21 Apr 2007

We Are Flummoxed

We came home this afternoon to find a wonderful, yet anonymous package in the mail box and it has left us utterly flummoxed. All we know is that it came from North Conway N.H.. So thank you mystery gift mailer for this wonderful frame and the saying that came with it. I don't know who you are or how you know that I have a "thing" for photo frames but I do and we love it. Lily is convinced that we sent it to ourselves cos the return address was our address. She thinks we just forgot that we did it. Our kid has so much faith in us. If anyone can throw any light on this mystery gift giver it would be appreciated.

The beautiful frame:

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Prior to racking our brains about the gift we were at Jacob's company picnic. I swear these events are not for the employee's but for their kids as they really have so much entertainment for the little ones. Needless to say Schnoog had a great time. This time she even made it to the top of the bloody rock wall and managed to ring the bell. I was really proud of her but I think I held my breathe the whole time. Maybe the next child will be cautious!

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lily is on the left, all the way at the top of this monsterous thing!

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Pug Mama said...

very cool with the rock climbing - thata girl!!!
I got a frame also...it is going to drive me crazy....who lives in NH??????

LedaP said...

That's funny that your daughter thinks you forgot!! I remember when I thought I knew more than my parents :) I always love when my 8 year old gives me parenting advice...Kaylee will cry for one minute on the moniter and my boys are like, "MOOOOM! You DO hear that don't you?!?! Kaylee is crying!!" I don't "hop-to-it" fast enought for them, I guess.

Steffie B. said...

OMW....look how high she is....what a dare devil. Darling frame....I want one too! lol

PIPO said...

Lily and her rocks walls! I love it :0)

Hey....who sent that photo tree? I'm totally lost. I got one too.

Kris said...

Hey... Connie got a photo tree too... some kind of mystery in our midst!

aimeeg said...

I did read about a blogger who recently took a trip to New Hampshire.... I won't ruin it all, but I'm guessing I know who it is.

Polar Bear said...

Wow! I am so impressed with the rock climbing! That is HIGH!!!

That frame is adorable!

Lily's Pad said...

I am so impressed by Lily climbing that high!! No fear!! Way to go... Just amazing.

Oh, and I saw another blogger who got the same frame, also by a mystery sender!


3D said...

What a cool company picnic!

Rock on Lily!

Keep smilin!

M and M said...

I'd have been holding my breath too!!

I LOVE that Lily isn't afraid! It so cool!

I have seen one or two of 'said' picture holders popping up here and there...

Dannye said...

wow, she really is adventurous!! and oh so brave!!!

redmaryjanes said...

You guys all have the same secret buddy!

Beckyb said...

That Lily is SO brave - you couldn't get me to try out that wall!!! Love the frame too!

Ann said...

Wow I want to go to the company picnic. That rock looks like fun.

Nikki said...

Oh my gosh! No wonder you were holding your breath...that wall is HUGE! Way to go Lily! (and your next child will probably be a monkey too!!!)

Cool gift. What a mystery!


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