29 Apr 2011

I love weddings

I have always loved the pomp and ceremony that is England. England just knows how to do things in a classic and elegant manner.
Today was the royal wedding (in case you have been under a rock) and lots of people have been complaining about how much media coverage there has been over here and how sick they are of the whole affair but I am yet to meet someone who didn't watch it. I woke up shortly after 5.am and was joined about an hour later by Lily who was mesmerised.*

The bride looked simply elegant. A true Princess. Her groom is as handsome as his mother was beautiful.

Queen Elizabeth even saved her very best outfit for today and looked lovely.

All in all it was a fairy tale day but I have just one little question. What the heck were Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie wearing? My Fathers wife said it best when she said they looked like 2 fat old pantomime dames. Good heavens, they are a train wreck.

*This is what kept Lily so mesmerised for so long!

I do believe it was Prince Andrew in drag, wearing African art as a headpiece.

God save the Queen.


val said...

I know I was like "what da heck?"!!!

Tammie said...

I absolutely loved the whole thing. I was actually crying through parts of the wedding just thinking back to when Charles & Diana wed. And, when I saw William & Kate leave in the same carriage as his parents, I actually remembered it. Kate looked lovely, & her prince was oh so handsome.

As for the Princesses Beatrice & Eugenia? I think that someone needs to give them some guidance in the world of fashion.


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