25 Apr 2007

The Queen Has Spoken.

A couple of days after we returned from our shopping trip, I mean vacation, Lily and I were in the car and I spotted a new shoe store. I quickly said "we just have to run in this shop cos mummy needs some new shoes." Lily responded to this by saying, Muuuuum, you have a 1000 pairs of shoes why do you need more?" So figuring she was done for I just kept on driving. I stopped at the store and did get some new shoes later in the week without her. She found them today in my closet and loved them. So I put them on for her and she said, Mummy you don't look good in those. Stripes don't suit you and they don't match your skin". I was speechless! Cocky little devil, who made her queen of the shoes? I pointed out that they match an outfit that I have but she was not about to be dissuaded. I have always had a shoe fetish but I haven't had a chance to wear anything other than totally flat in a long while cos it was hard to chase a maniacal toddler whilst wearing heels! I find it odd that even though Lily finds my shoes offensive she wore them herself for about 3 hours. If retail therapy works I should be cured cos the last month has been a shopping frenzy. I think I have a whole new wardrobe but it was neccessary. All this worrying makes me lose weight.

The offending shoes.

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Nikki said...

Lovin' the shoes!
Lily is a tricky one...she just wanted them all to herself! But, who can blame her??? She must have developed a shoe fetish of her own.

(I'm sorry you are still stressed/worried about the stinkin' wait. Don't lose too much weight! You are a skinny, little thing as it is!)

Dannye said...

really cute shoes at that too!! I'm with Nikki, I think she just wanted your shoes....cheeky monkey!!

3D said...

Those are too "Cha Cha" for words!

My wallet is weeping softly after the workout it has been thru. Right there with ya!

Lily is the future host of "What Not To Wear"! Trinny and Susannah better watch out!

Keep smilin!

PIPO said...

Cute kicks!

If only I could have worry cause me to lose weight - I'd do more of it :0)

Pug Mama said...

Seems like lily has a future on "What Not To Wear"
I need to learn the worry=weight loss trick.

Beth said...

I think your daughter and mine might be related. She has become the fashion police since she turned six.

redmaryjanes said...

I have a pair of shoes very similar to those..very sharp!! I think it's great that she has her own sense of fashion. I'm amazed that it starts so young!

aimeeg said...

That is hilarious (but I do love the shoes!)

A second grade teacher at my school got her hair cut and highlighted last night, and a girl in her class told her it was too blonde for her skin tone. Ha!

M and M said...

Love the shoes!

Worry and stress makes me gain weight...

Ann said...

very cute!! Now it's your turn to wear them out on a date with hubby.


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