18 Jan 2013

Dream a little dream with me

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Recently I have become a really bad sleeper. It must run in my family as my sister is dreadful but I used to be fabulous. Now 4 hours is great nights rest. I have never been much of a dreamer but I have always had weird dreams where I think I am awake.

I can tell you everything that is going on around me, I can hear people talking, feel the bed move when someone gets in it, feel the kids touching me etc etc and I open my eyes and even see them but then it turns out it's all a dream.

More times than not those dreams involve someone being in the house, an intruder and I get scared to death, petrified in fact. I have had these type of dreams my entire life and it happened again last night. We had a cold snap move in so I actually went to sleep with the bathroom window open a little bit as opposed to the usual which is everything sealed up tight as a drum and the a/c on.

I woke up (at least I thought I had) because I heard someone walking in the hallway so I listened to see which kiddie it was and waited for them to come in the room. They didn't appear. I reached over and glanced at the clock and was surprised to see I had only just fallen asleep, it was 12.40. I then heard footsteps again so I looked at the door and was surprised to see it was open, I always push it closed but not shut. Then I got scared. I just lay really still and waited and waited, wide awake. No one moved. I got up and went into the bathroom and then checked on the kids, and I know I did this and then got back into bed. I left my door open and a few minutes later it was closed again. By this time I am am nearly paralysed from fear. My heart was beating so loud that I was surprised that I didn't wake up the girls, 2 rooms away.

I finally went back to sleep after convincing myself that no one was in the house and that everything was fine.

I woke up this morning and everything was fine but dammit I am sure it wasn't a dream. Urghh. Does this happen to anyone else?

 I also woke up with a freaking twitch in my lip from getting so stressed out. I looked a bit like Elvis. Lily thought it was hilarious.


val said...

OMG me too. I have this dumb dream about every other week where I am being chased. I am trying to scream but no sound comes out of my mouth. Then the next I know I really am screaming & Popster's trying to shut me up!

It sucks!

Luciana said...

Freaky, Dawn! Oh my word. But when in doubt, wake everyone up and make sure everything is ok.

Thanks for reading my post the other day.

likeschocolate said...

Your ex doesn't havea a key to your place does he! My mother had an ex-husband who liked to play these kind of pranks. He even followed us when we moved. He would do stuff like put sugar in the gas tanks. He set my mothers corvette on fire. However, there was no way we good do anything about it because there was no evidence.

As to your sleep issue, there are a few things I would try doing before going to bed. Leave a paper and pen next to bed and write your to do list to get everything off your mind. Drink a warm drink such as hot cocoa or a steamed milk with vanilla. A hot bath and quiet music.
Meletonin. Exercize but not to soon before bed.

Most likely your lack of sleep is due to stress. Pray!

I am sorry that sleep isn't finding you and bad dreams are haunting you. Hope this doesn't last too long for you! Kelleyn

Vivian M said...

I could not sleep well until we got Pookie. He sleeps at the foot of our bed and if even a ghost dares show up he will alert us. So now I sleep much better, because I know he will wake me (because he wants protection, ha!) So the solution is to get a small cowardly dog, lol. :o)


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