20 Apr 2011

Rosie's Easter Party

Rosie had her Easter party at school today and even got to meet the Easter bunny and go on an egg hunt. Oh the excitement. I must say she is starting to handle parties much better but still has room for improvement. She does NOT like hustle and bustle.
I could have titled this post, "The best laid plans of mice and men" cos things went haywire first thing this morning and instead of being at school at 9.30 we showed up just after 10. ( it's a long story)I failed to take my camera with me to work so I asked Jacob to take it with him and then when I picked up Rosie I would get it. Well that also failed miserably as I picked up Rosie but left my camera with Jacob. DUH. Never mind, we got there in time for all the fun and lots of other mums had cameras so I'll have some pictures of the egg hunt soon enough.

Jacob showed up after his appointment with the Doc in time to see them meet the Easter Bunny so I at least have those.

The 2 besties
Thankfully Jacob showed up cos when it was time to take class photos I was shoved to the back and couldn't see over any ones head but Mr. 6ft 2 just held the camera above their heads.
These pictures make me laugh because taking a class photo is the equivalent of herding cats

My sweet girl with The Bunny.

Crafts made my Rosie.
Saying the CLC blessing before lunch. I love that her school teacher does this.
Just look at them all saying their prayers.

She came away with the biggest bag of eggs imaginable and was bouncing off the walls for ages from all the sugar.. The candy is now hidden and I am hoping out of sight out of mind, plays true.


Gail said...

Looks like a fun party! Grace was very similar as Rosie about parties, at the same age. It has taken time for her to be comfortable with new situations, especially noisy ones.

Yes, this is the candy week isn't it? sugar is plentiful.

Love your blog!

Tammie said...

Rosie really has come far when it comes to parties. It's so good to see her smiling in these pics.

Vivian M said...

Fun! Happy Easter!

And I think your hubby did a great job taking pictures. :o)


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