22 Apr 2011

And then there was one

This morning I secretly packed an overnight bag for Lily, told both girls to choose a swimming cossey and loaded them into the car under the guise that we were going over to my friend Jakie's house to help her get ready for a garage sale. When we entered the Turnpike Rosie asked me why we were going to Hollis Bolly's house instead of Jakies. Pretty astute for a 4 yr old. I spilled the beans and they went temporarily bonkers. Things got even more nutty when I told Lily it was a sleepover. She got into a frenzy for a second or two when she realized she didn't have her bunny or anything else for that matter. I threw her bag into the back seat and she was once again ecstatic.

And so my day started with 2 little girls and then there were 5. Five happy girls playing happily in the pool. And then there were 5 happy girls and the one charming little boy. "A", one of Hollis' neighbours came over and joined in the fun. "A" is the most well mannered, sweet boy I have EVER met.
Joie, relaxing
Trevi and Rosie making a house
Lily and Anlei squirting.
Yum, lunch
water fight time

Fun, plain and simple
Lily and Anlei having a snack.
Rosie thought this was the ultimate in pool travel

With the exception of getting out of the pool to eat we spent 6 hours submerged. SIX HOURS. It flew by but it always does when we are together. I cannot wait for this summer as Hollis, her mum and the girls are all joining us in England. That will be fun.

We kissed Lily goodbye and Rosie and I departed. Rosie was invited to sleepover too but she wasn't ready. She also wasn't ready to leave her sister behind but a promise of a special night quelled her insecurities and within minutes this is what I could see in the back seat. 6 hours in a pool will do this to you.

Goodnight sweet Lilipop.
We miss you and I feel like a tiny part of my heart is missing tonight. I know you will have a fabulous time.
love you to the sky and back.


val said...

What a great day....hope Lily enjoys her sleepover!

Briana's Mom said...

Awww, what a fun day! I cannot wait until it is warm enough to go swimming here!

Michelle said...

Hi Dawn, I'm just stopping by to say I hope you have a happy Easter!

Love Letters To China said...

Those last two pics are so adorable! My little one looks just like that when he's exhausted. Takes about 2 seconds and then "wham" he's out like a light.

Happy Easter to you and your family!!


Catherine said...

What a great day! Fun with friends and swimming is such a treat!

Tammie said...

You & Hollis rock! I love how you 2 make plans for surprise sleepovers! It must be quite hard for Rosie & you to go an evening without Lily.


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