30 Apr 2011

Old Blogs

For a very long time I have been meaning to close my old blogs. All the old posts are now incorporated into this one so all the Eggrolls history is in one place.
I don't care who reads them I just think it is silly to have 3 blogs when this one has everything in one place. So feel free to delve in to the archives here, it's all the same stuff.
So now I have just this one and I hope I haven't offended or shut anyone out.

29 Apr 2011

I love weddings

I have always loved the pomp and ceremony that is England. England just knows how to do things in a classic and elegant manner.
Today was the royal wedding (in case you have been under a rock) and lots of people have been complaining about how much media coverage there has been over here and how sick they are of the whole affair but I am yet to meet someone who didn't watch it. I woke up shortly after 5.am and was joined about an hour later by Lily who was mesmerised.*

The bride looked simply elegant. A true Princess. Her groom is as handsome as his mother was beautiful.

Queen Elizabeth even saved her very best outfit for today and looked lovely.

All in all it was a fairy tale day but I have just one little question. What the heck were Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie wearing? My Fathers wife said it best when she said they looked like 2 fat old pantomime dames. Good heavens, they are a train wreck.

*This is what kept Lily so mesmerised for so long!

I do believe it was Prince Andrew in drag, wearing African art as a headpiece.

God save the Queen.

26 Apr 2011

Spring cleaning my brain

  • So many things are going around in my head that I have decided to have a little cleansing session.
  • Rosie is going to attend Lily's school next school year. They have so many kidlets apply that they have to draw a lottery. Lucky for her and us, her number was picked.
  • She is really excited about the idea of going to Lily's school.
  • Lily's school is a uniform school. It's quite a liberal uniform and there appear to be no ramifications whatsoever if you don't wear it particularly if you are the child of a teacher.
  • Lily has 5 teachers kidlets in her class and every single one of them is picked first to be student of the month. It's been this way since kindergarten. Lily and her friend S are on to it and now believe the student of the month award to be a total crock. That's my smart little Schnoog for ya.
  • This is not meant to be a post to bash teachers but since I am here, why move on. I am not going to get a tattoo, not ever. That doesn't mean I don't think you should get one, your body your choice. I do however think that if you have a tattoo you should probably keep it covered up whilst at work. 2 of the female teachers in Lily's grade have them and they don't hide them. They would probably be hidden if the women dressed like professionals and not like hoochie mama's. If you are going to school why are you wearing cheap rubber flip flops and a spaghetti strap sundress. If male teachers wore the equivalent they would be sent home.
  • Teacher bashing done! Sorry to all my friends who are teachers but you know these comments are NOT directed towards you. For the record, Lily's home teacher always looks great and is an awesome teacher.
  • I forgot just how much I love re-finishing furniture. Forgot that is, until this past weekend when I dragged out my handy sander and got my groove on. Something about staining and sanding that I love. I think if I ever quit doing massage I will open up my own place. I have blisters on my fingers and am a hot sticky sawdusty mess and I even love that too. I will post before and afters when I am done. ( of the furniture not me)
  • Cousin Andie is coming to stay. The girls are freaking nuts about this.
  • I am freaky happy too.
  • Here in Miami we have always had lots of homeless people. There is also an organisation of homeless people that stand at all the major intersections and hold out their begging bowls. I call them tolls. If you want to get through the intersection you have to pay a toll. For the first little while this was fine but now they are E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E. I would be homeless myself if I paid each and every one of them. What is very sad to see, or I think it is, are the men in shirts and ties carrying signs that say, "lost my job, "X" amount of kids, need rent money". I cannot imagine a Father going into the streets to beg for money for his family. One man sells candy bars. Jacob likes the guys that sell stuff instead of begging. Why don't people prepare for a rainy day anymore? .
  • Hating people is not nice. How can you hate a group of people based on their beliefs, with the exceptions of psychopaths etc. Tolerance and broadening ones mind goes along way. Educate yourselves. (but not by a teacher who dresses like a hoochie Mama)
  • Phew, glad I go that off of my chest. My brain was about to explode. maybe that is why I had a 6 day migraine last week that resulted in a fever blister the size of Saturn. Kind of makes me look like a hoochie mama....might just as well get a big old hickey to go along with it.
  • Oops, I nearly forgot, Rosie will no longer wear matching socks. One set of Little Mis-Match socks and she was smitten. Every single day she unfolds 2 pairs of socks and wears one of each. In Rosie's crazy 4 yr old brain, sock monogamy is a thing of the past. Here is today's selection for school. I helped a little as the ones she chose were so wacky that it sent my OCD into overdrive, at least this un-pair sort of goes together.( my sister will be so proud, she doesn't believe in sock monogamy either)

Alrighty then, that about does it.

24 Apr 2011

Candy reigns supreme

The girls woke up this morning and were thrilled to see that the Easter Bunny had hopped by. He left them a little basket each, filled with goodies and bits and bobs.

The Bunny also hid lots of eggs all around the house in the most peculiar of places, some were filled with pennies, others with a piece of candy. He left one golden egg and that had a $1 in it. Rosie found that one and was super happy.

Our traditional Easter morning was cancelled this year which truly put a damper on things but we recovered, fast. Life has been extremely hectic lately so a quiet afternoon, with just the 4 of us, was a much needed treat.

Hope your Easter was peaceful, it seems fitting.

23 Apr 2011

My favourite

It's a very good job that Cad*bury's Mini Eggs are only available for a short time.
I ♥ them.

Happy Easter to those who partake.

22 Apr 2011

And then there was one

This morning I secretly packed an overnight bag for Lily, told both girls to choose a swimming cossey and loaded them into the car under the guise that we were going over to my friend Jakie's house to help her get ready for a garage sale. When we entered the Turnpike Rosie asked me why we were going to Hollis Bolly's house instead of Jakies. Pretty astute for a 4 yr old. I spilled the beans and they went temporarily bonkers. Things got even more nutty when I told Lily it was a sleepover. She got into a frenzy for a second or two when she realized she didn't have her bunny or anything else for that matter. I threw her bag into the back seat and she was once again ecstatic.

And so my day started with 2 little girls and then there were 5. Five happy girls playing happily in the pool. And then there were 5 happy girls and the one charming little boy. "A", one of Hollis' neighbours came over and joined in the fun. "A" is the most well mannered, sweet boy I have EVER met.
Joie, relaxing
Trevi and Rosie making a house
Lily and Anlei squirting.
Yum, lunch
water fight time

Fun, plain and simple
Lily and Anlei having a snack.
Rosie thought this was the ultimate in pool travel

With the exception of getting out of the pool to eat we spent 6 hours submerged. SIX HOURS. It flew by but it always does when we are together. I cannot wait for this summer as Hollis, her mum and the girls are all joining us in England. That will be fun.

We kissed Lily goodbye and Rosie and I departed. Rosie was invited to sleepover too but she wasn't ready. She also wasn't ready to leave her sister behind but a promise of a special night quelled her insecurities and within minutes this is what I could see in the back seat. 6 hours in a pool will do this to you.

Goodnight sweet Lilipop.
We miss you and I feel like a tiny part of my heart is missing tonight. I know you will have a fabulous time.
love you to the sky and back.

20 Apr 2011

Rosie's Easter Party

Rosie had her Easter party at school today and even got to meet the Easter bunny and go on an egg hunt. Oh the excitement. I must say she is starting to handle parties much better but still has room for improvement. She does NOT like hustle and bustle.
I could have titled this post, "The best laid plans of mice and men" cos things went haywire first thing this morning and instead of being at school at 9.30 we showed up just after 10. ( it's a long story)I failed to take my camera with me to work so I asked Jacob to take it with him and then when I picked up Rosie I would get it. Well that also failed miserably as I picked up Rosie but left my camera with Jacob. DUH. Never mind, we got there in time for all the fun and lots of other mums had cameras so I'll have some pictures of the egg hunt soon enough.

Jacob showed up after his appointment with the Doc in time to see them meet the Easter Bunny so I at least have those.

The 2 besties
Thankfully Jacob showed up cos when it was time to take class photos I was shoved to the back and couldn't see over any ones head but Mr. 6ft 2 just held the camera above their heads.
These pictures make me laugh because taking a class photo is the equivalent of herding cats

My sweet girl with The Bunny.

Crafts made my Rosie.
Saying the CLC blessing before lunch. I love that her school teacher does this.
Just look at them all saying their prayers.

She came away with the biggest bag of eggs imaginable and was bouncing off the walls for ages from all the sugar.. The candy is now hidden and I am hoping out of sight out of mind, plays true.

18 Apr 2011


Lily is very outgoing
Is as curious as a cat
Loves to swim, play, & ride her bike
Yells Yee-Haw when rides a horse

Can never have enough
Open minded & light spirited
Passionate peacemaker
Enjoys every moment of life

Lily had to write an acrostic poem for her homework this evening. When I read it I was truly amazed at just how well she described herself.

I copied this directly from her page and oh so carefully removed our last name from the top. Yes, it was pretty silly considering her name is right there as part of the poem. Just another blonde moment.

17 Apr 2011

Pool's Ready

The girls have been bugging me for weeks to go in the pool. I keep telling them that it just isn't warm enough yet. I decided yesterday that if we had time today we would go in the pool. I really didn't think it would be warm enough especially since we had so much rain yesterday but I was wrong. It was fabulous.

Happy girl finally able to swim.
Here's Rosie, giddy with delight

Rosie stayed really close to the side for a few minutes and wasn't doing anything that resembled swimming. I asked her to jump in and she said she couldn't. I was surprised cos for the last 2 summers she has spent her time jumping in the pool, heading to the bottom and retrieving dive sticks. After a second she decided she could and that was it her confidence was back and she was diving for objects right along with Lily.

I tried to get a photo of her jumping but I failed. The outakes are so funny.
oops, I missed
nearly got her
missed again!

Getting ready to race.

My fun loving girl had a blast

I got in with them but only up to my tummy. I thought it was cold-ish. June is when I start to dive in.

We had a really busy day today and there were so many activities going on but in the end we needed to just lay low and stay close to home. Both girls were exhausted tonight and went to bed early. To that I saw, woohoo, it's pool season, time to wear them out, every day.

Note to self: next house needs a pool.

16 Apr 2011

Fun In The Inclement Weather

Today was Jacob's company picnic. It is truly geared for the little ones and never ceases to entertain the socks right off of them.

Just as we were getting ready to get in the car it started to rain, big Miami sized raindrops. If you are not familiar with Miami's torrential downpours just imagine getting a huge bucket of water thrown at you, as that is what it is like. You are drenched to the skin in a matter of seconds. On the bright side, it isn't cold here so apart from the fact that you are soaked and your hair looks like a rat's nest it's not really a big deal. It can also be raining in your front garden and not in your back garden so if you are heading to a place more than 3 minutes away the chances are great that it's not raining there.

It wasn't raining at the picnic however the sky looked threatening but we thumb our noses at threats. The girls were oblivious to the grayish/blackish sky and ran full force into the fun.,

Will she ever tire of these walls?
She made it to the top in seconds
Then she found out she was to light to repel back down. The ropes were to tight and she was stuck...ha ha ha/
This sign looks so bright compared to the sky.

Rosie and I on the left, Lilipop on the right.
Jacob and Rosie centre, Lily right.
Rosie loved this slide and we went on it too many times to count. She was peeved that she wasn't tall enough to ride alone.

Rosie rode this roller coaster to death!
Notice the beautiful blue sky here
weeee. She went on some rides alone today which is monumental.
Lily looks rather bored.
They only did this once as it didn't make their tummies do flip flops so it was considered dull.

This year the picnic was held at the Equestrian Centre so it was only fitting that they had ponies there. Lily found them to be a bit little and chose to pass. I suppose after actually riding competitions in that very arena she does have a point. Rosie thought she was the cat's pajama's riding all by herself.
Oh how I love that cheesy grin.

Whist we were waiting for Rosie to finish her ride Lily went into the petting zoo,
Look at that tiny weeny ducky.

As she walked out of the petting area she saw a mechanical bull and immediately wanted to have a try. Now that is so Lily, something new and something difficult and she is right there. This video is long because, as you can hear from the commentary she didn't fall off of it. Thankfully the ride operator had a good sense of humour and listened what I asked him to speed it up. Most people fell off within the first minute. Not her, it's her amazingly developed thigh muscles from riding horses. She could crush you to death with them.

Being the mean dreadful parents that we are we forced them to take a break from the fun and eat something.
Good grief it's as big as she is.

Just after Lily rode the bull it started to rain. That big Miami rain again only this time it didn't appear that it was going to only last for a few minutes. We ran into the arena for cover and waited for a few minutes but realised we were rather close to a hornets nest. Probably not a good idea with a kid with allergies to venom that can be fatal so we moved to the front. I then decided that after nearly 4 hours of being there it was time to leave. Our car was parked, Hell's Half Acre away from where we were so I asked the kidlets if they wanted to walk in the rain. I think they thought I had lost my marbles but didn't hesitate to say yes. I have always loved walking in the rain. The kind of rain that soaks you to your skin and makes your shoes squidgy but usually it is at an inconvenient time when it happens and I can't go marching in to see a client looking like something a cat threw up. Today we were going to go straight home so it was perfect. The girls loved it. They were drenched, they splashed in the puddles, no they jumped in the puddles and as everyone else was trying to stay dry we were getting as wet as possible. Their giggles and squeals could be heard for miles. By the time we reached the car we looked like this.
It's raining. it's pouring
Since I have no pride whatsoever I will show you how I looked.
See that smile, worth every raindrop
Poor little mite is drowned I tell you, drowned.

Fun. Plain and simple.


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