28 May 2007

Rhythm? Not Exactly

We are so busy at the moment it is nuts. We seem to be running from one thing straight to the next and it won't be over until next Sunday night so if you feel like I have been ignoring your blog, I haven't, I have read it I just don't have to much comment time.

Today was Lily's friend Nicolas' birthday. He is a big guy and he turned 6 so today we went to his party to celebrate. It was a Hip Hop birthday and we learnt a very important fact about our girl. She has the rhythm of an epilectic newt! She was so awe struck by the chap teaching them that she couldnt do a thing. They went right, she went left and so it went. She had the best time trying and that's what counts.

The 80 millionth try...she finally got it

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Getting Jiggy

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Apparently Lilys scooter doesn't go fast enough and in order to catch up with Marco she needed to drag it. Nuts I tell you. this kid is nuts. And we wouldn''t have it any other way.

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Polar Bear said...

She is just so darn cute! That is a girl with a lot of determination!!

Looks like a pretty cool party!

M and M said...

I've never heard of a hip hop birthday...I have SOOO much to learn!!

PIPO said...

'Epileptic newt'? That one still has me cracking up.

Beckyb said...

Just looks like SO much fun!!! If you ever move to the Midwest - we need to have fun together!!!!

redmaryjanes said...

She looks like she was having a great time. Is this the new birthday craze?

3D said...

You make me laugh!!! She may not have rhythm but she has soul!

Keep smilin!

Janet said...

That is hilarious! Hip hop birthday? Too cute!

aimeeg said...

I LOVE watching kids with no rhythm. Great entertainment.

Ann said...

She'll get what she wants and needs every time cuz she won't let anything like a scooter stop her!!


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