31 Mar 2011

We Owe You How Much? Oy!

We love the "0n Dem*nd" feature on our T.V., the kids love it too. Rosie particularly enjoys being able to watch that annoying little "D*ra the Explorer" whenever her heart desires. There are just 2 rules, you cannot turn on the telly unless Mummy or Daddy say's so and you cannot surf the channels. We pick what they watch.. We have had those channels blocked so if they are watching and start surfing, even though they aren't meant too, they can't get into trouble. We showed Rosie how to find her shows "0n Dem*and" and she loves the independence of doing it herself.

Yesterday the cable bill arrived. I do not deal with the bills, thankfully they are hubbies arena, so I plonked it on the island in the kitchen for him. He always checks the mail when he gets home. This morning I had an early client so he was in charge of the girls and getting them breakfast and off to school. Just as I was about to leave I noticed he was on the phone. I mouthed, "who are you talking to" and he pointed to the cable bill. I mouthed, "why?" and he pointed to the total. I tried to mouth "OMG" but feinted from shock instead.

We both knew this was a mistake and I fathomed out from the conversation that it was for movies we had been watching. Ha, we don't watch movies at all. I asked, what movies and he forwarded my question. Then he turned over the bill and there were the movies, all listed for our viewing pleasure. The list had only 2 movies on it and one was listed as being viewed only once. Why on earth would any body watch the same movie over and over and over and.....well you get it.

As Jacob was dealing with the credit I went into the living room and jokingly asked the girls which one of them had been ordering movies off of the telly. Lily looked up at me and said, "Rosie has, she has watched so and so over and over?" Say what, child of mine...I gave her a blank stare even though I was trying really hard to look intelligent.

The following conversation ensued:
Me: what are you saying?
Lily: Remember the other day when I was doing homework and she asked to watch D0ra and then she came up to us and said, this is appropriate for me. (she hasn't learnt the word inappropriate yet and so just says that) and you went and changed it for her?
Me: yes.
Lily: well they have changed the menu screen on Dem*and now when she pushes the same buttons it takes her to movies.
Me: What?
Lily: so she just does it over and over before she gives up and asks you to help her."

With that I ran back into the kitchen and tried to get Jacob to listen but I got the hand swat gesture. I waited until he hung up and then explained that Rosie had ordered them all!

Is it wrong that we couldn't stop laughing? Seriously we were hysterical, unable to breathe for laughing so hard. We looked at the bill and the times she ordered them and she would literally land on the channel get the wrong show, exit and head back immediately to try again. We got charged each and every time. If nothing else it appears our girl is persistent. My word we cracked up.

Hubby did the right thing and called them back and told them the whole story and now we are awaiting a credit. He also found out how to put a block on the pay movies so that Rosie can't do it again.

I went back to the living room and told Lily what had happened and how much the bill was. She looked at Rosie and very smoothly said, "hey Rosie, you better go and get you cheque book" I of course burst our laughing again and left Rosie sitting there with a blank expression on her face.

This afternoon Rosie started singing a jingle to some T.V. advert. I couldn't place it so I asked Lily what it was for and she said, "oh that's for Xfin1ty 0n Dema*nd". She had NEVER EVER done that before, ironic huh? I rang Jacob and told him and he laughed and said, "well she spent enough time watching their movies she probably heard it enough that she has it memorized".

So, Little Miss, no more ordering movies to the tune of $208.

29 Mar 2011


Rosie loves to help. Things take 10 times as long when she helps me but I don't care at all. If helping involves water in any way, shape, or form it can take 100 times longer. Girl loves to play in water.

I just had this conversation with her:

Me: Rosie would you like to help me wash the grapes?
Rosie: What day is it?
Me: Tuesday
Rosie: No thanks, I don't help on Tuesdays.

Ha ha ha ha. Where does she come up with this stuff?
And for the record, she didn't help and I was done in a flash, for a change.

27 Mar 2011

Sand Angels

We buried Lily in the sand and then Rosie had a turn but she thought that laying in Lily's indentation was being buried.
heh, get out of that if you can!
Sometimes she is so daft.

And they (and I) just had fun.
She was trying to empty the ocean. Well she must have been she did the same thing over and over again.
building a sandcastle with a moat
Cute, isn't she?
Getting ready to take a dip

Their finished sandcastle was turned into a watering hole...I mean private pool.
Names in the sand

I don't know what they were doing here.

The temperature was supposed to hit 88 for today but it didn't. Oh no it surpassed 88 and headed for 90 instead. This can only mean one thing, summer is here. I don't care for summer at all, not one bit. It is just much to hot. I know that is hard for you who are still digging out from under the snow to grasp but it's true.

Today we went to the beach for the first time this year. This is early for a beach day. It was glorious. We made our home under the shade of a Palm tree and only returned to our spot to eat lunch. The rest of the day was spent at the waters edge, building sandcastles, making wading pools and just frolicking.

Both girls made sand angels, our version of the beautiful snow angel.

I will be able to deal with the heat just as soon as the water gets warm enough to actually get in. Submersion is the key.

26 Mar 2011


Today Lily surprised me by not waking up until 9.15. This is a record and a huge stride for her. Lily has always been one to awaken very early regardless of what time she went to bed. Jacob and I joke that the orphanage must have implanted a chip inside of her and when it is 6.am they activate it and Lily springs to life.
I cooked a huge breakfast that they both devoured and then they joined me on my run. (not my favourite way to run at all.)
We came back and barely had enough time to shower before heading to riding.

Do you notice something different in these pictures?

She is bare back! She loved every second of it and had so many people comment on her form etc.

The girls wanted to head to the beach today but after being outdoors for a couple of hours in 90 degrees, yes it is summer here already, gah, I was not about to head to the beach. We had a huge sort out of toys instead, which basically meant we played with lots of different games for ages whilst the girls said they couldn't part with anything. (lets hope they don't check the trash or my hiding place for charity drop off.) Then they had a tea party, that was when I took over the sorting of toys.

A tea party
Cute and tiny tea set

This is how they play 0ld Maid
Odd aren't they?

We even went through the crayon box and of course that ended with us baking some fancy crayons. They both sat in front of the cooker the whole time just staring at the crayons melting.
Master Chefs
What's for dinner?

They loved doing this and were so excited with their crayon cocktails and the new colours.

This evening Rosie went to bed early and that left Lily and I to observe Earth Hour. Lily is not afraid of much. In fact she is bold but the dark gets her every single time. The idea of turning off our electric for an hour thrilled her until she realised it would be dark. She found every candle and torch in this house.
Here she is being brave-ish.

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We played hide and seek int he dark and told a couple of stories, she made shadow puppets until she scared herself and then we decided to read a book and that kept her occupied. She would occasionally stop reading and ask, "are ghosts real" or "do you believe in Aliens?" It was so hard not to laugh.
I think that sums up the madness of our day. Tomorrow is going to be the beach so I am quite sure I'll have lots of photos.

( Lily had been dressing up and was still half in a costume. I do not let her wear strapless black spandex dresses....honest)

22 Mar 2011

Eking Out The Last Of The Good Stuff

The weather is changing. It is getting warmer by the day and so we are trying to eke out every last second of outdoor time that we can. Here we have five minutes of winter, a day of spring and then it is summer again. This weekend the predicted high is 86. Eighty freaking six degree's, heaven help me I will melt.
Lily had to make a kite for a school project and it was returned home yesterday (proudly displaying an A) so this afternoon the weather was lovely with a nice breeze so we headed out to the park to fly it. One of the requirements for the project was that it had to fly.
Well that kite may have flown when her and Jacob took it out for it's maiden flight and it may have flown at school when she presented it but it would not fly today. It went up, twirled in lots of annoying circles and then swiftly plummeted to the ground.
All was not lost though as we went to a new park and the kids had a great time. I was playing with them and due to daylight savings time, I lost all track of time and the fact that we needed to eat dinner and that it was a school night, oh well, never mind.

Some twirly contraption that entertained them for ages. Rosie would get so dizzy that she couldn't walk straight.
Lily literally fell down the slide. Wingnut! She didn't get hurt and couldn't stop laughing. She was sliding perfectly well when all of a sudden she flipped and fell the rest of the way..
Rosie showing a lot more grace on the same slide.
Crazy Pogo stick
the abandoned kite.

20 Mar 2011

A Little Of This And A Bit Of That.

We are home and all the photos are now downloaded into the computer. I can't believe I forgot the cord. I wasn't the only one who forgot something, Hubs forgot his bathing suit and realised when we were nearly there. Lily, being the ever-helpful child that she is had a solution, "Daddy can't you just go skinny dipping?" Yeah, cracked me up as well. Mainly the vision in my head of the other guests faces at the water park when hubs trots out in his birthday suit. You can safely assume that we purchased him a new one as I didn't want to spend my whole 4 days trying to bail him out of jail.
We thought that we would go to one of the water parks there but weren't really sure if it would be to cold for us. We are quite wimpy when it comes to water temperatures, especially Rosie who still turns blue if she is sitting under a ceiling fan. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the water temperatures met our requirements and dove right in.

Rosie coming off of a slide in her tube ALL BY HERSELF.
I'm a rock star.
Whizzing through the rapids. Possibly our favourite thing to do there.
Rosie in the wave pool.

After that much fun and energy expenditure it was time for a little dinner. Since Jacob spent many years in the North East he loves him some Lobstah.
The girls thought this car was incredible
I think Jacob ate about that much lobster that night.

One morning we drove to a nearby town and met some of our friends from our Wednesday playdate. H moved away with her family and so did K. K was driving back to Miami for a visit and so we all met up at H's new house for breakfast. The kids got to see each other and play and we got to catch up. We fell in love with the area that H lives in now. Hmmm, a dilemma.
Breakfast on the patio. The pool was freezing.
Rosie. The child ate her weight in pancakes.
Reunited again.

Later that day we went for a swim at our hotel. It wasn't successful as the water was sub-zero. Other people were swimming but I think they must have been wearing invisible wetsuits.
A somewhat deflated Rosie when she realised just how cold the hotel pool was.
She tried really hard to pretend she wasn't cold but those lips of hers told a different tale.
Lily braved it and swam for a little while
Also pretending she wasn't cold
Looking alot more cheerful once she realised we were about to do something that she wanted to do even more than swimming.
Lily had a little SNAFU upon returning to the room. Daddy left the seat up and she fell in. She will kill me if she realises I posted this one.

No time to waste. Off for some Crazy Golf. We have never played this with both kids before and now I know why...they are mental. We had such a great time. Lily hit one ball so hard that it went missing. Lilipop, our star athlete does not excel at golf but she makes it a lot of fun.
It was a pirate themed golf course.
Inside a cave.
The manic miniature golfer. She managed 2 holes in one!
The whole motley looking gang.
Later on that night we headed out to Downt0wn Disney where we met up with Buzz.

Last year at this time we were in Orlando with Andie and everyone except Rosie and I took a helicopter flight. Rosie hasn't forgotten that she didn't get to go so Jacob promised her that next time we went she could go too. She made sure he kept his word.
She was very happy.
and a little nervous.
having Lily there helped her be brave.
She got to fly over the waterpark.
I stayed back at the hotel packing.....sometimes I have to much fun!

That sums it up rather well. We had loads of fun and it flew by a bit to quick but isn't that how it is? We purchased annual tickets to aqua*tica as we love it there and it offers a great variety for both the girls and us to. So now the mountain of laundry taunts me and reminds me that it is back to the real world. The real world is also lots of fun so I don't mind at all.


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