30 Apr 2007

Makes Me Smile....lots

The other day Lily was playing with a balloon and trying with all her might to blow it up all be herself. I never knew something as ordinary as learning to blow up a balloon could be so much fun. Here she is giggling and giggling to her hearts content. This video just makes me smile. I love this kiddo so much, as does her dadda.

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29 Apr 2007

Be Prepared......check

This has nothing to do with this post but I have updated my blog link so, if I have added you and you don't want to be, please email me and I will remove you or if I have missed you and you want in again just email me.

We had a busy errand day today and we accomplished everything we set out to do but sadly that didn't include much room for fun. Not that we didn't have a great time just being together and nothing that we do is very serious, ever.

We are now ready for hurricane season. We are the proud owners of an enormous generator that could power half the block. But that is what the man of the house says we need. Hopefuly this will jinx everything and there will be no storms heading to Miami this year.
We also have a headboard for our bed. It has taken 12 months but we finally have one. It has been on our list of things to do but Miss Picky Knickers, that would be me, just couldnt find one that she liked.
Then it was on to Chopstick's room. We did a bit more in there since I went shopping again yesterday. I had Lily with me and she found the most gorgeous little bunny for her sister and then this morning asked if she could have it. Ummmm, NO.
I have no photos of Home Depot or any of the other places we visited ( I hear you saying thank God for that) so I will leave you with this chocolate faced little girl from the other day. I just love her tongue at the end!

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After hours and hours of piddling about with the design of my blog and being unable to get the original one back even though I saved the template I have decided to leave it like this. Lily wanted to add some ladybugs to it this morning so that is what we did. I have lost a lot of little doodads but I am sure I can find them over the next few weeks and put them back.

This I can say for sure, never again!

28 Apr 2007

Yuck Updated

I have been trying to change the appearance of my blog for about 4 hours now and I can honestly say, "Me no likey" and I can't seem to get the old one back. I lost all sorts of knickknackeria in the switheroo and am franticaly looking all over the place for it. Tomorrow I shall have another go at this but tonight my eyes are popping out of their little sockets.
I did have yet another good shopping day though which helps to ease the frustration!

Well I have fiddled and fiddled and I can't get it back so this is it for now. Where has all my crap gone? The bloggy moving company must have lost it!

27 Apr 2007

The Big 14. and Science Stuff

Yepper today we hit the 14 month mark. It means nothing other than another month down. Our agency is still sticking to the 17-24 month time frame so I will too at least for now. It hardly seems worth posting that little blurb all by itself so I will shall add Lily's day to it.

After school the midget had Mandarin class and blew me away. She is retaining it, all of it. Me, not so much. Mind you we have done homework every single night this week because she is learning some songs for a Mothers Day recital. From there we flew home at warped speed, (actually anytime I am behind the wheel it is warped speed but that is another tale) and had dinner and then we
had to return to her school for a science night. Now since I was bad mummy of the year in the eyes of the school yesterday there was no way I was going to miss this.
One of the many joys of parenting is that you get to go to school again which means any subject that you sucked at or didn't like you have a second shot through them. Now I detested science, lurved biology but not plain old science so I am bound and determined to enjoy it through Lily's eyes. (I doubt if the same will ever be true for Algebra) It was very simple stuff and it will surprise no one to find out she had a great time, see for yourselves.

Erupting Volcanoes

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Lily and 'S' making something or other

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You really do need a bridge on your nose to wear goggles! Preparing for an experiment

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Attempting To Launch A Bottle Rocket

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26 Apr 2007

Take Your Children To Work Day

Since today was take your 'children to work day', that is exactly what Jacob did. Lily has been to work with me on numerous occasions and as much as she gets the biggest kick out of it, it cannot hold a candle to going to work with Daddy.

American Airlines requires all the children that participate in this event to be at least 5 yrs old but Jacob pleaded his case and got approval to take Lily and then he got all the necessary clearances for her to be at the airport behind the scenes. Since he couldn't possibly take Lily to work with him he scheduled a day off, volunteered as a team leader and went to work in that position instead but Shhhh, don't tell Lily cos she really thought he was working.

I made her a little American Airlines uniform complete with fake ID and we were so excited about it until I casually mentioned to her teacher that she would be absent on this day because she was going to work with her Daddy. The teacher quickly informed me that she was not eligible for that as the only grades that get to participate are 3-5. She went on to say that Lily would have to have an unexcused absence. I nearly fell over, this is a national programme for heavens sake! So I looked at her and said very cheerfully, that's fine we'll take and absence and we did.! (mind you the school called me in person to why she was not there and I explained that I had sent a note, blah blah blah. They were not happy and then this evening the principal called as well. Frankly, I have seen how many kids miss class and I am not at all bothered. Once she hits Kindergarten she will not miss school but this is Pre-K and we pay for her to go to this school.

So without further ado meet the newest American Airline employee

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Driving The Tractor

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Zoinks, Sitting In The Engine

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In The Belly, waiting for bags

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In The Blanket Closet. (I'm sure that's not what it is called but you get the idea)

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Looking Very Small

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Next time you take to the friendly skies you might want to stop and wonder who is flying your plane!

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Flying Jump Seat

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Linda, the CSM with Jacob and Lily

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George Hazy, VP MIA operations with Jacob, Lily and Amanda

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Jacob took close to 100 photos today and these are a few of my favourites. She had a wonderful time and fell asleep in the car from all the hard work. I cannot tell you how much I wanted to go. Not just to see her reaction but to be able to see everything she saw today. The airport has such tight security that she got see the stuff that we don't. Judging by the way the world is going I am not sure if they will continue to allow kids to go there and that is why we were adamant that she not miss this chance.

25 Apr 2007

The Queen Has Spoken.

A couple of days after we returned from our shopping trip, I mean vacation, Lily and I were in the car and I spotted a new shoe store. I quickly said "we just have to run in this shop cos mummy needs some new shoes." Lily responded to this by saying, Muuuuum, you have a 1000 pairs of shoes why do you need more?" So figuring she was done for I just kept on driving. I stopped at the store and did get some new shoes later in the week without her. She found them today in my closet and loved them. So I put them on for her and she said, Mummy you don't look good in those. Stripes don't suit you and they don't match your skin". I was speechless! Cocky little devil, who made her queen of the shoes? I pointed out that they match an outfit that I have but she was not about to be dissuaded. I have always had a shoe fetish but I haven't had a chance to wear anything other than totally flat in a long while cos it was hard to chase a maniacal toddler whilst wearing heels! I find it odd that even though Lily finds my shoes offensive she wore them herself for about 3 hours. If retail therapy works I should be cured cos the last month has been a shopping frenzy. I think I have a whole new wardrobe but it was neccessary. All this worrying makes me lose weight.

The offending shoes.

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24 Apr 2007

And The Emmy Goes to.......

Great Scott the Universe has gone quite barmy. My little bitty blog has been chosen for the the "Thinking Blogger Award". Emmie chose me and five of her other favourite blogs to receive this honour.
I started blogging after following other peoples blogs for a few months. The first one I ever read was my friend
Lori's. I thought that I could do one myself even though the only other thing I did with the computer was send email and keep patient files. When I started I kept getting comments from people saying, so and so has photos and video, can you do that to yours? Well the answer was a resounding, NO, I cannot. Then I got brave and tried a few things and with Lori's help I made it. I started it to keep everyone in the UK up to speed with the adoption and with Lily. Little did I know back then, (just a few months ago) that I would find so many wonderful people who are also in this process. I have met some of you and feel like I have met many of you. The friendships and loyalty that I have found in Bloggyland leave me speechless. Thank you to all of you that read and follow our journey.
I am now supposed to pick my 5 favourites but suffice to say if I leave comments on your blog you are one of my favourites but in order to play along and not get my coveted (tongue in cheek) award taken away I will name 5 of them and tell you to go and have a peek in you haven't already.

Three and a Highchair. Lori, someone who I know and consider a friend. She is the one that got me started and I love following her blog and appreciate that she speaks the truth and from the heart.

LayDFrog. I met Dannye's blog through a mutual friend and came to find out later that I know Dannye's sister and her nephew. Now if that's not a red thread nothing is! I now consider Dannye and Ray friends since we have officially met.

3D's Adoption Journey Who doesn't love this blog and the 3 D's? Some of the kindest sweetest people and a dog around. One day I am going to Canada to meet them.

Building A Ladder Of Hope Kathy and Joel and wonderful and so kind. Their blog is also written with kindness and they share so much about themselves. On more than one occasion this blog has had me blubbering.

Taiwan Treasure This isn't a China Adoption blog...now that shocked you didn't it? It's still an adoption journey but this one is heading towards Taiwan. Ann's post crack me up and she nearly always writes exactly what I am thinking.

I have tried to leave out the people that I know were already nominated so if you are not on the list that is why. However I have to mention
Connie since she is the blog Queen and quite the riot and her journey to her baby just makes each and everyday a whole lot brighter.

23 Apr 2007

Innermost Thoughts.......Not very cheerful

I, by nature, am a worrier. It's my job and I am pleased to say I do it exceptionally well. Up until now I have been fine with this adoption and have taken it all in my stride but this months referrals have done my head in. I have started to worry about whether it will happen. My head is filled with what if's.
What if China closes it's doors to international adoption? What if we have to redo the paperwork again? What if we have to wait another 12 months and what will we do if this process suddenly stops how will we ever deal with that huge loss. On and on my mind races. I dread anyone asking me anything about the process in fear that I freak out on them.
Most of the stuff is totally irrational but I can't help myself. Last night I layed in bed with my mind racing in every direction. I had conversations with myself about how we would tell Lily that her sister was never going to happen and ways to help her deal with it. I have some lovely and fetching black circles under my eyes today as a result of that marathon worry fest.
During our wait for Lily I never felt like this. Mind you I didn't have blogs to keep my occupied or yahoo groups to read and fill my head with gossip. I just sailed along with my head in the sand, knowing that after 12-14 months we would finally have a baby girl and we did. At no point did we ever feel this uncertain even when the SARS outbreak happened and we couldn't travel.
We now have a room that is all ready to go and I leave the door shut as it is a constant reminder of a very real and very sore wound in my heart. Sure, it still needs some work, some personalization, but there it sits ready for a baby who just is not here and won't be here... until. Until when? I just hope with every fibre of my being that the next set of referrals includes a lot more days.
Stay tuned for my regular antics to resume tomorrow but that is what is heavy on my mind at the moment and now that it is on paper it perhaps won't haunt my brain and mind so frequently.

22 Apr 2007

Earth Day

We had big plans for today. The usual crazy Sunday stuff that we like to do as a family but it involved getting up at 5.30am and after the past few weeks let just say that we didn't have the steam. We were supposed to go to a hot air balloon festival and watch the mornings launch of the balloons and then join in the rest of the days festivities.
So once we finally woke up at 7- something we had to go to plan B. We decided that in honour of Earth Day we should do something appropriate so we trekked off to Home Depot and bought the freakish looking energy efficient light bulbs for 85% of the lights inside and outside of our house. I'm sorry, I worry about the planet like the best of them but there is NO way I am having freaky deaky light bulbs in lights where you can see them! When we moved in here we did what we could with all the new appliances and A/C unit that we bought to help conserve energy. Hey, my washing machine weighs the clothes in it and then dispenses the water accordingly. I try to be good but those light bulbs are fugly. Our electric bill is half of what my neighbours is and our house is considerably bigger and it is not cos we don't use electricity it is all our new appliances.

After that mission was accomplished we went in search of a very elusive piece of furniture for the living room. I apparently pushed to hard and to long because at one point this is what I encountered.

Note to self: do not take both Lily and Jacob on a shopping trip when they are getting bored!

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21 Apr 2007

We Are Flummoxed

We came home this afternoon to find a wonderful, yet anonymous package in the mail box and it has left us utterly flummoxed. All we know is that it came from North Conway N.H.. So thank you mystery gift mailer for this wonderful frame and the saying that came with it. I don't know who you are or how you know that I have a "thing" for photo frames but I do and we love it. Lily is convinced that we sent it to ourselves cos the return address was our address. She thinks we just forgot that we did it. Our kid has so much faith in us. If anyone can throw any light on this mystery gift giver it would be appreciated.

The beautiful frame:

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Prior to racking our brains about the gift we were at Jacob's company picnic. I swear these events are not for the employee's but for their kids as they really have so much entertainment for the little ones. Needless to say Schnoog had a great time. This time she even made it to the top of the bloody rock wall and managed to ring the bell. I was really proud of her but I think I held my breathe the whole time. Maybe the next child will be cautious!

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lily is on the left, all the way at the top of this monsterous thing!

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20 Apr 2007

Worn Out

Our little girl has always been a good sleeper. At first she took 2 long naps a day and then went down to one bionic kip in the afternoon. When she hit three and a half we did away with naps and put her to bed a bit earlier. It doesn't matter what time Schnoog goes to sleep she always wakes up between 6 and 630 every single day. The later she goes to sleep the earlier she wakes up, it is mind boggling. For the past 3 weeks bedtime has fluctuated all over the place but the time she wakes up has remained constant. Yesterday morning I had to wake her up a 7 to get ready for school which astonished me and today was the same thing.

When I picked her up from school yesterday we had to stop and buy milk and then once we came home she went upstairs and I asked her what she was doing. She called back that she was getting undressed. Nothing unusual there as she always changes or at least takes her clothes off when she comes home. Then there was silence so I went to see if she was all right. This is what I found. One tired and exhausted little pumpkin had yanked all the pillows off of our bed and climbed in and gone sound to sleep in seconds. She didn't even make it in right. It appears that she climbed up and then konked out cos she is sideways along the pillow. I think we have officially worn her out.

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After an hour I woke her up for dinner. Last night her school had a special event called Build A Book where the kids all make their own story book and we had signed up to go. I would have done anything to stay home with her and avoid another late night but she was excited so off we went.

Lily Starting her Book

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Nearly Done

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Reading Her Book to the Group

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If you listen carefully you can hear Lily saying "soupcase" instead of suitcase. There are only a few Lilyisms left and I love 'em.

19 Apr 2007

Back In The Bloggy Chair

Clean as a whistle. That would be my house right now. There's not a speck of dust to be seen and everything is back in it's rightful place and I can breathe again. Even Lily asked me the other day if we were going to get rats from all the mess? Yes I know that is pretty sad and I now realise that my clean freakiness is spreading to my child. On an upside I have an eversion to cleaning windows so they are so dirty I can't see out!

Where to begin? I have always loved my hubby but now I have a fresh new appreciation for him. He was so wonderful while everyone was here. They are not his family, although he has known them for as long as we have been together and he would and does do anything for them. I love my life and I love Jacob and Lily with all my heart. My life is great and I love the way it evolves. We have a calmness to us in our day to day meanderings which is so wonderful. Yes, we are all nuts but it is a calm nuts. We have structure and routine and for us that is the key to our happiness. I can now sit back and take a huge sigh knowing that our life is back to normal.

One night I sat down at the computer to make a blog entry and my cousins wife had an issue with it so I explained what I was doing and why and she made some comment and that was the end of my blogging for the duration of their stay. I stole a few minutes when they were out but I didn't need to make any friction for my cousin so I left well alone. Stephen and I are very close. As kids we were inseperable and I love him dearly. His kids are wonderful too and I his wife is OK but I expect people to be do-ers and go getters and she lacks the gumption and I am seeing the results in my cousin and it saddens me. I would do anything for him but right now I am at a loss what to do.

Anyhoo, I am back in Bloggyland and can't wait to get caught up. I read a few last night but didn't comment. I have a couple more crazy days ahead of me and then everything will be sane again for a while. We are trying to get the baby's room finished and then I will post pictures. Nanny Rene has made yet another beautiful blanket for the orphanage and also a lovely pink one for Chopstick.

I nearly forgot, it wasn't only Naples that was a shopping Utopia, Orlando was just a brilliant. Lily and Jacob made out really well in both places too but I struck gold.

17 Apr 2007

I'll Be Right Back

Having family to stay is a wonderful thing but couple that with a self confessed germ freak with O.C.D., and you are looking at a recipe for disaster. Everybody left today and I am in clean up mode big time. In fact I can hardly breathe cos I have so much to do so I am taking a very quick break to get everything in order. You know just the normal stuff like alphabetising Lily's bookshelf again and colour coordinating her Polly pocket accessories. I won't be more that 48 hrs and then I shall return. I tried really hard not to let this stuff get in the way when they are here but they are gone and now I can clean....Bwah, hahahahah.

16 Apr 2007

This Past Weekend

The trip to Orlando just wouldn't have been complete without a trip to the Magic Kingdom. The girls went nuts. They have all been before but Sophie was to young to remember it. Lily and Katie have gone quite a few times so they new exactly what they wanted to do.

Heading into the massive crowds.

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Cinderella's Castle in the background

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Girls getting a ride and holding hands.

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Ice Cream time at Ghirardelli's

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Minnie Mouse and Ariel

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Pool Time

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15 Apr 2007

Quick, Head To Orlando

We had a wonderful time in Orlando and I will post photo's soon but I have to say that you all need to head to Orlando and meet up with Dannye, Ray and family. I just read Dannye's post and it did feel like we were meeting old friends. Dannye and Ray and Dannye's parents are some of the nicest people you could ever meet.....I swear! We had a superb evening with them. Lily thinks Dannye is the best thing since ice cream and keeps calling her, her new friend!

Dannye and Ray showered Lily with even more gifts that she absolutely loves and we had a great time playing Cootie last night. Tonight she even slept with a Cootie Bug on her nightstand. Dannye and Ray are going to be awesome parents and Chynnna is going to be one very lucky little girl to have them.

Ray, thanks for keeping me company outside!

Kris, (Mad Race To Macey) I hope you can make it next time. Now we have an excuse to head back up that way and do it all again.

Here are some of our photos.

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Okay, that's all for now, 4 days at Disney has beaten me and I am off to bed.....my bed not that nasty hotel bed....Woohoo.

11 Apr 2007

The Moving Issue

A few days ago I mentioned a little bit about us moving out of the state. I didn't realise that so many people were not aware of this plan, including apparently some family members.....oopsie.

Yes, that is the plan. We are going to leave Florida and head slightly North once we bring the baby home. Since this wait was supposedly going to be a whole lot shorter than it is we thought by now we would have her and be ready to start making concrete plans. We are going to move to Georgia. Where? I have not got the foggiest clue other than it won't be too far away from Atlanta as hubby has to commute to the Airport for work. We have done some preliminary scoping out and looked via the net at a few houses and have decided that we are a goner. Miami is fine but it is not where we want to raise our girls. England is another option but that is a move we are not ready to make quite yet but it is not out of the question either for later on down the road.

BUT, since we are not even close to referral let alone finishing the adoption, right now we are stuck in a holding pattern. When we bought this house 18 months ago we knew it was a temporary stay for us. Jacob and I have moved 13 times in 20 yrs and even though I don't think my mother ever truly believed me, NO, we are not in the witness protection plan. I can pack up a house and be ready to go in less than a week . I have done it so many times. So this is home for now but hopefully soon I will be pulling out the packing tape and heading somewhere new. But that will be it for a while....I'd kind of like to know what it is like to stay put for more than 3 yrs.
Right, we are out of here again for a few days. We are heading up to Orlando to meet back up with my cousin and family and then if all goes to plan we are going to meet Dannye and Ray from Ladyfrog for dinner on Saturday.
See you on the flipside.

10 Apr 2007

Positive Thinking

Okay so it's official the CCAA only matched 2 days worth of referrals which basically sucks like a Hoover. In addition to this not so rosey news, the latest news letter from Half the Sky also mentions the decrease in healthy baby girls in their facilities. You can believe me or read the article here

I will not get sad or frustrated, okay maybe a little frustrated, but instead I think we all need to be extremely positive. We all know the power of positive thinking is a great thing so lets get our heads together and think happy thoughts about getting our children home ASAP. Here's to it working :)

9 Apr 2007

Lily And Her Cousins

Lily is in second heaven having all these days with her cousins. She has truly surprised us with her ability to share everything she owns without any complaints. They all went to bed together in the same bed the other night and we left them watching a movie. After awhile Lily came down stairs and asked me to move the girls to their beds cos she wanted to go to sleep. I explained that she wanted everyone to sleep together and this was her one and only chance. She said she was sleepy and wanted her own bed. I think this is the only time she has shown signs of wear and tear.

They are inseparable although I must say they keep ditching the little one cos "she is a baby" but she holds her own better than any other 3 yr old I have come across and gets her way back in to the game.

The car seats 7 but they insist on being in a row.

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Princesses have to eat breakfast too ya' know

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Painting Eggs....these kids are always naked or close to it.

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Katie and Sophie took Lily to school this morning and Lily dragged them around like a couple of trophies showing them to all of her friends. We have a few quiet days now as they have gone over to the West coast and then we are all meeting up in Orlando on Thursday and staying up there for a few days together.

8 Apr 2007

复活节快乐 Happy Easter

See, my Chinese classes are paying off! Happy Easter to all that are celebrating it.

It's a bit whacky, crazy, batty in our house at the moment with all the kids and my cousin and his wife so I am not getting much computer time. I will catch up soon, me thinks.

Anyhoo here is a glimpse of Easter through our eyes, well the eyes of the kiddies. First thing we drove over to some friends that have a condo where we used to live and did an easter egg hunt in their courtyard with their little guy and our clan. It was great cos Jacob and Ed, disappeared out for a few minutes to hide all the eggs and then came back bragging that they had seen the easter bunny so the kids grabbed bags (we forgot to take their baskets) and headed downstairs. It wasn't until we came back upstairs that I realised the kids didn't any of the eggs we bought over so I asked Jacob and he said he didn't put them out and that my instructions to him were, "sneak all the eggs out of the house and hide them in the car without the kids seeing them and at no point did I say hide them at the condo!: Well duh, Sparky, did you think we were taking the eggs out for a ride. So we shot out together and ran to the car and grabbed the bag and hid them and then went to tell the kids they had missed some so off they went again.

Then it was off to the zoo for a huge Easter Safari. My cousins little ones aren't used to the hot weather so we ditched the Safari and hit the water playground there.

3 little ones realise the easter bunny has been

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The 2nd Egg Hunt

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Lily and Katie

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Katie, Lily and Sophie

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Is this a killer or what?

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