it is downright scary

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Giving him a bath before sending him on his way.

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Our Little Gymnast

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Getting ready to "help" blow out the candles!

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19 May 2007

Lily's Horrid Day

Miss Lily woke up at her usual 6.10am and was very tired. I pulled her in bed with us but she didn't fall back to sleep so I knew today would be a long one. She had a birthday party this afternoon so after lunch I layed down on the bed with her to watch a movie in hopes that she would fall asleep but she didn't. She had a great time at the party. It was at a gymnastic school and they did gymnastics for over an hour. On the way home she had a massive meltdown over something trivial but knowing how tired she was I sort of let her ride it out. Once we got home she was still crying those big gasping sobs but I was able to comfort her. At this point my heart was hurting for my little whimperer who really needed nothing more than to go to sleep. I bathed her and read her a story and when it was time to go to sleep she said, mummy, can I have something of yours to remind me of you when I am sleeping. I gave her my bear, Jack. I went back 5 minutes later to check on her and she has Jack snuggled under her arm and her Bunny is tucked in right next to her.
Lily doesn't get tired and cranky very often because she goes to bed early but last night she had a family night at school that we went to so she had a late night. Add to that the fact that they have been working so hard learning songs for mummys day and daddys day plus her graduating ceremony that I think she is beat. My poor little girl was so sad it broke my heart.

I am not sure why the camera is making that funny noise and I am talking very softly so it is hard to hear me. So sweet, my little angel.

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18 May 2007

Guest Blogger

Today was Dads day at Lily’s school and her class put on a show for the Dads and only the Dads. Lily and I had a great morning with donuts and juice, and the show was great. I was so proud of everything. She made us matching ties, she did the questions and answers, like with Mom last week and sang some beautiful songs for us Dads. The pictures will tell the whole story.

A Girl and Her Dad, It's A Beautiful Thing.

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Double Trouble

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This is Dawn: I cannot believe that the guest blogger was a man of so few words today. He came in from school all proud and gushing and then he writes 2 lines....jeesh. Lily really cracked him today with her answers to all the questions and she really made me laugh when I saw her answer to the question: My Dad likes to buy _______ and she said, computers. Hubby is basically a gadget and gizmo guy but he lurves his computers and Lily has him sussed. She also wrote that her dad is scared of roaches. She said that on my list too. The school is going to think we live in a flea pit that is crawling with roaches but we don't I swear. I would have to move, again, if I saw a roach in here it's bad enough that we get the occasional lizard.

17 May 2007

Sleep Deprived Daddy

Jacob works until quite late at night so in the mornings I get up and get Lily ready for school. He always gets up for a good bye hug and kiss but other than that he is dormant. This morning was the same as usual and as I went upstairs to shower I said to Lily, as I always do, "no shouting, if you need me come and get me because daddy is asleep."

I had been in the shower for about 10 minutes when I heard a huge din. The next thing the bathroom door opens up followed by a bash, crash, thud sound as Lily appears with one of her little chairs (which by the way she had carried upstairs with her) a sheet of paper and a crayon. Now I am watching all of this through a steamy shower door and trying not to laugh. She announces in a very LOUD voice that she is taking a survey. I ask what it is all about and she says, food, and proceeds to yell, "who in this room loves pizza?" I told her we both did so she marks it down and the questions continue until I am out of the shower. She continues to shout and move her chair about thumping it into anything and everything. Jacob never said a word he just let her continue and I whisked her our of the room as fast as possible. She is just so cute that I can't get over her.

Last week one day I was creeping around and being nice and quiet because it was early and Jacob was still asleep when I had to go to school for a meeting so I quietly shut the door and got in my car. As I inched backwards I noticed my car was making a funny noise but I couldn't really hear it to well and thought once I got out of the driveway I would be able to pick up some speed and really hear where it was coming from. So I reversed a bit more and the noise got louder. I was a bit concerned but just wanted to add some speed to the equation so I gunned it. The loud noise got much worse and was followed by bottles rolling, cans tumbling and a few other noises that you hear when you have just run over the recycling bin!!! The front door opened and there stood Jacob with the biggest smile on his face and all he said was, "I'll get that Honey, don't worry about a thing." And then of course because we are us we just cracked up laughing. As I drove off I saw him in my rear view mirror cleaning up the neighbourhood.

Thank goodness my hubby doesn't need much sleep and always wakes up in a good mood.

16 May 2007

A New Bunny

The mailman delivered a package this afternoon for Lily. I told her that she could open it but if the gift was wrapped in birthday paper she had to save it for her birthday. Much to her delight there was no birthday wrapping so she tore into the box. Inside was the most adorable bunny I have ever seen, and I don't say that lightly as I am not big into stuffed toys. Dannye and Ray sent her an early birthday gift. The box also contained a frog cap which she loves and an array of candies which she also loved. Dannye she has never had a pixy stix before and things they are the greatsest thing ever. You guys spoil Lily way to much. Thank you so very much I love my new Bun...oops I mean Lily loves her new Bun! Where did you find this line of toys...please spill the beans I need to know.

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And on a totally different subject: Kids really do listen to you and when you least expect it your words come back to bite you on the bum. This evening I have a migraine and as I was putting Lily to sleep she said to me, Mummy you need to sleep in my bed with me and I will take care of you. I thanked her for the offer but told her I needed to sleep in my own bed to which she replied, "No room for comments and questions here just do as I say!" I had a really hard time keeping a straight face. Yesterday she told me something else and followed it up with, that is a whole different story, don't try and get out of it by mixing the 2 things together. So becareful, very careful with what you say cos it will come back to haunt you.

15 May 2007

The Night Light Dilemma

When it is time for Lily to go to bed our house glows throughout the neighbourhood, heck it can probably be seen from the space shuttle. When she was younger she had a nighlight. A single solitary 4 watt bulb in her room. Once we moved here she wanted the upstairs hall light left on when she went to sleep and we were fine with it since she wasn't used to sleeping upstairs. Recently I put a nightlight in her bathroom so that if she needed to go "peeps" in the night she could take herself and not wake us up.

She is about to turn five and I think it is time to lose some of the wattage. I told her tonight to pick which light she wanted and she was not happy about it at all. I ended up telling her that if she tried very hard to go to sleep with just her nightlight that I would buy her a book at her book fair tomorrow so she obliged. She wasn't upset to the point of tears cos I would have caved instantly but she was quite put out. She did it and went to sleep in a second.

For all of you parents out there, I have a question. What is the deal with nightlights and when did you start to faze them out. I am not planning on plunging her into darkness but I think she has way to many and I am trying to get her back down to one. Advice please.

This next part is just for the records since I somehow failed to mention it when it happened. The CCAA sent out its referrals for the month and I believe did 6 days. It doesn't sound like many but there were so many babies. At this point we have 94 referral days ahead of us. ( not including holidays so it could be more)

14 May 2007

Monday Again, Already, So Soon.

We had such a lovely weekend and I just didn't want it to end. Mind you compared to last weekend anything would have proved to be an improvement!
Jacob and Lily tiptoed around yesterday morning and let me sleep late.......for you waiting mums, sleep late now cos you will not be doing it again for years! I finally dragged myself downstairs shortly after 8am which may not sound like a lie-in but it was.

Lily's best friend from school turned 5 yesterday and we were invited to their house for a family lunch. All I can say is it was fantastic. The family is from India and "M" made the most wonderful dishes for us all. All authentic Indian cuisine and it was outstanding albeit a little bit hot for our pallets. She offered during the week to make something else for Lily and I said no way. When we arrived she offered to order pizza for Lily and I once again said, No. I tried to choose Lily's food carefully and when I saw "S" tearing into something I thought it would be fine for Lily.....WRONG. It nearly blew her head off of her shoulders. She had such a startled expression on her face and it was priceless. I then tasted everything on her plate and told her what to eat and she did very well. Once the birthday/Mothers day cake arrived she was not quite as conservative and dove in head first.

The rest of the day was spent together very quietly and it was just one of those days you don't want to end. When I went up to bed last night I looked in on Lily for the last time and she looked so adorable that I picked her, her bunny and her pillow up and planted her in bed between us and laughed at the idea of it. We went to bed snuggled up with the most important part of our lives even though she was fast asleep and oblivious to it all. She was more than a little surprised when she woke up this morning and found herself in our bed. Sometimes you just gotta do what you just gotta do!

Lily and the birthday girl.

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Let Them Eat Cake

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Chocolate Ecstasy; look at that little face she is in heaven.

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12 May 2007

Mothers Day....long

I believe there to be 3 stages of Mothers Day, at least that is how it feels to me.

Stage One.
I was a little girl with an older brother and an older sister and I watched them so closely make cards and gifts for our mother. Then I was finally able to make things myself. Things out of egg boxes and lollipop sticks, things in class that had so much glue on them they were stiff. Paper rose bouquets made out of doilies and sprayed with anything that I could find that would smell nice. Then as I was a little bit older I was able to buy things for her myself with my pocket money or money that daddy gave to me to buy something for her. Horrendous gifts such as a bright orange lipstick that I can distinctly remember giving to her and that she wore all the time even though I never realised she never wore it outside of the house. Countless boxes of chocolates that I opened and sampled, this I don't remember but she told me a few years ago. We all did it to her and we always bought her the exact same box of chocolates, After Eight mints. I only found out a few years ago that she loathed them. She used to love them but she received them from the 3 of us for each and every occasion but she always smiled and thanked us and told us she loved them. She was always so gracious about our gifts. She kept many of them and new exactly which one of us gave them to her. Of course once I was older I was able to get her things that she wanted and loved but the response was never different if it cost a million pounds or a million thoughts. She isn't here anymore and it is sad, this is our second mothers day without her but we know she is with us in spirit still laughing at some of the peculiar gifts that we gave her. I love you mummy and miss you.

Stage Two
This would be the longing stage. A stage that most of us are in now. The stage where mothers day cuts like a knife because it appears to be an unattainable goal. I hated Mothers Day during these years. It was a constant reminder of something that I longed for but just couldn't reach. I put on a brave face and held my breathe and always made it through. For years we tried to conceive only to have our hopes dashed time and time again. We bought in the big guns in hopes that they could figure it out and they did, temporarily halting my life and dashing all hope. I can now say to each and everyone of you, I hope I never get pregnant. We actually had a small scare a month ago and I was holding my breathe. I was not about to take a test because that might have told me I was, instead we chose to wait a bit longer. We both laughed at the huge change in perspective that has happened to us. The one thing that we both wanted for so long is suddenly not what we want at all. Our babies, our children, are born in China. They are not flesh of our flesh but they are ours. We share our pregnancies, albeit paper ones and we go through the process together. One look at Lilys little face made all the hurt from all the years slide gently away. I cannot say this will happen to you but I hope your pain eases. To each and everyone of you who is waiting I want to say that you are already Mothers. The day that you sealed the envelope that you sent to your agency you became a mum. You daughter is still far away but she is part of you and soon, hopefully very soon, she will be in your arms completing your world. Not to many people truly understand the pain that we go through to become parents. We receive so many comments like, next year, be patient and such, and they hurt, they hurt us so much and so deeply. These comments are not said out of malice but instead because the person just doesn't know our pain.

Stage Three
This is the, finally I am a mummy, phase. Mothers Day takes on a whole new meaning and it puts us on the flip side of stage one. My first mothers day was wonderful. I was finally acknowledged for the one thing I had wanted for so long. But in all honesty every day is like mothers day to me. I am so lucky and filled with such happiness and all because of one little girl. She makes my world complete and my heart overflow with love and joy. She brings me gifts that she has made for me almost daily. She shares her love and affection for me openly and never fails to walk past me without stopping for a hug , a kiss or an I love you mummy. My heart and soul are waiting longingly for my other daughter. She is real to me and lives deep within the recesses of my heart. I can't let her come to close to the surface because it hurts to much. To her I say, I love you, we all love you and we will wait forever to bring you home. We wish for you nightly upon every bright star.

To my darling daughter Lily, you are my world. I love you so much for so many reasons, your smile, your giggles, your beautiful face and skin, the colour and shape of your eyes, your little button nose that wrinkles like crazy when you giggle. If I tell you a silly made up story and you think it is hilarious you want me to tell it over and over again just like I did last night and watched your silly nose wrinkle up time and time again. You are so sensitive for one so young and a very caring little girl. When I hear you say Mummy something inside my heart lights up. The joy and happiness that you have bought to me (and Daddy too) leaves me breathless. Without you I would have no Mothers Day and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being you, my remarkable daughter. I love you, Schnoogy. You rock my world.

Happy Mothers Day to all of you. Whether your babies are with you or not you are still very much a Mummy.....make that Mommy!

11 May 2007

My Heart Is Flooded

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I am walking around on a cloud. You see this morning was a Mother's Day tea at Lily's school and first they sang songs and then served us tea. The songs bought me to tears, they were so sweet. ( apparently I am known as the cryer in the group cos 2 other mums handed over their tissues before the kids got started!) After our tea and cookies we were led back to their classroom and the teacher read from a paper that they had filled in about us and we had to guess which one was ours. I knew mine immediately but the second question locked it in. The questions were all the same for all the kids but their answers were so different and really rather funny.
I love this little girl so much and it is an honour and privilege to hear her call me, Mummy.

This is Lily's paper:

Happy Mothers Day by Lily C.

My Mom likes to wear:
White Shirts
My Mom's favourite restaurant is:
She Likes to cook:
Brownies with me
My Mom likes to go to: Shops
My Mom's hair is:
My Mom gets mad when: I fight with her about something
My Mom looks pretty when: She wears a dress
My Mom doesn't like:
Roaches, they get her all scared.
My Mom thinks it is funny when:
I jump out and surprise her
My Mom knows alot about: Girly stuff, my dad doesn't know about that
My Mom is scared of: Roaches and roller coasters
My Mom gets excited: When it is somebodies birthday
When my Mom is tired:
She takes a nap
When my mom wakes up in the morning: She is all grouchy
My mom would never give away her:

I am still laughing at this. The grouchy mummy in the morning is the sad truth. But as for the socks, well lets just say I am stymied. Jacob laughed at the comment about him not knowing about girly stuff.

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After the festivities it was back to business for the kids.

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10 May 2007

HRH Princess Lily

Lily loves to dress up, she always has and I hope that she will continue to do so for a while longer. She has huge amounts of dress up clothes from bunnies to ladybugs to princess costumes. But her all time favourite is anything girly and princess. This afternoon I was sorting through some old clothes and stuff and she made a beeline for the pile and rummaged through it stopping every now and again to say, can I have this? I wouldn't even look but just said , yes you can.
When I went into the kitchen to fix dinner she stayed away for ages and finally this is what I found. Don't you just love the gloves? She looked so cute. She had even cut out a pair of earrings from a Brighton catalogue and taped them to her ears!

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9 May 2007

2 Thumbs Up

No this is not a movie review.
Humour me here please and take a look at your hands and study your thumbs, funny things aren't they? They sort of look like big toes only more delicate.
Lily has the cutest thumbs I have ever seen (I know I am her mother and I am supposed to think that but she really does) they are bent and crooked. They don't even face the usual way that thumbs face, they are only off by a bit but they are funky. I have tried to take pictures of them tonight to share with you but they just aren't very clear and you can't really see how squiggly they are. But then I videoed them and at the end of it she bends them down and you can clearly see how cute they are.
She came home from school one day and said that the kids in school were trying to straighten them for her and they were pulling on them and another kid thought if she blew on them and then snapped her fingers they would be fine. Lily thought it was great fun as she loves the fact that her little digits are a tad whacky and she knows that I think they are wonderful.
Jacob has really weird pinkies on both hands that don't bend and I have really crooked pinkes on both hands so Lily loves the fact that she has the worlds cutest thumbs to match our family.

Yes, you are correct, I have nothing better to blog about this evening other than her thumbs!

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Oh man , I love those crooked little fatties.

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