28 Nov 2010

Busy Day

It was blazing hot here this morning, blazing hot. The girls and I were outside watering the plants and they basically bailed on me citing heat stroke! I took them into the back garden and let them loose with the hosepipe. Huge amounts of laughs and giggles especially when they filled up a bucket and sat in it, fully clothed. I didn't dare to take my camera outdoors in fear of it getting water logged.

This afternoon after a long time spent playing Wii, where I would like to add, Rosie won at bowling fair and square, (The child got 8 strikes, seriously!) they got their craft on.

Rosie had a homework assignment in which she had to decorate a cardboard cut out of a Christmas tree and Lily made some little people out of pine cones. I don't think I will ever be rid of all the glitter that escaped the table but that's Ok because they had so much fun.

Lily placing the glue so that Rosie could add the embellishments.
She added lots of embellishments.
2 little people. The red bits on the sides are mittens.......I thought they were ears. Lily did a really good job, I think they are cute even if we are now missing a red sock!

While I attempted to clean up the gluey, glittery aftermath the girls got busy and were both very quiet. Once I was done Lily came up to me in a very odd dress up outfit and asked me to follow her.

This is what greeted me:
The bottom line says, own paper required.
Oh the ego!
Here is the Supermodel herself.
Her whole outfit was made out of scarves. It was really good but rather see through so I wouldn't post it. She accessorized with a Juicy purse and pearls.

Rosie and I lined up and both managed to get an autograph. Rosie then tried to go again and was turned away.

I hope your day was filled with as many giggles as mine.

27 Nov 2010

It's That Wonderful Time Of The Year.

Thanksgiving is the official kick off to the holiday season and being able to share this time with 2 little girls makes it even more magical for me than it has ever been. When they see the Christmas trees for sale, or the Santa's that are everywhere their little faces light up and their voices become tiny little shrieks (sometimes big shrieks) and just for a moment they erupt. Yesterday they saw a house in the neighbourhood that was all decorated and they oohed and aahed and pointed things out to each other from the confines of their car seats. And then, of course, they wanted to know when we were putting up our tree. I told them that I just cannot put up a tree until it is December so they will have to wait another week. Were they happy? No, not ever so but they'll make it.

Packages are arriving and Lily knows that they are Christmas gifts for her and her sister. We always open the brown parcels and she sees the pretty paper and bows. Rosie isn't quite so astute yet, she just sees the parcels and then they are gone not to be seen again until Christmas. After her bath this evening Lily asked me if Santa was real. I wasn't really expecting that bubble to be burst yet but that is what happens when you have a really smart kid. When I asked her why she was asking she explained to me that what Santa does is magic and that magic isn't real. Nobody can do all the things that Santa does therefore he can't be real. Logic......it seriously puts a damper on a day. LOL I explained that somethings are beliefs and it is OK to believe and that makes it real. (hmm, I think that is called lying by omission.)

I scooped the girls up early yesterday and we went on an early mission to buy Jacob's present. They thought it was a great adventure and were thrilled when we hit pay dirt. I tried to prepare them for the fact that the shop might be sold out and when it wasn't they gave a little victory dance. With this being a really long weekend I was able to get together with a friend yesterday and we took her 2 nieces and my girls to the movies to see Tangl*d. Great movie, BTW. This might be hard to believe but this was Rosie's first movie house movie. I don't really like going to the cinema. It's super loud and there are no breaks. I don't sit still for that long. I wasn't sure if Rosie would be OK because she really dislikes loud noise. She did really well except for the fact that she kept asking if we could go and see aunt Pammie's dogs yet. Even her enormous bucket of popcorn didn't distract her.

Rosie at the movies. I failed to mention she took a flashlight because she dislikes the dark also. Not the best photo, I think she was saying "cheese"
Lily wishing I would put the camera away so that she could eat her enormous movie sized candy.
Becky, cracking up because I took my camera to the movies!

Once the movie was finished we rushed to Pammies house to see her dogs. Rosie was really happy. She pushed Coco around in a pushchair and thought she was the bees knees. Pam is so patient with them both. I suppose when you have gone to hell and back certain things no longer bother you.
Coco didn't seem to mind at all.

Today I took down and packed away all the Thanksgivng decorations. The girls oohed all over again at the sight of the Christmas decorations but I did not relent. They will have to wait until December. I also went out early this morning and did alittle more Christmas shopping. My list is getting shorter but I still have loads to do. Hopefully Santa can help out with a little magic.

25 Nov 2010

A Day To Be Thankful.

Neither Jacob nor myself have any extended family here in Miami but our close friends have become our chosen family, and we were all together under one roof celebrating today.

We invited our friends to join us and even though they all know that I am no chef they still accepted the offer. As the numbers kept climbing I was getting panicky. How on earth does one cook for 14 people? I now know the answer, you google every single question that you have and then email your friend Viv who is a master Chef.

I pulled it off and we all sat down to a feast fit for a king.

My favourite part of the day was sharing it with Pammie, Armando and their son Adam and his girlfriend. Pam was the first person I met when I moved here 25 yrs ago. It has been many years since we all sat down at the same table and it was fantastic. Truly something to give thanks for. My friend Jakie and her girls also shared the day with us. I don't think I have ever had a Thanksgiving that was quite so special.

When I was busy in the kitchen the girls made napkin holders out of paper towel rolls and little turkeys. (we don't fool around with little scissors in this house)

After many hours of prepping and cooking we were ready to serve.

Hmm, I have just realised that certain people dodged the camera

Our menu was: Roasted turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, gravy, green beans with almonds, Beaumont Inn corn pudding, Hawaiian Sweet potatoes with oranges and pineapple, roasted brussel sprouts with garlic and ham, mashed potatoes and of course dinner rolls. It was wonderful. Jakie and Pammie brought dessert and it was heavenly.

Young love....Adam and Alina

Every year the we take the girls for a walk on Thanksgiving day and collect pine cones with them. Not sure what pine cones have to do with Thanksgiving but it has become a tradition. This year we were minus Jacob as he had to leave and go to work.

W had a "berry" good walk.

Lily showing off her acorns

When we came home the girls tucked into their G*diva chocolate turkeys.

Now my girls are in bed and I am reflecting and giving thanks for my wonderful life.

Is anyone else appalled at how many businesses are open today?

Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours.

We have a wonderful day planned with so many special friends. I hope your Thanksgiving is very special also.

24 Nov 2010

Friends To Be Thankful For.

We have always had a Wednesday get together in the park and we love it. 2 of the families moved away this summer and our play dates just aren't the same. Thankfully they are back in town for a few days to celebrate Thanksgiving with their families so we made a point to get together today.

It was like a little slice of heaven.

The crazy mums. I look a bit frazzled...it's the fear of cooking tomorrow.

Jacob and Evan
Lily and Ju-la la. It's Julia but Rosie can't say that.
Rosie and Ju-la-la

And then tonight after their baths they went off into Lily's bedroom and came out looking like this. I love my girls, so much and they always keep me laughing. After a few minutes of being dressed like that Lily told me the ceiling fan wasn't really cooling her down ...No kidding!

23 Nov 2010

Long Time No Post

  • Busy. That sums up my life at the moment.
  • I have 14 people for Thanksgiving and I am really bad at cooking. How on earth do you figure out how much food is required for that amount of people? It's mind boggling.
  • Last weekend we had so much fun and I don't have any photos to prove it.
  • We have already gone to a Christmas parade. A bit early don't you think? It was very lame this year, most years it is really impressive.
  • FCC groups rock. We had our national adoption day picnic on Sunday and it was fabulous. I cannot imagine not being able to share my life with all these families. Everybody has something to offer that MAKES SENSE, as opposed to the usual busy body stuff. LOVE THAT.
  • Christmas shopping. Need I say more?
  • Cannot wait to get into the Christmas spirit but I feel rather behind cos I have barely done any shopping. Once I get more done I will calm down.
  • Life with Rosie is a dance. We move forward 2 paces and side step one. Somethings get easier and others, not so much. I cannot wait for the day that she has the vocabulary to express her fears.
  • 3rd grade is going to renamed: the year of the projects. Lily barely finishes one and another one is assigned. Seriously, do we need 40,000 projects on one school year?
  • Lily decided to go on a sleep walking bender on Sunday night. Hubby and I were hysterical. She finally ended up climbing on to the island in the kitchen and falling back into a restful slumber. HILARIOUS. Since she is known to sleep walk frequently we have high locks on all exterior doors that she cannot reach.
  • Rosie has been sleeping in her own bed. Her choice. I wonder how long it will last. It came with a self imposed condition that I don't like but that is part of the dance. This child is way to tough on herself.
  • Rosie has her first "play" coming up in a couple of weeks. Her teacher has already told me to expect her to run of off the stage in tears. At least we are on the same page. I will be amazed if she does anything other than that. Kidlet hates crowds and anything that is loud. I will have the video camera at the ready.
  • I am house sitting for a friend. She has been gone for nearly a month and I just remembered the other day to water her plants. Oopsie, I think they are OK but I am not sure. I have done everything else but the plants escaped my head. They didn't escape Lily's, thank goodness.
  • I had my hair cut the other day and didn't like it. I came home and did it myself....looks good now.
  • I think that is all the stuff that was ruminating through my noggin.

13 Nov 2010

Enjoying the Outdoors.

Ahhh, the steamy hot weather has subsided and we can now enjoy being outdoors.
This morning Lily had a riding lesson and thoroughly enjoyed the fact that it was not 90〫as she had a hard lesson and had to work really hard to get her horse to cooperate. Usually after a lesson like that she would be soaked with sweat but not today. Today she was just hot.

I love this photo of her and Albert saddling up. This was Albert's horse but he asked Lily to help him. It's good for her to work with many different horses.

I never remember to get photos of her working I only take photos of her riding. She was so happy that she could finally reach the horses head ☺

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Ready to go.

Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing

looking so grown up.

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Rosie and her favourite foal.

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I invited this little boy to come with us to see the foal. He is now Rosie's friend, Steven.

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Yes, she loves to ride too. I'm doomed.

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After lunch and a nap for Rosie the girls wanted to head out to the park. I thought it was a fabulous idea and upped the anti by taking their bikes.

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Lily chose her scooter instead of her bike and loved the freedom of the bike path.

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This just made me laugh and I was so glad I had the video on.

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After awhile the bike just wasn't good enough for Rosie!

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My big footed kid with her crazy socks.

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I'll leave you with this just because it makes me giggle.

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