26 Apr 2011

Spring cleaning my brain

  • So many things are going around in my head that I have decided to have a little cleansing session.
  • Rosie is going to attend Lily's school next school year. They have so many kidlets apply that they have to draw a lottery. Lucky for her and us, her number was picked.
  • She is really excited about the idea of going to Lily's school.
  • Lily's school is a uniform school. It's quite a liberal uniform and there appear to be no ramifications whatsoever if you don't wear it particularly if you are the child of a teacher.
  • Lily has 5 teachers kidlets in her class and every single one of them is picked first to be student of the month. It's been this way since kindergarten. Lily and her friend S are on to it and now believe the student of the month award to be a total crock. That's my smart little Schnoog for ya.
  • This is not meant to be a post to bash teachers but since I am here, why move on. I am not going to get a tattoo, not ever. That doesn't mean I don't think you should get one, your body your choice. I do however think that if you have a tattoo you should probably keep it covered up whilst at work. 2 of the female teachers in Lily's grade have them and they don't hide them. They would probably be hidden if the women dressed like professionals and not like hoochie mama's. If you are going to school why are you wearing cheap rubber flip flops and a spaghetti strap sundress. If male teachers wore the equivalent they would be sent home.
  • Teacher bashing done! Sorry to all my friends who are teachers but you know these comments are NOT directed towards you. For the record, Lily's home teacher always looks great and is an awesome teacher.
  • I forgot just how much I love re-finishing furniture. Forgot that is, until this past weekend when I dragged out my handy sander and got my groove on. Something about staining and sanding that I love. I think if I ever quit doing massage I will open up my own place. I have blisters on my fingers and am a hot sticky sawdusty mess and I even love that too. I will post before and afters when I am done. ( of the furniture not me)
  • Cousin Andie is coming to stay. The girls are freaking nuts about this.
  • I am freaky happy too.
  • Here in Miami we have always had lots of homeless people. There is also an organisation of homeless people that stand at all the major intersections and hold out their begging bowls. I call them tolls. If you want to get through the intersection you have to pay a toll. For the first little while this was fine but now they are E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E. I would be homeless myself if I paid each and every one of them. What is very sad to see, or I think it is, are the men in shirts and ties carrying signs that say, "lost my job, "X" amount of kids, need rent money". I cannot imagine a Father going into the streets to beg for money for his family. One man sells candy bars. Jacob likes the guys that sell stuff instead of begging. Why don't people prepare for a rainy day anymore? .
  • Hating people is not nice. How can you hate a group of people based on their beliefs, with the exceptions of psychopaths etc. Tolerance and broadening ones mind goes along way. Educate yourselves. (but not by a teacher who dresses like a hoochie Mama)
  • Phew, glad I go that off of my chest. My brain was about to explode. maybe that is why I had a 6 day migraine last week that resulted in a fever blister the size of Saturn. Kind of makes me look like a hoochie mama....might just as well get a big old hickey to go along with it.
  • Oops, I nearly forgot, Rosie will no longer wear matching socks. One set of Little Mis-Match socks and she was smitten. Every single day she unfolds 2 pairs of socks and wears one of each. In Rosie's crazy 4 yr old brain, sock monogamy is a thing of the past. Here is today's selection for school. I helped a little as the ones she chose were so wacky that it sent my OCD into overdrive, at least this un-pair sort of goes together.( my sister will be so proud, she doesn't believe in sock monogamy either)

Alrighty then, that about does it.


val said...

OMG lady...you crack me up! I think that was english in you coming out...especially the "hoochie Mama"!! Love Rosie's socks....good for her for being different! Nice sneaks!!

3D said...

I love your openness and calling things as they are. I totally agree!! Casual dress has become far too acceptable.

Love the sockies and the shoes...too cute!

Keep smilin!

Tammie said...

Student of the month? Gag me. Your Lily has it right.

Teachers that dress inappropriately? My cousin is one of those. I haven't spoken to her since 1985. How do I know? When you dress like a hoochie mama, word gets around. So what do you think of a teacher who wears jeans to work? That would be me. Oh. And I do wear flip flops because I'm only there for 2.5 hours. Were I teaching full time, the flips would be saved for my down time.

I got used to mismatched socks when Erin was Rosie's age. Don't worry. Sometime around 3rd grade, she'll need to have matching socks.

Hopefully, Andie will be here long enough for a few of us to meet her.


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