17 Apr 2011

Pool's Ready

The girls have been bugging me for weeks to go in the pool. I keep telling them that it just isn't warm enough yet. I decided yesterday that if we had time today we would go in the pool. I really didn't think it would be warm enough especially since we had so much rain yesterday but I was wrong. It was fabulous.

Happy girl finally able to swim.
Here's Rosie, giddy with delight

Rosie stayed really close to the side for a few minutes and wasn't doing anything that resembled swimming. I asked her to jump in and she said she couldn't. I was surprised cos for the last 2 summers she has spent her time jumping in the pool, heading to the bottom and retrieving dive sticks. After a second she decided she could and that was it her confidence was back and she was diving for objects right along with Lily.

I tried to get a photo of her jumping but I failed. The outakes are so funny.
oops, I missed
nearly got her
missed again!

Getting ready to race.

My fun loving girl had a blast

I got in with them but only up to my tummy. I thought it was cold-ish. June is when I start to dive in.

We had a really busy day today and there were so many activities going on but in the end we needed to just lay low and stay close to home. Both girls were exhausted tonight and went to bed early. To that I saw, woohoo, it's pool season, time to wear them out, every day.

Note to self: next house needs a pool.


La-La-Liene said...

Our neighborhood pool isn't even open yet. It won't open up until the end of May. The kids loved swimming when we were in Orlando for Spring Break.

Looks like the girls had a blast swimming. I'm looking forward to spending the summer in my parent's pool when we move back to Indiana.

Vivian M said...

Pool season is awesome! I can't wait for ours to start (it snowed today, lol).


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