28 Mar 2010

If it works, hit repeat.

Since the girls had so much fun yesterday we decided to day was the perfect day for a re-run so that Daddy could join in too.
Lily and Rosie must have enjoyed themselves yesterday because they didn't wake up this morning until after 8 o'clock which is really late for them. Rosie might have slept longer but I think she was woken up by Lily and I when we started moving about.

We didn't actually plan on re-running yesterday but with everyone getting up so late and starting the day off in such a lazy fashion that by the time we had had our lunch and Rosie had napped it was 3.30 before we were actually dressed and ready to go anywhere. Perfect, behaviour for a Sunday in my opinion.

We went to M1ami Beach instead of the trashy one that we paddled in yesterday and it was really late by the time we got there but this time the girls both had bathing suits, we all did, so they were able to dive right in to the frigid water. I manned the camera and somehow managed to keep my swimsuit perfectly dry. The water is so cold that I have no idea how they managed to get near it let alone in it but they did and believe me when I say they did not want to come out. The sky was grey and the wind was picking up but they were in heaven and we were having fun so we left them to frolic.

I made this photo dark on purpose because I just love how it looks.

Once we fished them from the sea we headed back out onto South Beach for a quick jaunt and people watching session. Lily is at the age where she finds people watching to be so amazing and on S0uth Beach the people really capture her attention, well everybodies actually. At one of the outside restaurants they had girls dancing that were wearing nothing but body paint. The guys were about 10 deep taking photos and Lily managed to squirm her way through to the front for a close up view to check we were telling the truth. She came back and announced that we were and then couldn't imagine what would make you do that job. I was going to ask her if she would like the job of applying the paint to someone elses boobies since she thinks all this stuff is so gross at the moment but thought better of it! LOL Rosie started to become a little clingy and it was obvious she getting overwhelmed so we carried her back to the car and made our way to the Gr0ve for dinner.

Apparently it only takes one night of the girls being out and they become specialists on dining and places to be seen in the Gr0ve. They told Jacob where he should go and where they had been etc etc., he however ignored them and took them to a little tiny restaurant that sits right on the Bay. We sat outside and whist we waited for our food he took them for a walk along the dock and out by the boats, again they became specialists on the subject and once they returned they had to take me while he sat a the the table. Funny girls.

Being silly waiting for our dinner.

Lily and Jacob...so sweet.

Silly Rosie hamming it up.

The much loved gappy smile. Oh how she loves that gap!

Rosie showing her gap. She has no gap just a disgusting piece of gum in her mouth. what mother gives a 3 yr old gum? Oh that would be me.

Mr Pearly Whites, himself! That's one expensive smile.

We found out this evening purely be accident that Rosie loves calamari. Odd kid! So we ended up having to order more of it just for her and Lily. By the time we had eaten I was frozen so we headed straight home much to the girls chagrin but we let them stay up late again.

Possibly the best part of the day was the email from andie saying she is going to try again on Tuesday as the BA strike will be over by then. Fingers crossed.

27 Mar 2010

Making Lemonade.

This morning when I awoke, somewhat early due to the arrival of the tooth fairy last night, I fully anticipated receiving an email from cousin Andie stating that she was winging her way over the Atlantic Ocean on her way to our house. This was not the news I received instead I received the exact opposite, "due to the Britis*h Airway*s strike I am still here. Am trying to get on the flight to Dallas and will then get a connection to Miami. If I get on the flight I will not be able to email again so will ring once I arrive in Dallas." My heart sank a little bit but I knew she would get here just a lot later than expected.

The girlies knew of her impending arrival as this was an impromptu trip and we sort of changed our spring break plans and they heard us chatting with her on the phone and were so excited. They did not, however, know that today was "Andie Day". I made them both little paper chains so that they could tear off a link each day but I made an extra one just in case so they thought she was coming tomorrow.

Lily had a riding lesson again this morning and I was so happy when we left at 9.50 that there was no more news from her as this meant she was on her way. In my head I was calculating riding lesson, lunch, nap, and heading off to the airport all whilst trying to remain calm and not showing any excitement whatsoever. ( I am not known for hiding any emotions well, if at all.) Jacob came with us to riding, which in itself is a treat and Lily and Rosie were both so thrilled to find out that Lily was riding Tacoma, the love of Rosie's life.

Her lesson went well. She is now in the advanced classes ~gulp~ so yet again this horse proved to be a challenge. Lily rides Paso Fino's and Tacoma is not one so her lesson today was completely different to any she has had previously as this horse has a totally different gait. I am not sure what breed Tacoma is but frankly Lily looked to be riding an over sized Labrador with his big lolloping waddle. She also had to use her whip non stop. Tacoma is the friendliest, kindest, most gentle creature off of the field but put a saddle on him and he is one stubborn fellow.
Lily was so relieved to be not be on Red Beauty today that she embraced this challenge and did really well. She was a tad peeved that she was not allowed to gallop today. Galloping is never allowed the first time you ride a horse but Lily usually manages to convince Gema that she can do it for a minute a the end of the lesson. Not today. I don't think she had enough strength to kick him hard enough to make him gallop she was kicking and whipping just for a trot.

If you click on this photo to make it larger you can see Lily's newly acquired gap! I love her smiley happy face.

OK, I am ready to go!

Playing with Daddy's hat.

A tender moment with Daddy.♥

Sitting on Tacoma at the end of the lesson....look at that blissful face.

After the lesson I ran into the house and thought I would find the confirmation email from Auntie Ann but instead there was one titled "bad News" and the sender was Andie. I knew what it was going to say and I didn't read it for a minute or two. I had to think what I was going to tell the girls and how we were going to salvage Spring Break. I was correct. She wasn't able to get on and the flights are all over sold due the BA strike so she cannot even come tomorrow. I am so disappointed, as we all are.

But I am the Mummy and it is my job to "fix it" so I put myself into overdrive and remembered this saying:

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but about learning to dance in the rain.

We needed to dance! Goodness me, my hubby works for the airlines so we can savage Spring Break very easily but I needed to put a smile back on the kiddies faces. When Rosie woke up from her nap we drove to Coc0nut Grove and went to a really wonderful park. They played for awhile and then we drank/ate frozen lemonade before walking down to the bay and all around the park. The girlies were hungry so (gawd help me) I bought them hot dogs from a vendor that they declared to be the "best ever" and then Lily said she didn't want to go home yet. We jumped into the car and headed to Key Bisca*yne. I love driving out there as the views are fabulous and on either side of the road you can pull your car over and literally just paddle in the ocean. I don't like that part of the beach though because quite frankly it is trashy, (call me a snob!) but I knew the girls would love it and they did. They whipped their shoes and socks off and splashed around for ages. I didn't take my camera because when we left I was still feeling fed up so I don't have any photos of the frivolity. By now it was 7.pm and they were still going strong so I told them to get back in the car and tell me where they wanted to stop on the way home. They picked the Gr0ve again. We walked through some shops, people watched and had some more giggles. We ended the evening at an ice cream shop and sat outside where they chatted and giggled and just loved life, me too.

After a quick swill in the tub they hit our bed and were asleep before I left the room.....all snuggled up together.

I am still a tad blue but in the big picture life is good. There is a chance, if BA stops their strike that Andie will still be coming for a few days but we don't know when. Fingers crossed that it happens cos we really want to see her and all that chocolate stashed in her luggage is mine!

26 Mar 2010

A Visit From The Tooth Fairy.

This morning we were awoken to shrieks of, "my tooth, my tooth." It was Lily, her wiggley tooth had fallen out and she was over the moon. I mustered every ounce of happy that I could muster at that dark hour and did the happy dance with her. You see, Lily has only lost 3 teeth and she is nearly 8. Loose teeth are very very exciting to her and her first 2 teeth fell out after the big teeth had already grown in fully but this time is different and this time she has a gap....gasp. My goodness she was so excited and kept running to the mirror to see the gap.
Apparently having a gap can make deciding what you can eat for breakfast very, very difficult, it must have taken her 10 minutes and she changed here mind 4 times. I somehow remained patient, even at that ugly time of day.
As we drove to school I noticed that she was talking differently and it made me laugh, it isn't a lisp but it is something.
This evening when she went to bed and carefully placed her tiny, tiny tooth under her pillow along with a note from me asking the Tooth Fairy to please leave the tooth behind because I need to take it to the dentist, she layed her head on her pillow and had a huge smile on her face.
As I kissed her goodnight and told her I was quite sure the tooth fairy would be coming Rosie suddenly perked up and decided that she too needed a tooth for her pillow. What?? Try as I might I just could not make Rosie understand why she couldn't have a tooth for her pillow. I ended up telling the she would just have to check in the morning to see if she has money. Something tells me she is going to be disappointed. I also have a feeling that I will be woken quite early by a little girl who will be checking to see that the famous fairy came. And the other who is going to be mad when she realises that she didn't.

A Tough Ride.

Lily was pumped when she got to the stables yesterday as she learned that she was, once again, going to be riding Red Beauty (see this post). After they were all saddled up and ready to go Lily was told she needed to stay at the end of the line because Bucking Beauty was in rare form and was kicking everyone and everything, Lily just grinned and held her back until everyone was in front of her. Off they went to the paddock and Rosie and I followed behind at a distance with carrots and apples in hand so that we could feed Tacoma. Lily's excitement was rather short lived as Red Beauty was showing her true colours and proved to be to much horse for little Lily. Within minutes she started bucking and rearing and Lily was hanging on for dear life. She was showing some true grit but at one point Hema still had to give Red Beauty a good whack, nothing serious so don't get upset but just something to let her know who was boss. Lily persevered but nearly lost her saddle. That was it! Hema called her over and told her to dismount, I had turned away to tend to Rosie and was surprised when I turned back to see Lily standing and the horse without a rider. I called Lily over and asked if she was in trouble because the conversation I could hear was not good. Turns out the conversation was being directed at another rider not Lil'. Hema then calls a stable hand/trainer to the paddock and Bucking Beauty, Lily, Rosie and myself all got to go the "wall" and Red Beauty was lunged.

If you have never seen this it is really quite something. The wall is in a circle and quite tall, the horses cannot see over it and are tied to a rope and run in a circle whilst being held by a trainer. They go round and round and round. It is part of the training process but if you have a difficult horse you can use it for them also. The horses are usually smacked with a whip to make them run fast and that way they let off some steam however Red Beauty didn't need the whip she just went.....like a flipping rocket. Sand was flying everywhere, her ears were pinned back on her head and she was goneso! On and on she went. I suddenly remembered the camera and started filming her.

Once Brandon felt she was calmer he rode her for a few minutes and then headed back to the paddock. Lily looked at me and said she scared. I was shocked, I don't think I have ever heard those words from Lily EVER. I asked if her she wanted to talk to Hema and ask for a different mount or if she would rather sit the rest of the lesson out or if she could take a big breathe and muster up the courage in true Lily style to show this steed who was boss? She chose the latter and off we went. She didn't smile for quite some time. Hema could tell she wasn't comfortable so she jostled her to bring back her courage and after awhile Lily was back. Red Beauty was better but still not a good horse by any means. Hema told Lily that she is now riding advanced horses and she has to teach them and not the other way round. It was a good lesson on many levels and Lily told me much later that she liked her lesson.

I tried to capture some of Bucking Beauty's antics but could not but each time I turned off the camera she would buck. I did manage to catch her skipping about with out even noticing it. It's right at the beginning. That kid of ours is one tough cookie and considering she still isn't tipping the scales at 50lbs (3,5 stone)I think she manages to put on one heck of a show.
After the lesson Lily had to hold her for a few minutes before she was tethered and she looked rather nervous so I went over and started to talk to the horse. Lily asked me why I was being so kind to her and I gave her the old...you catch more bee's with honey than with vinegar, talk. This horse is relatively new to the stables and I am not sure if it was never trained properly, if it was mistreated or if it is just a cocky horse but I know that here in it's new home it will have a chance to prove itself if it has a kind heart and Lily is going to have to help her. Now after our talk and the talk that Hema gave her she understands.

Note to self: Hema's name sounds like Hema but it is spelled Gema...get it though your thick head. DIMWIT!

24 Mar 2010

I'm Gonna Get In Trouble Over This One!

Lily is not going to like what I did this morning one little bit but I say she will have to get over it.

This morning at 8.45 we were due at Lily's school for an award ceremony. Lily was being honoured with the Student Of The Month award and the character value was, Pursuit Of Excellence. This is something that I can clearly see that Lily earned. She strives for perfection in all that she does and her report card always reads that she is a leader in the class and helps in all areas and if others need her she is there for them. That's just who she is. Sometimes it drives me batty cos nothing is ever halfway done with Lily it is all or nothing. Sometimes when time is short this is not a good thing says the mother with the same exact personality trait.

I rescheduled my 8.00 am client and knew that I had plenty of time to see Lily get her award before needing to be at a clients house by 9.50. I dropped her at school, came home, got Rosie and Daddy ready and we were outside the school by 8.40 and were still waiting at 9.00am. I was a little anxious as things were now 15 minutes behind schedule. Seconds later we were ushered inside where yet again we hurried up and waited some more. If by chance you have never figured this out, I am not a patient person. I have the patience of a Saint with children but not with adults and I cannot stand tardiness it truly sends me over the edge. Oddly enough if the children of this school are even one minute late they will be marked tardy and this will remain on their school record for the year. Tardiness is unacceptable at WP K8 Centre. Lily has never been marked tardy, not once in 3 years and it won't happen as long as I am in charge.

At 9.15am I looked at Jacob and told him I would have to leave. I kissed him and Rosie goodbye marched and not quietly, to the front of the hall. traipsed over all the kids until I got to my daughter, hugged her and kissed, told her I was so very, very proud of her but that I had to go. She knew the deal, she knows my schedule and all about Mr. C and his surgery today. Any other client on any other day I would have stepped outside used my phone and said I would be late. But today my 80+ yr old client is having surgery. He has no family, lots of friends but I am the one who is there for him today. I promised to be there 10 minutes early to get him mentally ready. He will be fine it is not a biggy but he just needed a push. Had the ceremony had started on time it all would have worked out fine.

I then about faced and climbed back over the kids, I have no shame, walked up to the principal and said, I have to leave, I won't be able to see my daughter receive her award because you are running 30 minutes behind schedule. If any one of these students were one minute late today they would have been marked tardy and you are running 30 minutes late. And with that I turned on my heels and walked out.

When I was finished with work I called my husband and he said she received her award about 5 minutes after I left. I was so cross because this didn't need to happen. I know she will receive more and I will be there. Her old principal was always on time but this guy...sheesh, maybe we need to buy the dude a watch. He is a fabulous administrator but a lousy timekeeper.

And this is why I know Lily will be pissed! I complained to her principal. Oh the humiliation of it all.

19 Mar 2010

Not So Big After All.

Sometimes it feels as if Rosie and I live at her gastro's offfice. I really don't feel that we need to be going there anymore and her regular ped' doesn't feel that we need to be going there anymore either and so as we headed in there today at the dark hour of 8.am I truly thought it would be for the last time....wrong again.

Since Peanut is looking so much bigger and is definitely getting taller I thought she might have tipped the scales at 2lbs heavier since we have not been there for 3 months but oh how silly I was! Rosie now weighs 26.8 lbs and is 37.5 inches long. She is still in the 10th percentile for weight and the 50th percentile for height. She has gained 1lb 2ozs in 3 months. I knew when her ped weighed her for her well visit and said she weighed 28 lbs it was a joke, it was all of her winter clothes. So yet again we have to go back again but this time not for 6 months. I swear I am canceling the appointment and being an irresponsible parent and just saying I am done. She is healthy. Her issues are all in the past. I won't be able to do it, I know that! I will go back and wait for 2+ hours in the waiting room to see the doctor and get told she looks wonderful but she should be gaining more weight than this at her age. It is really starting to get old. When we initially went to see her we had legitimate problems, Rose was losing weight and everything that she ate went in one end and out the other....mighty fast. She as tested for everything and they discovered nothing for months and then by accident the culprit was discovered and since eliminating it the problems have ceased but she never has gained the weight that the doctor has been "weighting" for.

If she didn't weigh her naked I swear I would hide lead in her pocket just to be done with all of this!

16 Mar 2010

I Wish Real Life Offered Do-Over's ** Updated

This morning I needed a "do-over" card. I am not writing this post for comments but just because this blog is a journal for the girls and this is one of those moments that was not all fuzzy and full of love but was a life moment that I should not have let happen.

Today Lily had her first ever SAT test. Her school has been prepping them for the past 2 weeks. She has been so bored at school with all the practice test taking that she has been sent home with 2 notes from her teachers stating that she is talking to much in class. Both of her teachers have explained to me that she is bored and that is why she is so yippy. She is ready for her tests and is not at all nervous. She was sent home yesterday with a checklist: get a good night's sleep, eat a good healthy breakfast and arrive at school on time today.

On my way home from work last night at 9.30 p.m. I decided to stop at the store and pick up snacks for her whole class for after the test and I also bought a little card for her to wish her luck. Jacob and I wrote her card and we left the snacks ready for the morning as a surprise for her.

As we left the house I gave her her card and bounced her into the car. She saw the snacks and was really giddy. As we drove to school she opened the card and read it and her response was not what we anticipated, instead she critiqued my handwriting. This knocked me off guard.

Lily just went on and on about it and in the end I snapped at her. She got defensive and things escalated from there. By the time we had driven to school things were a hot mess and she was mad and so was I. This was not how the morning was meant to play out. Not this morning of all mornings. Not on the day she was to have her first ever SAT. I wished her luck, told her I loved her and she climbed out of the car looking utterly forlorn.

There was nothing I could do. She was sad, I was sad and she was heading through the gates of the school and I was pulling out of the drop off lane. My stomach was in a knot. In my head I begged for a do-over card, begged her to pass that darned test, to cheer up, to know that things were OK. I rang Jacob and he said, "But Hon, not today, it's her test!" Yes, I know that Sherlock and I feel like doo doo. He calmed me down, like he always does but today is her test and I really do feel like dog doo.

I screwed up this morning and I hope she does OK. I wish it was a result of PMS or a bad hangover or something but it is not. It is just a case of bad judgement. I really have been doing a lot better at not sweating the small stuff so where did it go so wrong this morning?? Don't answer, I don't need advice, I'm just clearing my head.

** Her SAT went fine. She came out of school all happy go lucky and received a huge, rib squishing, hug from me which I might add she reciprocated. No more mornings like that one please.

13 Mar 2010

Where's Lily?

This is a question that I have answered over and over and over again this evening. It has been asked by Rosie because Lily is at a birthday slumber party. I started to prepare Rosie for this evening on Wednesday which was the same evening that I told Lily she was going to Joie's, pizza, movie, slumber party. I knew it was going to be hard on her so I told her we would have our own party and that I was not invited either...could she BELIEVE that? Oh she was so sad but I got her very jazzed about spending a night with me at least I thought I had until the ugly act of dropping Lily off actually happened and she noticed the empty car seat right next to hers.

We joined the girls for dinner at the pizza restaurant and she loved, ate more pizza than she has ever eaten before in her life and most of my lettuce from my salad. She snuggled in Hollis' lap for a few minutes too. Then we walked to the car and Lily gleefully took her seat in Hollis' car and we kissed her bye bye told her to have fun ( redundant words, I know) and walked to our car. Seconds later the questions started. I explained to her again where her "Big Lily" was and continued to do so all the way from Broward County back to Dade County and further south to Kendall.

As she was getting out of the bath, I had to bathe with her, it was her request, she looked at me and said, Lily has broken my heart. Dear Gawd, where did she learn such drama? I scooped her up and held her and told her again that Lily will be home tomorrow. After we go to sleep tonight we will go and pick "Big Lily" up! She told me that she is going to get in the car, put on her seat belt and drive to get "Big Lily" all by herself just so that she can see her again.

Tonight I had to lay with her until she fell asleep, I never have to do this and I am sure she will wake up, at least once.

She misses her.

I miss her too, terribly.

I know she is having a fabulous time. Oh gosh she could barely wait to leave. We were five minutes from the house when she realised she had forgotten her bunny and we had to come back. I tried to talk her though it but to no avail, she wasn't going to sleep at someone else's house without The Bun, so I u-turned and came back for him. At the restaurant she kept asking when we were leaving. She is well schooled at staying with Hollis, loves it and loves her. I know she is safe. I don't think I would let her stay anywhere else but I feel very strange tonight. Empty and aloof. I understand how Rosie feels cos I feel exactly the same way.

Is it morning yet, I really want my baby home.

9 Mar 2010

A Moment Of Pause.

Recently our lives have been affected by the lives of others and each of these sad moments has forced us to stop what we are doing and thank our lucky stars that it was not us. It has made us STOP and reassess what is truly important to us and make us realise that we are not immortal and that life cannot be taken for granted.

I started blogging in 2006 and have followed the same blogs continuously. I have added a few along the way but the same ones have remained. Some of them are no longer on my blogroll because they are private now but I still read them. Some don't post often and some have gone from the blogging world and have chosen Facebo*k. When I started to follow Joannah she was also waiting to bring home her daughter from China, she was single and her blog was just different. I loved it, it is was classy. One day she reached a fork in her road of life and chose to forfeit her adoption and marry the man of her dreams. I was saddened at first for her daughter that wouldn't be but I followed along on her new life on her new blog and was thrilled to see her so happy. This was 2 short years ago. Her and her hubby struggled with infertility and then last November her husband was diagnosed with cancer. He passed away last Sunday. Joannah, lost her true love. This was a story of love, dreams and commitment. It is heartbreaking, simply heartbreaking. Please, stop by her blog and leave a note for her.

Then there is the story of Layla Grace. I think nearly everyone with a FB account or Twitt*r account has heard of her. Again, a heartbreaking story that brings us to tears. She passed away this morning at age 2. Each night I hug the girls so tight they say ouch.

Much closer to home is a friend of ours who is laying in a hospital bed with multiple skull fractures, a brain bleed , 3 broken ribs, a collapsed lung and on a ventilator because on his way home from work 2 weeks ago he was stopped at a traffic light waiting to make a left turn when a drunk driver hit him from behind. The arsehat that hit him, well he is fine of course but our friend who has a four year old son and a fabulous wife who barely leaves his bedside well they are not doing so well. Bryans prognosis is good but in the meantime every single day is a struggle for his family. Drunk drivers really don't deserve time on this earth.

My own BIL is undergoing chemo but he is doing it with gusto and humour. By brother is there by his side for the most part. LOL. He doesn't make the best nurse, or so I hear.

All of these things gave us a moment to pause. It shouldn't really be necessary for things like this to happen to make us take stock and be thankful for everything we have but they have a way of making you notice. So for now I am trying to not sweat the small stuff and making each moment with my family count. When things aren't going well I try to put them into perspective right then and there and realise in the scheme of things that they probably just don't matter at all.

8 Mar 2010

Festival Fun.

This past weekend was the Asian Cultural Festival at a local park here in town so we toddled off for an afternoon of fun. We have been to this festival every single year since Lily joined our family and frankly I think we have seen enough! We had a really lovely afternoon out but how many times can you see the exact same thing over and over again? We bumped into a friend of ours who races dragon boats and I think he has managed to recruit Jacob which, in my never so humble opinion, would be fabulous. They just have to figure out how Jacob can get in all the practice hours needed as he works a crazy schedule. The kids would love this if Daddy raced dragon boats.

The highlight of the festival for Rosie was riding a horse. Not sure how Asian horse riding is but, WHATEVER? Lily enjoyed herself but didn't really go hogwild over anything until Michael said they absolutely could sit in the dragon boat and then she was really happy. So we meandered around for an hour or so and then as we were leaving Jacob purchased a large tin of coconut patties and we were all very satisfied on the drive home.

6 Mar 2010

Going To The Dogs.

I am not sure how I got myself into this one especially since i don't particularly care for dogs but this weekend we are dog sitting AGAIN. Actually I do know how I got myself into it, I can't say, no! I like this dog he is super friendly and very clean, I know that is an odd thing to mention when talking about an animal but I am a germ freak and a clean freak so that ranks way up high with me if something is coming into my house.
I didn't tell the girls he was coming but told them something was going on and that a boy was going to be sleeping over. Lily's face was classic at the the thought of a boy sleeping here. She asked for a few million clues and decided she had it sussed and it was going to be her friend Marco. Wrong! It is Jeremy. Needless to say when they opened the door and saw him they were so happy.
The next part of the plan was to meet our friends Richard and Shara with their 2 big dogs at the local dog park. Well since I have apparently lost my mind why not just jump in feet first. So that is what we did. Jeremy did not like the dog park one little bit...oopsie. I thought all dogs loved dog parks. Jeremy doesn't seem to know he is a dog he thinks he is a person. So having a bunch of dogs sniffing about him just made him unhappy so we didn't stay long. He isn't a very energetic dog either which exasperates Lily who has a boundless supply of energy just like me. Rosie just calls him dog and talks to him. A L O T. Lily decided that Snickers and Sophie are much more fun to play with and was happy to see them at the park. Jeremy just walked around very slowly and didn't do one thing that all the other dogs did. By the time we got home he needed a nap and I had to force the girls away from him so that he could nap for about 2 hours!!!!! Rosie should follow his lead!

A little while ago he made me jump out of my skin when he started to bark at the TV. I noticed that their was a dog on it. Guess he doesn't even like other dogs on TV.. He is a funny little fellow but he is sweet. He came with his little lunchbox and bag all packed up for his visit and a note from him to the girls. He also bought them both a gift for caring for him. Nuts I tell ya just nuts!

The girls and Jeremy

Rosie playing on the dog toys at the park and getting flattened by a puppy! Ha ha ha ha

Shara with her daughter Alaina, and their doggies with the girls and Jeremy.

Rosie walking Jeremy.

1 Mar 2010

Meet The Inmates.

Whenever we go to this particular park to play it reminds me of a prison yard. Well, what I assume a prison yard would be like. The girls love to play on the racket ball courts and no one is ever there so I let them. I noticed that the walls have been recently painted green, it helps nothing it still looks like a prison. The weather was gorgeous yesterday and perfect for being outside. Jacob was busy helping a friend so the girls and I played outside all day.


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