11 May 2007

My Heart Is Flooded

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I am walking around on a cloud. You see this morning was a Mother's Day tea at Lily's school and first they sang songs and then served us tea. The songs bought me to tears, they were so sweet. ( apparently I am known as the cryer in the group cos 2 other mums handed over their tissues before the kids got started!) After our tea and cookies we were led back to their classroom and the teacher read from a paper that they had filled in about us and we had to guess which one was ours. I knew mine immediately but the second question locked it in. The questions were all the same for all the kids but their answers were so different and really rather funny.
I love this little girl so much and it is an honour and privilege to hear her call me, Mummy.

This is Lily's paper:

Happy Mothers Day by Lily C.

My Mom likes to wear:
White Shirts
My Mom's favourite restaurant is:
She Likes to cook:
Brownies with me
My Mom likes to go to: Shops
My Mom's hair is:
My Mom gets mad when: I fight with her about something
My Mom looks pretty when: She wears a dress
My Mom doesn't like:
Roaches, they get her all scared.
My Mom thinks it is funny when:
I jump out and surprise her
My Mom knows alot about: Girly stuff, my dad doesn't know about that
My Mom is scared of: Roaches and roller coasters
My Mom gets excited: When it is somebodies birthday
When my Mom is tired:
She takes a nap
When my mom wakes up in the morning: She is all grouchy
My mom would never give away her:

I am still laughing at this. The grouchy mummy in the morning is the sad truth. But as for the socks, well lets just say I am stymied. Jacob laughed at the comment about him not knowing about girly stuff.

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After the festivities it was back to business for the kids.

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La-La-Liene said...

How sweet!!1 Eriks is going to preschool this fall (I can't wait so I can get some me time!) But more importantly, I can't wait to see what he learns, and does in school. I've taught him a lot but I know he's got a lot to learn. What a great Mother's Day treat for you! Oh, and I think that crier thing is typical of us adoptive moms. I still cry looking back at old video footage of Eriks when he was a baby and sitting here thinking about it is tearing me up!! I also understand about the grouchy mommy in the morning thing. I'd prefer to stay up all night and sleep all day. Still not used to the waking up bit.

3D said...

That is so sweet! She knows her Mummy very well.

Happy Moms Day!

Keep smilin!

Dannye said...

i think lil meant to say that you were afraid of frogs, hehe

how funny!!

Polar Bear said...

You need the socks so you don't step on the roaches! :)

That is priceless! What a sweetheart!

Nikki said...

O my goodness, I absolutely loved her answers on the quiz! I would've been crying too for sure, Dawn! She is such a sweet girl and she does so love her family!

Special K said...

You are a lucky mama!

Briana's Mom said...

So cute! I would have been cryin' too!

aimeeg said...

So sweet! A third grade teacher at my school had a Mothers' Day Tea today, too. I read some of my students' writings for their moms and almost cried.

Roy and Lori said...

So sweet and wonderful!

simply t said...

Yours is very sweet! When my G was in kindergarten, all the kids did them and posted them on the walls for our MD party. One of the lines said:
My mom likes to: sleep.

nice huh?

Debz said...

AHHH! Sweet. Great post for mothers day!
'*•. .•*' Happy Mothers Day! ~*♥*~

Kris said...

Oh my gosh, this is the sweetest! I'd be a basket case myself... actually, I hope to be one day! I'm a crier too : o )

Loved the girly stuff comment, and like you, I'm grouchy in the AM.
Maybe I need better socks. Got some you could spare?

redmaryjanes said...

I love it. I'm the Mom who cries too! I laughed when I read you would never give away your socks!

M and M said...

I LOVE those answers!!!

You are one lucky mom and Lily is one lucky little girl!


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