26 Apr 2008

Catching Up

Horrors, has it really been nearly a week? I swore last time I would stay on top of things.

First off does anyone suffer from, irritable bowel syndrome? If yes, PLEASE send me an email
jcope39382@aol.com or leave it in the comments section, whichever you prefer and tell me what medications have worked for you, what is your best advice and what is simply the worst thing you have tried that had no effect what so ever. If you have some miracle, prescribed or otherwise please share cos I have a family member who needs some help. Thank you so much.

Talking of poop: I had heard other parents talking about diaper blowouts but had never had the misfortune of experiencing one first hand. Holy smoke Batwoman, now I see what all the fuss is about! Miss Rose has had an upset tummy and let me tell you, it ain't pretty. Lily and Jacob have both thrown up this week due to Rosie's' misfortune. (wimps)

I took Lily with me grocery shopping this week and as always when we got home I reversed into the driveway. The following conversation ensued:

Lily: Mummy, what are you doing?
Me: Uh, reversing into the driveway.
Lily: Oh this is going to be bad I can just tell.
Me: What do you mean?
Lily: You are really bad at driving backwards. Can you just let me get out so I can go in the house with Daddy.
I let her out and then burst into fits of laughter. She knows me so well. The joke between Jacob and I is that the "R" on my gear stick means Ruh Roh and not reverse!

Tonight when I put Lily to bed she came down stairs a few minutes later and asked if I could please turn up the A/C. She told me that she likes to have Bunny's head out of the covers but it was so blowy that his ears were getting cold.

An yet another classic from Lily this week:
Rosie is Red
Her skin is pink
And the good Lord knows
Her diapers STINK

Yes I know it isn't very politically correct but for a 5 yr old it is very good and I have to say I think it is hilarious. I wonder how she comes up with this stuff? Life is never dull.

Now on to Rosie Posey. She understands way to much! She will do A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G for a grape! She speaks quite a bit of Chinese and now I am so glad that I have been struggling through Mandarin lessons with Lily for the past year. Occasionally I can understand what she is saying if it is really obvious. Yesterday she saw a dog and got very excited and kept saying G G G. Gou is dog. So I was able to figure it out. She also says "I want" in Chinese and then points or takes you to whatever it is. She knows, Itsy Bitsy Spider and loves to wash him out. She does the finger parts, kind of. She says YeYe for Lily, Rosie or Ro Ro for Rose and says Mama and Dada but she calls the fridge or any other objects mama and dada but she says them when she sees us to. She says Hi very clearly to everyone she knows. When we walk in the house she always squeals Hi. She says Thank you in Chinese but not very often. She has now figured out how to pucker up but still gives us the big wet French kisses. I love 'em.
My foodie is no longer a foodie and has done a complete turnaround. Now the child won't eat anything at all. I am not used to picky eaters so any advice would be welcome. This isn't just the last few days this has been a couple of weeks. It's a pain.

Jacob put in his transfer papers for Georgia this week. WOO HOO. The woohoo part was very short lived cos when they came back to us we found out he is number 43 on the list waiting to transfer to GA. This sucks like a Dyson! Now we are heading back to the drawing board and starting from scratch on our relocation list. Hum drum. If his company does one little thing we we will still be heading there but if not we will be looking for a different state. It has to be on the East coast cos I need to be able to get home (England) ASAP otherwise we would be moving clear across the country to Washington.

And finally our good friends lost one of their dogs this week very suddenly and unexpectedly. I had mentioned her many months ago as she was an amazing dog. Shadow was a therapy dog and one of the most gentle creatures on this earth. Shadow allowed me to be afraid of her and waited for me to build up some courage and trust and then her and I became friends, good friends. She was in a terrible accident a couple of years ago and I actually massaged her jaw. I trusted her enough to not only touch her but to touch the part of her that I feared the most.....her jaws. I was scared to death the first time and scared she would notice my fear and my shaking hands but she didn't care. Everytime I went to the house I would spend time with her. One time she barked when I was in the room and I ran straight out the door, I didn't realise what I had done until R and S started to laugh, I was shaking from head to toe! She was a Doberman, the biggest Dobey I have ever seen. Shadow, you touched so many people especially all the little children at Miami Children's Hospital and you will be sorely missed. Shara, my heart goes out to you.

Oops, cant end on a sad note so let me think of something else silly that has happened here.
Rosie is always saying something that sounds just like, Bitchy, bitchy, bitchy now give me a beer. We have no idea what she is trying to say but we encourage her all the time cos it is just so funny (actually I am the only one that encourages her cos I think it is hilarious....bad mummy)

My Princess.....who claims to be over Princesses but still dresses up like one at least once a week.

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21 Apr 2008

All This In One Day.

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This is how dark it was yesterday morning when Lily and I left the house to go to a hot air balloon race. Each year this race is launched just a short jaunt from our house and each year they launch the balloons at some ungodly time. We were meant to go on Saturday but we didn't wake up in time however yesterday I got up at 5 .33 and woke up Lily and we snuck out. Lily thought it was a great adventure to leave the house before the sun was up but at the same time she was a little bit scared. Lily HATES the dark. You should see how many lights this child needs on to go to sleep at night.

Here is one of the balloon racers testing his "engines". Lily jumped about 10 feet when he cranked it up.

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Finally the sun came up and things got moving.

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This was the first balloon that was inflated

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And before to long the sky looked like this.

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We were back home by 8.30 and getting ready for the second part of the day which was meeting Ed, Jenny and Ebby at a park.

Rosie got her first taste of a water park and yes, those are socks she is wearing cos the concrete gets super slippy and I don't have any pool shoes for her uber tiny feet yet.

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This girl Lurves her the wet stuff.

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Then we had a picnic

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After lunch Rosie decided that Auntie Jen really is the bestest thing since sliced bread and actually went to her. We are so happy. She still isn't so sure about Uncle Ed which is a reverse of Lily's situation when she was that age.

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And she kept going back for more and more

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After the park we came for a while cos Lily and I needed a nap! After dinner we headed to the airport because one of the couples that we travelled to China with in 2003 and have remained in contact with had a layover in Miami on their way home so we got to see them. It was as if no time had past at all since we were with them last. We also took our friend CF with us cos she travelled to China with us and knows Jeff and Jill also. We only had a short time with them but it was so great to see them.
Gosh I wish we lived closer.

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18 Apr 2008

Not Making The Grade

I am really being a lousy blogger of late and would receive an "F" if this was grade appropriate material.
Here are a few videos and pictures of the kiddiewinkles from this week. I also need to post something from Ladyfrog as she is having an adoption fundraiser and I promised to post about it here. Soon, very soon.

A close up of the Weasel

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Schnoogie sporting a much shorter do

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Nannis, look I am wearing your cardy. It was in the 50's here this week so we needed to bundle up when we took Lily to school

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Rose helping with the gardening

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I think she is so pretty

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Hoop de do

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Must dash as we are off to the social security office to get Rosie a number. Wish me luck as these things never go smoothly in Miami. The next step is her passport so that we can go and visit Nannis and Grandpa......maybe.

14 Apr 2008

Mistake Number 2.......

Okay so this poor little girl has only been with us for 7 weeks and we are already on parenting mistake number 2 with her. You really would have thought that Lily would have been the test child and by now we would have got it all figured out but not the case!

The heat rash that Rosie has; not a heat rash at all but actually a virus. Who would have thunk? Since we have a "Heart Baby" we try very hard to treat her just the same as Lily. The cardiologists have told us that she has no restrictions whatsoever so we try, and I believe we succeed, in treating her as one would any other child. So, when she ran a temp a very low grade temp, for a few days a week ago we chalked it up to "whatever" and let it run it's course. She had no other symptoms at all. Then when this rash appeared we just figured it was prickly heat cos a) it looked just like it b) it has been really hot here and c) she sweats like a little oinker. I am determined not to over react with every little symptom and run to the doctor once a week but today we finally went in to see her and she said that it is a virus. We can't do anything for it and it needs to run it's course. Phew, lucky break for me here, at least she hasn't been missing some necessary treatment for the last week. She has gained just over a pound since the medical exam in China and when she walked out of the Doctors office unaided the doc' just laughed and said that she really cannot believe this is the same child. We can't believe it either. Watching this little girl for the first 48 hours I honestly thought she would be at least 18 months old before she started to walk. She was frail and feeble. Not anymore. I am still not sure how we are ever going to get her up to her surgery weight by August but maybe if we can just keep getting her fitter and stronger that will be enough and we won't have to postpone it again. She can crawl up a flight of stairs now like an athlete but when we came home she couldn't get up one. The other thing she does now is if I am laying on the floor she can climb over me whereas a few weeks ago she would just fall back down.

Rosie now prefers walking to crawling and still laughs the whole time she is upright. She went to bed with 4 teeth on Saturday night and woke up with 6 on Sunday morning. Well the new ones can't really be considered teeth yet but they have broken through the surface. Since I knew she was teething that was another reason why I let the rash go......all kids have a different reaction to their teeth and I thought this was hers.

She is a dreadful gardener and just rips the heads off of all the flowers she sees. I was dead heading the flowers with her this morning and she just yanked handfuls of flowers at a time. Oh well they will grow back as will my new hair cut!

Yesterday we had some friends over for the day and Rosie shocked us all by sitting on their laps and at one point reaching for Grandma G so that she would pick her up. We were so happy to see her start going to other people. This was in her home and I am not so sure that she will be so brazen if we are out but it is a start.

A little side note from yesterday: When I tucked Lily into bed and was giving her a hug she told me this, "Mummy, tonight when I hugged Grandma G goodbye I hugged her for a few extra minutes." I told her that was nice and must have made "GG" very happy. She then said, " I did it because it felt good to hug someone with a little, you know, extra stuff cos you are so bony Mummy." I wasn't sure what to say. She is always telling me my bones stick out and I always tell her the same thing and that is that I cannot help it it is just the way I am made.....I guess she wants me fluffier.

I love this video of our 2 girls. I also love saying that. When Jacob is working he calls home and always says, how are our girls. He loves saying it too.

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Girls, Girls and more Girls

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Hmmm, and why is the umbrella only this tall?

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This is our friends youngest daughter. She is VERY shy. She fell for Jacob the first time she met him but I was not in her inner circle until recently. Now we are friends.She has decided that Rose is "her" baby sister and that is fine with everyone including Lily and her own sisters. Yesterday she was eating a lolipop that Lily made magically appear from who knows where and she just decided that her baby sister should share it with her. It was such a sweet gesture and so touching.

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This is one of my favourite times of day. Each night when I go up to bed I check in on the girls. Actually I go upstairs about 5 times to check on them not because I am neurotic but because I can. I love to watch them sleep. For so long I would check in on Lily and then walk past an empty room and sigh but now that empty room is filled with a little girlie and I get to kiss her and snuggle with her and then linger at the side of her crib marvelling at the wonder of adoption before I walk out of the room. It really doesn't get any better than this. 2 rooms with 2 girlies = BLISS.

11 Apr 2008

I Think I Can

After many attempts at catching the Weasel standing upright I have finally got it. She is still pretty unsteady but she is so very proud of herself and as you can see she is oh so happy. As soon as she sees the camera all of her antics cease and she wants to see herself on camera so I have to make stealth attacks.
Oh yes, why is she only wearing a diaper? Cos she does have a heat rash so we are keeping her naked....well as naked as one dare. tee hee.

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The pink blankie in this video is Rosie's version of Lily's bunny. However it never usually leaves her crib but it had just come out of the wash and she spied it.

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8 Apr 2008

Life Is Wonderful

I truly didn't know what to expect with 2 children. Every one felt it necessary to keep on telling me that I would be so busy and two children wasn't twice as hard but it was 10 times as hard. It isn't. I don't have a newborn who is totally helpless and I don't have a 2-3 yr old sibling. I have a 14 month old who is her own little person already and a nearly 6 year old ( yikes how can she be nearly 6?) who loves to help and is utterly besotted by her sister. Life is wonderful.

Rosie is beautiful and she loves to have fun. When we bought her home she was very small, very skinny and very, very weak but that is all changing. The Weasel can now crawl to the top of the stairs which was something I didn't think we would see for months. She actually now goes to the stair gate and shakes it to let anyone who might care know that she wants to climb. Her eating has calmed down now and she actually turns away from food, before she wouldn't stop eating and would whine for more food if we were still eating.

She has a cold and I noticed tonight when I got her undressed for her bath that she has a rash all over her tummy and back. I think it might be something as innocuous as a heat rash but I am not sure so if tomorrow she is still all spotty I will ring her DR. She is not quite herself but I am putting that down to the fact that she is teething. She napped today for 3 hours which isn't like her. But she is still really happy.

Whether it is bed time or nap time we always follow the same routine and she always goes into her bed giggling like a fool and goes off to sleep happily. When she wakes up in the morning she chatters away for a few minutes and then yells, Ye-Ye or A-ye, which is her name for Lily. Lily has a stool next to her crib so that she can go into her and stand on her stool to chat with her. When Lily picks her up and carries her Rose gets a grin on her face the size of a Cheshire Cat. She mimics everything that Lily does and Lily knows it too.

Lily finally appears to have put back on the weight that she lost in China. This is a good thing as her school uniforms were falling off of her and they are age 3! She announced the other day her plans for the summer. She wants to go to horse riding camp, have her birthday at Disney and go and visit Grandpa and Nannis and go back to the safari park. Lily thinks nothing of flying to England and thinks we should do it every other weekend. She loves her grandparents so much and thinks we need to spend more time with them and has no concept of the distance between us. She has flown to the UK 7 times in 4 years.

Lily is currently going through the "death" faze. She asked me the other day if Nannis and Grandpa would die soon. I told her no. She then asked how old grandpa was. I told her he isn't very old he is 69. To that she replied, that is very old! (sorry daddy) Then she wanted to know if I would die before Jacob and on and on the questions went. It is so funny and hard to keep a straight face. Walking to school this morning we saw a dead bird and all the questions started again; how did the bird die? Was he old? I finally told her he forgot to flap his wings and fell out of the sky really fast and crashed into the ground. She cracked up laughing and flapped her arms and then yelled SPLAT.

Lily, you truly are the light of my life.

We finally went through all of the photos of the trip and narrowed down a mere 375 for Rosie's scrapbook. So, if you don't see any changes on the blog for a few days you know what I am doing. Hopefully Winkflash will send them over the course of a few days and not in one big clump. I have already gone to the scrapbook store and bought all the albums and paraphernalia so once they arrive I can set to to work. I love scrapbooking but this amount of photos is rather daunting. Jacob has already finished the DVD's and edited them and everything. Life is so much faster on a Mac.

These photos are from Sunday. I have no idea why the fridge door is open and it's contents strewn across the floor as I was in the shower and Jacob had taken over the helm.

Child Labor. Lily puts Rose to work.

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Lily's hat came from the Disney Princesses on Ice Show. She went to that on Saturday and came home deliriously happy. About 3 hours later she told me she thinks she is "over" Princesses. (alrighty then)

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The other night we went out for dinner and Rosies chin barely cleared the table from her high chair. I just thought it was hilarious. Poor little Weasel is so little.

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