13 Nov 2012

Send a woman to do the job

Sometimes I shock even myself. I know that I am fiercely independent and I also know that I am horrifically stubborn. If I had the choice I would probably choose not to live with myself  as I know I am a pain to live with but alas this is not a choice I am given I am stuck with me. I want things done now, or better yet yesterday. I want things done right the first time and I want them done neatly, very very neatly.

Today I found a mechanic to work on my car and not just any mechanic but my friends husband. Now I know my car will be taken care of properly. I know I can trust him and he won't do a bunch of silly rubbish just because I'm a girl. I almost needed smelling salts when I found out how much it would cost but after 60,000 miles in 4 years and nothing being done I am a little in need of this work so not much I can do about it. At least now it will run properly and last for a few more years.

Hah ha ha. I did it, I entered the nasty world of all things men and smelly and came out smelling like a rose. Oh and did I mention that he works for the dealer where I bought my car. Oh it's good to have friends and better yet it's good to have a car with brakes!

I will return to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow but for now I'm gloating, just a tad.


val said...

That first sentence sounded so familiar......then it "dawned" on me....it sounded like you were describing me! You go girl!

Vivian M said...

My husband thinks cars are disposable. HA!


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