15 Jan 2013

She flies

The swim team that the girls belong to is called the Flying Fish. Tonight Rosie was diving into the pool off of the boards and I had to giggle because it looked like she was attempting to fly.

She is getting there. She no longer goes in feet first which is a big improvement but there is still a long way to go. Diving in for a race and actually "diving" are a million miles apart, so I am told. I swear I know nothing about swimming. I used to think I did but since these 2 got really into it I have had to throw out everything I have ever known and am learning from scratch.
Rosie far left
We have take off.

Kidlet is still finding it so very chilly. Most nights she is a bit blue around the edges by the end of her lesson even with the core suit, sometimes she doesn't make it to the end she gets evicted. The pool is heated!


likeschocolate said...

I was a swimmer! I wish my kids liked to swim. I am trying to get number three interested.

val said...

She is incredible! Are her legs really that long?

Anonymous said...

Hello, and a peaceful, calm and beautiful new year to you all. Am back on line but cannot remember any of my passwords. Also on new phone number.Glad to have done catch up with your blog..well as far back as i can get.love, love , love.bb

Anonymous said...

love you.xxbb

Vivian M said...

Maybe the pool is not heated enough? She really does look like she can fly!


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