30 Oct 2009

I Don't Want This Day To End

Those were the words Lily said to me this evening as I was putting her to bed. I on the other hand am exhausted but in many ways don't really want this day to end either because we have had so much fun.

One of my clients wanted to take the girls out on a "business" lunch. Since there was no school today and her store is in Downtown Miami I thought it would be a little more fun if we took the Metro Rail instead of driving there. Not necessarily fun for me cos I think you take your life into your own hands riding that skanky thing but I knew the girls would find it thrilling. So we left the house this morning at around 10.am armed with enough Purell to kill an army of germs and we hopped aboard the train. They were as giddy as 2 little girls can get.

Making them sit still whilst I took this photo nearly killed them.

Enjoying the view and the ride.

More of the same

Once we arrived at the Government Centre we had to find our way to the store. I have driven there countless times but I have no sense of direction and without my car's GPS system I am useless. So we walked and walked and walked for ages until I finally recognised where we were and we reached our destination. How the girls didn't have a meltdown I have no idea because it was blisteringly hot. Once we met Sandy she gave them each a Jack-O-Lantern filled and I mean
filled with stuff. Not just candy but all sorts of wonderful Halloween fun and then we headed to lunch. We arrived at a very crowded Italian restaurant where a table magically became available to us. (it must be nice to have connections) The girls loved having lunch with her. Everything was done especially for them. Nothing was served in the usual portions, everything was made for them and not from the menu the whole lunch was fabulous and thankfully both girls were really well behaved using their best manners. Mummy was really proud of them.

Rosie snapped this shot.

Lily drooling into her dessert. I have to say it was heavenly.

After lunch we walked back to the store and both girls were given necklaces which I may have to pry off of them because I am sure they will never take them off willingly. They strutted about like little starlets for the rest of the day! From there we went to a wholesale bead store to buy bracelets and necklaces for Lily's teachers for the holidays. I was in heaven. I don't even remember the name of this place and I know that it isn't somewhere you just notice from the street cos we entered a building and went up some stairs and down a hallway. Lily designed her own necklaces for her teachers and they are gorgeous. She choose ribbons for some of the necklaces and they look really nice, so nice in fact I had to make one for myself.

By now it is 3ish and Rosie hasn't napped but she isn't at all bothered and is keeping up with us and not complaining but it was time for us to bid Sandy farewell so that we could head home and get ready for part 2 of the day, a birthday party. As we were leaving, Sandy's hubby told me to take the Metro Mover back to Government Centre. Say what? We don't have to walk? So we took another kind of train. Holy smoke the kids were in train heaven!

This is fun Mummy and there aren't any seats. Can we dance around these poles? Hmmm, let me think. said the mummy, pole dancing? Hell NO!

I need to add here that I really do have the most wonderful clients. When Lily first came home I decided to cut my hours back to the bare bones which meant saying good bye to many of them. At that point I had a client list that read like a who's who. I had professional athletes, actors you name it and I also had a waiting list that went on and on. When it came to crunch time I knew exactly who I was staying with and these people are still with me today. Some are business people some are retired but all of them are kind sweet and in their own way a superstar.
We arrived back at the car around 4.00pm, I think and had to be at a party by 5 so we just headed to Target and picked up what we needed. Rosie slept on the Metro Rail for a few minutes and didn't wake up when I moved her to her car seat or back into her pushchair at Target. We raced to Erics house and got there just a few fashionable minutes late! I have no idea how the kidlets managed to keep going all day but they did and they remained happy go lucky all day too. Both of them had a wonderful time at the party and Rosie had a great time with her little friend Bianca.

Getting ready to blow out the candles.

It really was a wonderful day and the girls were just great. I am sure that I will regret this tomorrow cos they went to bed so late and tomorrow is another big and busy day for them but Rosie will take a nap tomorrow and they only get to live each day once! I have more thing to say....G'night!

Oh and this new larger print size...I am tired of having to wear glasses to read my own blog.

25 Oct 2009

Halloween FCC Gatecrashing Fun.

Today was the day for us to gatecrash our annual FCC Halloween bash again. Notice how brazen I've become I actually call it "our" Halloween Bash. Lori actually handed hubby a business card with all the FCC details on it and made some quip about us joining. Ha ha ha, she knows us better than that. Once we move closer to their 'headquarters" it will be a given but the 50 minute drive just ain't happening for this family of slackers.

Lily decided she wanted to dress as a witch this year which is such a complete change from all of her other very sweet little girl costumes of years past. Sigh, she really is getting big. Until now things like witches scared the pants off of her. Rosie who doesn't have a clue what this day is all about was dressed as a cat and loved it. I painted both of their faces but Rosie wasn't looking so hot by the time we got there as she napped in the car for 10 minutes and sucked her thumb so her little face was rearranged to say the very least. You would have thought I would have taken photos before we left but noooo, of course not. We were so impressed that we were actually ready to leave the house on time that it slipped my mind but have no fear we have at least 5 more Halloween parties to attend so we have plenty of time!

Lily the witch

My little cat face. If you are wondering why this photo is far superior to all the others it's because it was taken by Grace who takes the most amazing photos, and she emailed it to me.

Sort of a group shot.

The DD and Lily. Rosie was meant to be i here to but somehow all I got was her arm...great mother I am. LOL

A great time was had by all. The kidlets consumes massive amounts of candy. I don't think Rosie has ever had quite so much and she literally chattered non stop the whole way home and then continued and also skipped and jumped and bounced around for hours until at 7pm she crashed like a lead balloon.

All candy has been hidden and will be rationed, very very strictly cos I never want to see Rosie quite this batty ever again. I let the girls eat sweets but apparently not he kind or the amount they consumed today. They made me look calm and that is quite a feat.

I just have to add how wonderful it was to see Marc and Lori back on the social circuit just days after Marc's heart surgery. She looks very relieved and he looks wonderful. Amazing, just amazing.

24 Oct 2009

They've Gotta A Feelin'.

Lily loves this song, so do I for that matter but she really LURVES it. She is always asking me to put it on You T*be. After dinner tonight I obliged her so that she and Rosie could sing and dance their little hearts out whilst I cleaned up the kitchen but what she didn't know was that I was videotaping her and not actually cleaning up the dishes at all. She is trying to get all the moves down pat of the mob flash dance.

After she saw it she said, "you're not going to put that on the blog are you, it's embarrassing".
Uh, no Schnoog of course I am not, well maybe but don't be embarrassed because only a few people read this thing nowadays and I promise I won't FaceBo0k it.

Have fun watching them, I did.

Little Rosie looks a bit like a lizard having a seizure when she dances, bless her! Like father like daughter. (snort)

21 Oct 2009

I have decided to grow out Rosie's fringe and so now every day I have to find a way to keep it out of her eyes. I remember this battle with Lily and it isn't much fun. Since the girls have such silky smooth hair hairclips just slip onto the floor in record time.

I think she looks so sweet with out her fringe.

When we first bought her home we used to call her the big giant head cos she had such an enormous noggin and this photo just made me laugh cos she bounced forward just as I took it and she looks like an enormous head and nothing else.

After all that bragging yesterday about her finally wearing clothes that are 24 months this outfit nearly fits her now. My sister sent it to her for her 2nd birthday, last February, it is 12-18 months and the trousers are still way to big. English children must be gargantuan. LOL

20 Oct 2009

Milestones....and mumblings. (amended)

I completely forgot to mention the milestone! As of 2 days ago when the weather turned chilly ( it has since returned to it's usual yucky hotness ) Rosie wore her first piece of clothing that has the numbers 24 printed on the tag! Yes that is correct, our little girl who turns 3 in 3 months time is finally wearing 24 month clothing just so long as it is 18-24 months and not plain old 24 months or heaven forbid 2t! I pulled a pair of her jeans out for her to wear on Sunday and they were capri's on her, they fit perfectly at her waist but were way to short in the leg so I paraded her around the house for her whole family to see before dragging her back to her room to find something bigger.

This is one of those posts. One of those that hops about a bit. You may need sea sickness tablets.

Rosie is growing up WAY. TO. FAST. When Lily was little I suppose part of me knew that she was going to have a little sister, that I was going to have another baby girl but this time around, THIS. IS. IT. The crib is gone, the tiny baby clothes are all gone, some of her little baby toys are gone. What's going on? This is bothering me alot. It is just a little bit too final. I keep thinking perhaps one more? My new found friend Grace has the most gorgeous little man called Liam. I can barely look at him in fear of drooling on his head! I often wonder if we should have a boy as well, just one more. Then reality sinks in...WE ARE DONE, NO MORE! But what if I log in to WACAP's waitng child list and I see a little boy? Would it be really terrible? Yes, yes it would cos we are done!

Rosie is now becoming very independent however she refuses any and all attempts on our behalf to get her to give up her diapers! I bought her some Elmo knickers at the shop the other day cos the loved them. I told her she should wear them but mustn't pee in them cos she would be peeing on Elmo's head. She loved the idea of Elmo knickers and said she would never pee on his head. Of course she won't pee on his head because that would entail actually having them on! She is quite capable of using the loo. In fact she hasn't pooped in a diaper in 7 months and frequently tells me she has to pee but she is lazy, really flipping lazy...little devil!

Her vocabulary is outstanding. She strings full sentences together like nobodies business. Of course with that wonderful use of words comes many embarrassing moments for me. We were in the store the other day and an elderly lady in front of us was really slow at unloading her groceries and to my horror Rosie yelled, "come on old lady move it". I was speechless. Mortified, Red Faced. I didn't handle the situation well at all. Thankfully the lady was Hispanic and spoke no English so I was saved. I think Rosie got that frightful expression from me when I am driving. I am not a patient person behind the wheel. I think it could have been worse but at the time I wasn't so sure. Jacob gave me the stink eye for ages for that one! Oopsie, live and learn I say. There are still words she cannot say, washcloths are still, loff joff's but she has mastered most words. Things like garbage are garby but she doesn't really have to many Rosie-isms. Like I may have mentioned she is growing up way to fast.

I miss my folks. I came over to this country for a year, in 1983. We would like to move back, if only it were that easy. We just found out that the UK may not recognise our adoptions...oh well thank you very freaking much. We are looking into it. My green card expires again in a couple of months so I have to renew it or go for citizenship. I hate tests but for the sake of the girls and my own sanity, immigration officers are really nasty and very mean I need to do the citizen thing.

Lily gets sillier by the day. She is really into origami and yesterday made her and Rosie some paper shoes. They were so funny. I failed to get photos of them. They poked about the house in them for ages.

Miss Lil loves school again this year. Really loves it. She is doing really well again too and her reading age is off the charts. She loves to read and write silly stories however she doesn't like to actually write, if that makes sense. She always gets told her writing isn't neat enough. In the last couple of weeks she has worked very hard on it and when I asked her about it she said, "I got fed up with people telling me to re do it so now I just do it neat the first time:. Well duh sparky!

She is very protective of Rosie. She knows what Rosie likes and what gets her upset and when we are out she goes to great lengths to make sure she is protected. She is a very kind child, always has been. I don't think she will ever do well up against mean kids. Jakey will have to toughen her up a bit. One of her cousins was a bit mean one day and she ended up in tears, she just couldn't get her head around it. I really hope she stays this way but who knows.

I asked Lily to start a Christmas list and she handed me a list of things for Rosie. I told her that was nice but I needed one for her. SHe said she didn't need anything but Rosie would like this stuff. She then said did she have to have anything? What am I supposed to say to that? I suggested she think of something otherwise she might feel a little bit sad on Christmas morning but she insists she has everything she wants.

Oh here is another wonderful line from Rosie to end this post with. We were driving home on Sunday evening and we were just saying silly words. Usually at this particular spot I read the street names cos they are all birds. But it was too dark and I couldn't see them so instead I said silly things, ie. squiggle swaggle, and the girls would say it, then Lily would say something silly and we would say it and then it was Rosies turn, etc etc repeat repeat. It was Rosie turn and she belts out........ANUS! Lovely huh? Do I need to tell you how hard we all laughed. As for where she got this awful word, well it's along story but it was in fact from Lily's Spanish homework. The word was anos meaning year but if you don't have the little accent on the N you have anus when you translate it and we don't have the accent on out computer so Lily had to ask me what anus meant cos that is what it translated to and all of a sudden I was laughing hysterically and I had to explain and Rosie heard and she NEVER forgot the word! SIGH.

Adios, mi amigos. hasta ya pasta.

19 Oct 2009

Kite Festival

As if going to the Bumbing Patch, that is what Rose calls the pumpkin Patch, wasn't enough for one day we also went to the Kite Festival at Haulover Beach. The weather could not have been better for spending a day outside so we spent as much time outdoors as we could. Rosie had never even seen a kite as far as we knew but she soon caught on to it and her Daddy ran to the vendor and bought her one within minutes of us getting there.

She also mastered hands free kite flying, an invention all of her own doing! You see Rosie has this very peculiar habit of shoving things down her pants and carrying them around like that. She really likes the hands free way of life! After flying her kite in the conventional fashion for about 10 minutes she shoved the string down the trousers and stood hands free! We had a really great afternoon and early evening outside in the wonderful cool temperatures watching all the colourful kites. Both girls managed to get tangled up with other kites pretty badly but Jacob was able to free them and neither time were they to blame.

This is how Hands Free kite flying is done, should you ever have the urge!

My big girl flying her kite.

I have no idea if this is Rosie's kite or Lily's kite because they are nearly identical but it does belong to one of them.

I have no idea how much longer this burst of energy on the blog will last! I have posted a lot this week, No?

18 Oct 2009

Pumpkins Galore.

I just love taking pictures of the girls at the Pumpkin Patch and this year I was in heaven because it is a very brisk 68 degrees here today....yeehaw. Poor Rosie thought it was some sort of torture to be taken outside in this weather.....the little wimp. She takes after her Daddy in the weather department whereas Lily is a girl after my own heart and she thoroughly enjoys a little cold air.

Rosie perked up after a few minutes because she suddenly realised everything was orange and she started running around after her big sister.

15 Oct 2009

Why Is She Wearing Swimming Goggles?

Sometimes I just don't have an explanation and this is one of those times.

I can however explain the lousy photo: I was driving!

Oh, I just realised that they are holding hands, be still my heart. ( Perhaps they thought death was imminent due to my taking photos whilst driving!)
Actually, I reached over my shoulder and snapped it blindly.

13 Oct 2009

Is It Lily Or Rose?

One of our daughters adopted from China was considered a specials needs child. It wasn't scary because she was our child. It wasn't frightening because she was our child. Not all of the children that are placed on the SN adoption lists in China have special needs that are intimidating. Intimidating is subjective.
So many babies need homes and all of these children can change a life, your life. Can't you give them a chance to make you a happier person.
Jacob and I are always ready to answer questions about adoption and to guide you to the right agencies so if we can help you please ask us.

12 Oct 2009

Rosie Rocks Out.

This morning Rosie wanted to play with Lily's guitar. Since Lily very rarely plays it I let her at it! She just picked it up and started strumming away. To say that Jacob and I were speechless was an understatement.

11 Oct 2009

It's Sunday but!

3 word Sunday has been laid to rest. Pug Mama has closed up shop. I don't blame her one bit either. Faceb0ok is so much quicker and easier than blogging but I am doing this for the girls so I must trudge on with it. I realised that I haven't posted all week which just goes to show that my interest in my blog is waning.

Rosie told me today to take her bed back to the shop! She doesn't "yike" it. She actually climbed out of it for the first time and came downstairs to tell me. I had to fight to keep a straight face. We had changed everything around in her room and we think that bothered her so after her nap I dragged all the furniture back to it's original home and she once again likes her "to-to" bed. For one so small she truly is high maintenance. LOL She still manages to find a reason to call one of us back into her room every single time she is going to bed or for a nap.. She is very creative.

We have been busy but I have not been taking photos and I am not sure why. I think the brutally hot temperatures that we are having are slowly melting my brain. It is October and the temps are still in the 90's every day with feel like temps well into the 100's...yuck. Wednesday was ride your bike to school day so we are course participated in that because Lily really wanted to. It was so bloody hot I think I nearly died and just to add a little fun my chain got all messed up and stuck in the cogs so I had to fix that in a feels like temp of 112 degrees whilst in a panic that I was going to be late to pick her up whilst making sure Rosie stuck to me like glue and got nowhere near the road...fun I tell ya really great fun. But the bottom line was Lily loved doing it and so did we minus the little hiccups.

We have decorated the house for Halloween and Rosie loves it all this year. Her enthusiasm is perhaps exacerbated by the fact that everything is in her absolute favourite colour, orange. This kid would wear all orange all day every day if it were possible.
When we were changing her room around Lily was helping and I was going through some clothes looking for anything that was orange. I found a big pile and put them aside and Lily asked me what they were for so I told then they were orange clothes for Rosie and she looked at them and handed some back and said,'Mummy, these are all pink". I wanted to ask her if she was sure cos to me they looked light orange but then I remembered that darned ishihara* test and just put them all back in the drawer. Lily just giggled!

That's it, I got nothing else! I will start taking more photos and I will blog more frequently if and when it ever cools down a bit. If I am missing for to long just come and find me over on FB.

6 Oct 2009

A Good Bye Post

This post is dedicated to saying good bye.

First and foremost yet again we say bye bye to Andie who headed back to Afghanistan on Monday to care for the wounded soldiers. Take care Andie and we hope this time you get to Skype us. Send me your address ASAP the girls are anxious to send you things, they want to go shopping at the chinese shop for you...ha ha ha.

Next up...drumroll please: we know longer have a crib in our house. Rosie has transitioned into a big bed or as she still insists on calling it, "a to-to bed" Bye bye crib! She thinks it has gone to Jenny's baby Danielle. Without any fanfare Lily and I just decided to take it down on Sunday morning and put her big bed together with all the frilly sheets and pillows and she was fine with it. In fact she napped that day for her longest nap ever and we ended having to wake her up after 2 hours and 45 minutes cos we needed to get ready to go out. Sunday evening didn't go so well for her. She went to bed in it but ended up in our bed but we think it is because of something that happened that day but last night was a charm and all naps have been fine. Throw salt over my shoulder, cross my fingers and pay uncle Howards Rabbi. Talking of Uncle Howard, I actually met him but that part comes next. And I still havn't met his Rabbi!

My final good bye is this: good bye to all the bad luck that has been haunting my dear friends the Weinstocks. On Sunday evening we went to a fabulous, and that is an understatement, fundraiser to raise money to cover the cost of Marc's medical bills for his upcoming heart surgery. We had a blast. The kidlets were all taken care of by some really lovely girls in a separate room and we big kids had a night at the races. I met Lori's father there and it was so odd because I feel as if I have known that man for years but in fact we have never met, he is such a nice gentleman and in these parts gentlemen are few and far between. I have met Lori's mum before but only once but I feel like I know her too. Truly a lovely family. Both sides of the family are just lovely and they deserve for this black cloud to go away so, BYE BYE already.
Dear Gawd was it ever fun and I hope they raised loads and loads of cash cos they truly deserve it. Bye bye wonky heart and HELLO good times for Marc, Lori and the DD.

These are some photos of the hubby and I which I snagged from Lori. As you can see Jakey and I are always very subdued.

Behaving ourselves for one second!

4 Oct 2009

3 Word Sunday.

One year ago this week Rosie had her corrective heart surgery. It changed our lives in so many ways but the most significant change for me was the removal of the label, "special needs child". Nothing about Rosie was ever special needs. Yes, she had a heart condition and yes, we adopted her through the waiting child/special needs program but to us she was always just our daughter and I couldn't wait to get rid of that horrid little "tag". You can read about that day here
Now our little Qi Qi keeps up with the best of them and will never encounter another trip to the cardiologists office ever again. She doesn't wake up dripping in sweat and doesn't pant like a dog if she runs after her sister. Her future is bright and is it just waiting for her to conquer it.
To see the rules for 3WS go and visit Pug Mama and her beautiful family.

3 Oct 2009

Mid Autumn Moon Festival.

Tonight we celebrated the Mid- Autumn Moon Festival. We were invited to a couple of events but due to a very hectic schedule and a large school project we chose to spend our evening quietly at home. We observed all the traditions, cleaned the house etc etc and we went out for a Chinese meal. On our way home from dinner we stopped an bought 2 balloons so that the girlies could attach notes to them and then release the balloons and let the wind carry them back to China to their birth parents.

Lily has always loved doing this and now as she gets older it stirs a lot of questions in her. Rosie was just thrilled to bits to get a balloon for no apparent reason and she chose a bright orange one emblazoned with the words, "happy birthday". Who was I to argue this was her moment not mine. Lily's was also orange but said, Happy Day on it. I suggested plain white ones but they thought they were very dull.

After their baths we went outside and as is the tradition the girls bowed to the moon or more specifically they bowed to the Goddess of the moon Chang E and then without fanfare Lily said a little something to her balloon gave it a kiss and let it go. Rosie on the other hand, held on to her string with all her might and chanted, "MINE". After a couple of seconds of watching Lily's balloon float away Rosie let go of hers but I think it was an accident because she got so upset and finally decided it was OK cos daddy could go and get the ladder and get it down for her. Lily being Lily looked at her and said, "what do you think Daddy can rest the ladder against and just how big do you think his ladder is?" I hate to admit it but I sort of giggled cos she is rather funny and she did make a valid point! I cajoled Rosie and the crisis was averted. However Daddy said he would replace the balloon cos he felt so badly for her. What a guy.

I have to say that the girls looked so sweet tonight in the Chinese clothes but Rosies pigtails nearly pushed me over the edge....so cheeky!

This was the first year ever that Lily referred to herself by her Chinese name in her note. Usually she signs it love from Lily but not so this evening. She told me she misses them and would like to know who they are......(me too kiddo, me too.)


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