22 Apr 2007

Earth Day

We had big plans for today. The usual crazy Sunday stuff that we like to do as a family but it involved getting up at 5.30am and after the past few weeks let just say that we didn't have the steam. We were supposed to go to a hot air balloon festival and watch the mornings launch of the balloons and then join in the rest of the days festivities.
So once we finally woke up at 7- something we had to go to plan B. We decided that in honour of Earth Day we should do something appropriate so we trekked off to Home Depot and bought the freakish looking energy efficient light bulbs for 85% of the lights inside and outside of our house. I'm sorry, I worry about the planet like the best of them but there is NO way I am having freaky deaky light bulbs in lights where you can see them! When we moved in here we did what we could with all the new appliances and A/C unit that we bought to help conserve energy. Hey, my washing machine weighs the clothes in it and then dispenses the water accordingly. I try to be good but those light bulbs are fugly. Our electric bill is half of what my neighbours is and our house is considerably bigger and it is not cos we don't use electricity it is all our new appliances.

After that mission was accomplished we went in search of a very elusive piece of furniture for the living room. I apparently pushed to hard and to long because at one point this is what I encountered.

Note to self: do not take both Lily and Jacob on a shopping trip when they are getting bored!

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Beckyb said...

We need to go shopping together - hey, it would make Menard's fun, at least!!! I love it!! And, I hear you on the lightbulbs - won't go there on the ones you can see either!

Steffie B. said...

Great picture....how long did you keep them out? lol

PIPO said...

Love the picture. I probably would have been with them...hiding from the ugly bulbs (I bought them too).

Dannye said...

baskets do make the best hats!! and they do look adorable...who could resist those cute faces???

3D said...

Hahaha! What an adorable picture. They make their own fine whilst Mum shops her tush off.

Keep smilin!

redmaryjanes said...

It looks like they are having a great time! Maybe they are better shoppers than you think..


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