14 Nov 2012


Every now and again I hear about various scams that are going around. I see things posted on Facebook that say please repost this but I never do because i always think the same thing, who in their right mind would ever fall for such a crock of sh*t.

Today my bestie fell for such a crock of sh*t. She received a phonecall first thing this morning saying that her freind, using his name, had been in an accident and that he was badly hurt and they had taken him to the local hospital. A long story unfolded and various names of people she knows were tossed around. The story, was believable and she went to get money and wire it to where they said. Yes I know it sounds absurd, it sounds absurd to her too now but she was so worried about her friend. At one point as she was just running into the ER to see him and her phone cut out. She had been one the phone with the scam artist the whole time, they don't let you hang up. That was the chance she was hoping for she quickly called the friends number, the one who was supposedly in the ER and he answered and said he was fine and at home!!!

Her other line was ringing so she answered it and it was him again, the scammer, she knew right there and then what was going on. She back peddled, he threatened her, told her he was watching her. She mustered up enough courage to do what she had to do.

Thankfully she went to the police. They weren't shocked. It's a huge ring. Now she has surveillance at her house. I'm her bestie so my cars plates have been turned over so that I can go to and from her house willy nilly without being shot at, I mean without raising suspicion.

She got her money back, she acted so fast that she was able to stop the transaction. She is embarrassed and humiliated. I still love her.

Luciana, if you read this post, please re post on your facebook page about this scam. It happened to a friend of yours here in an attorneys office and this time I WILL repost it. I googled the number that called her and OMG you should read what they had to say.

So if you do hear about a scam going about DO TELL people about it. I heard about this very one and assumed that no one in their right mind would fall for it. That's what happens when you ASSume.

I just don't even bother answering my phone if I don't recognise the number, which considering I run my own business probably isn't very business savvy but I'm starting to think it's pretty darned smart.


likeschocolate said...

A week and a half ago, someone hacked my account and sent out e-mails to all my friends saying I was stuck in the East and needed money. Thankfully, no one fell for it. I lost all my e-mail accounts, but thankfully I acted right away and was able to change all my bank information. It is horrible.

val said...

It never fails to amaze me the lengths that people go to to do this stuff!!! Why can't they work that hard at getting a real job????

Luciana said...

I am always so disturbed by these things. It makes me feel so disgusted and unsafe - especially in Miami. Scammers!!!! And it's true, you can't even answer your phone anymore. At least here I don't understand what they're saying - lol, so they have a hard time with me.
Tell your friend not to be embarrassed. She acted in a moment of desperation and was selfless.
Dawn, do yo mind if I post this on FB? And I'll repost the one that happened at my friend's office.

dawn said...

Luciana, please do.

Vivian M said...

I screen all my calls.I am so sorry to hear your friend was a victim, but thankfully she did the right thing and they were able to recover her money (that's not always the case).


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