31 Oct 2006

If you are waiting......

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If you are waiting for your referral this month we admire your patience. This has been a really lonnng month and this week the rumours have been flying all over the place.

We have everything crossed for you that they will be arriving any day now! Come on people we have had ladybug sightings all weekend long.....BRING 'EM ON!

Lisa and Eammon we are rooting for you and are amazed at your patience and calmness and decorum as you wait yet another day to see baby Shanahan's little face.

homestudy update done

PHEWWWWWW. The homestudy update is over and it was a breeze. Our sw is so nice and this is the 12th time we have met with her. I dont think we will have to meet with her again now until 6 months after the baby comes home as this update will be good until then. I asked a few questions about the slowdown but she didnt know anything other than what we already know.

Happy Halloweenie everyone and I will post more about that later on.

29 Oct 2006

Halloween again, already so soon

This afternoon I spent some time with Cinderella and a garden fairy at what seems to be a never ending month of Halloween gatherings. I really enjoy spending time with the kiddies in the costumes because they really get into it and it is just so funny. These two today were a riot. Lily goes to school with this little fairy and they are becoming very good friends. Thankfully Lily doesn't get a very big kick out of candy (anymore) otherwise this never ending stream of trick or treating wouldn't leave me so cavalier.

The Garden Fairy and Cinderella

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Some Special Time Alone together

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Cinderella Takes Flight

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28 Oct 2006

Has This Child No Fear ?

Lily has always been an outgoing adventurous child. We were told by the director of her orphanage that she was the most active in her age group in the entire facility, the most stubborn too, but that's a whole different post! When we met her she had just had stitches taken out of the bridge of her nose from a nasty fall off of a table. You'd think she would learn but not Lily she thrives on adventure, she is going to be a thrill seeker. Today was Jacobs company picnic and no sooner had we parked the car she shrieked, "a rock wall can I do it, can I, can I, can I, pleasssssssssse?" Well, the answer is in the photos below..........


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The Sack Race

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OOOPS...my foot is stuck

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Partners in Crime

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27 Oct 2006

Who Knew

After I picked lily up from school yesterday I had to continue to gather paperwork for our homestudy update and needed to take her along. I felt really bad as this is not a fun activity for a little one to get dragged along on. Boy, was I wrong! First stop the Police Department: She loved seeing all the police officers and the place was humming as they had a conference going on. I was told that it was going to take about 30 mins to do the background check because they were so busy and that they were so sorry. No problem I would just walk around and show Lily all the posters etc. Not 2 minutes later a lady officer appeared and handed Lily a colouring book and her own police badge. You would have thought they had handed Lily the moon and stars. She was so proud. It was so cute cos she has no idea that it wasnt real and now she actually thinks she is a police officer! She strutted around all night wearing that badge and today she wore it to school. Next stop the accountant for my employment letter: she loves going there. She calls my accountant Uncle N and knows everyone by name. She gets stickers and cookies and chit chats her way from office to office. Her favourite person is her Goo Goo, she actually accompanied us on our trip to China so Lily has known her as long as she has known us but she is on sabbatical in China at the moment so she wasn't there. So to me it was an afternoon of endless errands but to Lily is was one great big adventure.....its all in your perspective!

26 Oct 2006

A Happy Place

Just a couple of days ago Lily and I were at the beach and I wasnt at all stressed and life was good so I have decided to post some of the photos in hopes of calming my little self down. I think it will probably be our last visit to the beach this year since it is the end of October and surely the weather has to change soon!

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25 Oct 2006

Zen Like

As much as I am trying to remain calm and zen like it just isn't happening. I am not enjoying the fact that one year has passed by and we dont have any solid news. When we had reached this point with Lily we had a referral photo. We were really close. In fact we were so close that when we had to update our homestudy our SW had to hand deliver it to us cos we were getting ready to board our plane. But this time around, nothing, no news, just time to start the updates, the fingerprinting and possibley we will have to apply for a whole new I171h.There is something about the paperwork aspect of this process that freaks me out is isn't even the wait although it would be nice if we had made it into the review room.I am not sure when I started feeling this freaked out and I know it probably wont last very long cos I am a happy go lucky kind of gal and I am sure once the SW leaves on Tuesday I shall be calm again. Calm for me is warped speed so I shall be happy to be moving at warped speed again instead of supersonic speed. I have to go now and clean things, I clean when I am nervous so if you need anything cleaned send it my way. Hubby is staying very busy too so I guess it has got to him. Our SW is wonderful and actually I cant wait to see her and ask her if she knows anything or has heard anything, I doubt it but it never hurts to ask.

24 Oct 2006

Daddy gets a new doo too

Lily likes to share so she thought dad should get styled yesterday as well. He wasn't quite so sure but I think the pink brings out is feminine side! Poor guy goes through so much for his little girl and now it is only going to get worse. He says he wants a, dog a big male dog! The large tumor like mass protruding out of Lily's cheek is a grape :)

Pretty In Pink.

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More Curls.

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23 Oct 2006

I Want Twirly Hair

Ever since Lily started school she has wanted curly hair or as she calls it, twirly hair. Most of the little girls in her class have curly hair and lots of it. Hair has always been a bit of a problem for Lily. She hasnt got much and it it doens't grow very fast. The hair she has now is it. It has taken 4 years to get this much and when I take her to trim the ends the girl knows to only trim them and not whack too much off. Yesterday she woke up and came into our bedroom and the first words out of her mouth were, mummy, I want twirly hair. I have explained until I am blue in the face that her hair isn't twirly but she isn't buying it. So I decided yesterday to make it curly for her. I want you to know that she slept with these curlers in last night. This morning I left for work very early so as soon as she woke up I took them out and combed it through and gave her the option of washing her hair but she exclaimed that it was just like Mia's and that it was perfect and that all I needed to do was put it in pigtails with ribbons.

So voila.... Lily gets twirly hair. Jacob said when he dropped her off at school she hid behind him! He explained everything to the teacher and then she was fine. So sit back take a look and laugh yourself silly cos we sure did. Not in front of her though.

Lily & The Bun in Rollers

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More of The Rollers

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Tada....Twirly Hair.

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More Twirly Hair

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Is This Hysterical Or what?

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22 Oct 2006

Thou Shalt Not Blog......

......that is what blogger said to me yesterday when I tried to sign in.
Not one to take things lying down I just decided to catch up on some other blogs. That is when I got the second rude awakening: Thou shalt not read other peoples blogs either! Blogger had a problem yesterday and quite frankly it got quite ugly!

But all was not lost I decided to have a look at my heritage and see what celebrity matches it would throw back this time. EGADS....apparently My Heritage had a problem with me as well last night cos I am now looking like a cross between Mother Theresa and some trans-sexual named Pete. OK so there were a few very flattering femme fatales in the mix but they got lost to me. All I can say is it is a good thing I am a happy little person who sees humour in most things otherwise I probably would have picked up the phone and dialed the plastic surgeons office and used the emergency contact number when the service picked up! Well after that surely things can only get better.....wrong. The reptile who moved in here on Thursday apparently likes it here and suddenly made his presence known giving me an absolute heart attack.

After what was a wonderful day with Lily at the beach things were heading downhill fast so I decided to run and hide in the comfort of my bed. Surely scaly, nasty, Lizard couldnt find his way through 2 rooms, up a flight of stairs, along the landing and all the way to our bed! Hubby was again at work and I didn't think he would want to be bothered with my YIKES phone calls and somehow I really didn't think that the fire department would see it as an emergency
even though that is how it felt to me. But alas today is another day and when I came downstairs this morning there was a note on the coffee pot that read, FEAR NO MORE, LIZZY IS GONE. What a guy. He is just trying to make me feel better for looking like Mother Theresa and some drag queen named Pete while he looks like George Clooney. Oh and Lily she looked like Celia Cruz????

Right it's time to go and grab another day by the you know whats......and see if it is a little bit kinder.

20 Oct 2006

The Gatecrasher

Last night Lily and I gatecrashed our local FCC monthly dinner and oh what a night we had. Firstly I have to thank Lori(see, Three and a Highchair, in links) for allowing such behaviour on my behalf and extending the invitation that allowed us to go. It was so much fun and we met so many of the cutie pies who are featured in all of my favourite blogs. Some were visiting from as far away as Texas and Georgia. The little ones all wore their Halloween costumes and were able to trick or treat from table to table. The restaurant was huge so this group of lively youngsters went to town.Lily spent time scouting out the 4 yr olds....what's up with that. She thinks she is so big now and can't play with the little ones! The friendships that are formed through adoption are like no other, I can't put my finger on it but they are special in a different way and I am thankful for each and everyone of you. It was great to see people who I haven't seen for months and truly wonderful to meet people who I have only read about in blogs. That red thread is really amazing.

Some Of The Big Kids

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A Girls Gotta Eat

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The Very Beautiful Katie Starr...even more cute in person.

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Yes, This Is Kacey....I really met her. And she is CUTE

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A Lily Ladybug Sighting

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How Handsome is this little Chap

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19 Oct 2006

No post today

I just came in here to write todays post but noticed a lizard, yes a lizard, so I am outta here until Jacob gets his arse home from work and gets on lizard patrol. I just rang him to tell him and he laughed and said he meant to tell me it slipped in earlier when he had the door open and why didnt I just try and open the door and let it out. HELLO SUNSHINE, it's me you are talking to, I DON"T DO LIZARDS! Last time this happened Lily thought it was great, she thought we finally had bought her a pet and she named it Harry. Poor deprived kid. Bye folks, see ya again when the coast is clear.....ackkkkkk.

18 Oct 2006

Visiting The Pumpink Patch

No, thats not a type-o. Until recently Lily couldn't say pumpkin she called them pumpinks, it's just one of the many Lily-isms that I miss very much. I know, I know it is all part of her growing up but they were so cute and I miss them. Anyhoo, this was our trip to the pumpink patch and she had a great time and after much searching eventually found the perfect one and a little one too that she thought needed to come home with us. Oh and FYI, she is going through the, I can do my own hair faze. So please dont email me and ask what was I thinking with that hair mess. I do it when she goes to school but when we are just out and about I let her at it!

Lily and the Scarecrow

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The perfect one has to be here somewhere

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Lily and Daddy

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I've Found It !

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17 Oct 2006

Helping Daddy

We finally got our new fence, hurricane Katrina removed the old one. It only took 12 months to get it replaced! So today we painted it. I say we cos I held the supervisory position so that gives me the right to say "we". Someone had to stay clean so that they could keep running inside for cold drinks and snacks for the workers.Lily disappeared inside after a little while and when I went to check on her she had konked out on the floor. This child NEVER does that.

This is Fun

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Letting Daddy Help

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Quick Smooch

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All That Work Was Exhausting

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Looking A little Spattered

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Paint Face

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16 Oct 2006

My Heart Grew

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When we made the decision to adopt Lily back in 2000 we were ready from the get go. As the 13 month wait dragged on my heart just grew and grew. By the time we finally received our referral it was love at first sight. We were both smitten, our little girl was of course the most beautiful little girl in the world, she still is to us. Fast forward to 2005 when we started the process all over again and things were different. Sure, I knew I wanted another child, sure I was ready but deep inside I had this nagging feeling of how would I ever love another child as much as I love Lily. I really didnt think I could. I talked to my sister, I talked to my friends. Some of them directly and some indirectly. Jacob, on the other hand, was ready. So on the morning that we placed all of the papers into the FedEx envelope to send them off to the agency I took a deep breathe and blew in a kiss for my my soon to be daughter, Jacob did the same. I asked him if he was nervous and he said no. So what was the matter with me? This feeling has nagged and nagged. I know I will love her but I love Lily so much that I am sure she will know. This had been going on for months when I suddenly realised that something has shifted I dont know when it happened but it happened. My heart grew! Now I feel as if I already have two children, I love them both, even the one who isnt here yet. It is strange but I already know she is mine and now I want her home and I want her home now. I can love them both, my heart has grown big enough to love them both....phew.... and let me tell you that is a huge relief cos I was sweating it! So come on China, please hurry up. I know you have rules and regulations but I have a big heart and I am ready and so is Jacob and Lily too so lets get this show on the road.

15 Oct 2006

Daddy Gets A Haircut

Just another Sunday morning in this house. Jacob wanted his haircut which is something that I have been doing for him for years since all it involves is getting out the clippers and removing it all. This time around though things were a little bit different cos Miss Lil' decided she wanted to help and because she is the light of her daddy's life he said, yes. Can you say, C-R-A-Z-Y F-O-O-L. She did a pretty good job and he even still has his ears. Lets face it when you shave your head how bad can the mistakes be cos bald is bald and bald covers up all sorts of mistakes! I think this family has gone nuts.....not sure if China would like us so much anymore.

Getting Started

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Things Are Getting A Little More Interesting Here

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All Done

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14 Oct 2006

Fairy Festival

This weekend is the annual Fairy Festival at Coral Castle http://www.coralcastle.com/home.asp so I decided to take Lily there since being 4 and being a girl she loves all things fairy. I hadn't been before and really didn't know what to expect but knew that if the festival itself was a flop the castle itself would entertain her. Well, the festival was OK, but nothing to jump up and down and scatter fairy dust about but the castle just delighted her and she really made herself at home.

My Little Fairy

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Taking a Break on a not so comfy Chair

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Repentance Corner AKA the Time Out Chair

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A Mask Lily Made At The Kiddie Table

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Naptime On the Hard Bed.....reminds me of the ones in China!

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13 Oct 2006

Grandpa, you are pretty!

There is something very special about being a little girl and having a daddy. I thought mine hung the moon and the stars every night just for me. When Jacob became a daddy to Lily he was still very new at it, in fact we were still in China, when he turned to me and said, "I finally get it". I had no idea what he was talking about until he went on to explain that he finally understood the closeness between my father and I. He said he had, until that point, thought it was odd. (Charming!) When Lily met her Grandpa for the first time she wouldnt even call him Grandpa she called him Daddy 2, "he's my daddy 2" and nothing would budge her. She loved her daddy but other men were off limits, she wanted no part of them but the very second she met Grandpa she loved him to pieces. We don't see her grandparents that often as they are in England but oh my goodness does she love them, her Nanny is her bestest friend and she loves her silly. She just received a photo of Grandpa yesterday and I have to share with you what she said, with her little heart all a flutter she stared at it and said, (now my dad will kill me for this) ohhh, he's such a pretty little boy! Take a look and see if you agree! And I can't leave Nanny out so I have added her website so if you are ever in England stop in and say Hello. They would love to see you, just don't call Grandpa pretty! http://jeannescountrygarden.co.uk/

Pretty Little Boy....Lily thinks so.

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12 Oct 2006

Not Ready For This

This morning as I got Lily dressed for school we went through the usual decisions about what colour shirt she was going to wear and then we matched her socks and hair doo dads. She chose red. Red is one of her favourite colours because she knows that in China in brings good luck. When she was picking out her socks and hair doo dads she chose the red ones with hearts on and proceeded to tell me that she thought she would kiss Mark today. After picking myself up off of the floor and pretending not to be shocked, mortified and horrified I asked why she thought that would be a good idea. She just looked at me and said, because he is so cute! HELP! She is 4 this is not meant to be happening. I am blaming it all on The Little Mermaid (LOL) because there is a scene in that in which the Prince is meant to kiss Ariel but he isnt doing it so everyone has to give him a push. When I picked her up today I tried to be very casual as I blurted out, did you kiss Mark. No she said, I was to embarrassed. I told her that means she is to young and needs to wait until she is at least 99. I hope she bought it! This is just to much for my brain to handle and if her Father gets wind of this one....well I guess its a bit late for that thought since he reads this!

11 Oct 2006

The Drunken Skater

When I was little I went out rollerskating without all the pads and helmets etc but Lily loves to wear this clobber. To bad it doesn't improve her technique! You have to admit she looks like she's been drinking crazy juice. The video is a little bit grainy and very short but you'll get the idea.

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Not Very Cheery News Today + update

On a not so cheery note, today I just found out that when our immigration paperwork expires after a year (in the state of Florida) that we now have to redo our whole homestudy including, medicals, police background checks, FDLE background checks, and our fingerprints to the tune of just over a $1,000. Sometimes I just want to crawl under a rock and not come out until this is over. I have called and emailed our Senators until I am blue in the face but they couldnt care less and say things like, that isn't their area. Okay back to being happy cos in the end I know it will al be worth it. But I will really have to tell Lily that the little brother that she has been talking about a lot lately isnt gonna happen cos one more is enough!! UPDATE.......... Hubby, being the calm part of this deal, has just managed to put everything into perspective. He just pointed out that with the longer wait times we will have to update our homestudy anyway so what difference does it make whether we update it at 12 months for immigration or at 18 months when we need to travel. All the papework will be the same and so will the cost. We had to do it for Lily and we will have to do it this time so why I am I so upset. When he put it like that it really didnt seem so bad. See, I told you he was the calm one. He is the ying to my yang ......yuck that was corny!

10 Oct 2006

It's Trivia Time

Since most of you reading this blog are adopting or have adopted from China I decided to throw in a little bit of Chinese trivia for todays bloggy business. So here goes. How many of you know the Chinese national anthem? No, me either. It is called, March Of The Volunteers.
lines: Arise, those who do not want to be slaves! We will use our flesh and blood to build another Great Wall. China has reached the brink of national collapse. All the people have been making their last outcry. Arise! Arise! Arise! All our hearts become one. Let us face the enemy's gunfire. March on! Let us face the enemy's gunfire. March on! March on! March on! On!
If you go to this address you can listen to it with the music. Lily loves it so we listen to it in the morning before she goes to school.

9 Oct 2006

Warning: This post is stolen

This morning as I was doing my morning blog routine I came across the silliest, quirkiest, trick that has had me in hysterics, (yeah, like that takes alot) all day, so I decided to steal it from this persons blog and post it here. It originated on Jennys blog http://waiting4abby.blogspot.com/ This is what you have to do
How Smart Is Your Right Foot?This is so funny that it will boggle your mind. And you will keep trying it at least 50 more times to see if you can outsmart your foot.But you can't!!!1. While sitting at your desk, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles with it.2. Now, while doing this, draw the number "6" in the air with your right hand. Your foot will change direction!!!I told you so... And there is nothing you can do about it Silly isn't it.
When I tried it for the first time Jacob was asking me a question and I didnt answer him right away because I was much to busy practising this rocket science and he got all narky with me until I explained what I was doing then he tried it and he then decided that my games are silly girl games.......damn cheek.

8 Oct 2006

Making Brownies

After a trip to the park today the kiddos in this house decided they needed something sweet to eat so they made brownies. Did you know that when you let a 4 yr old and a 14 yr old make brownies together they eat more than they cook? I didn't know this. But the most embarrassing part of todays capers was when Lily decided to lick the bowl..........literally. Note to self: start using heavy earthenware bowl to mix cakes in so that it is too heavy for Lily to lift off of the counter tops!

Getting Started:

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How Am I Doing Mum?:

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No, we haven't tried it yet!:

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