15 Nov 2012

Be prepared

Both the girls have the I.D. bracelets that you write your phone number on with Sharpies. They are rubber and say, If I am lost please call:............... . They were free with something or other and they've never actually worn them. This morning Rosie came down to breakfast wearing hers and the following conversation ensued.

Me: Rosie you can't wear that to school.
R: But I might get lost.
Me: You won't get lost at school, everyone knows who you are.
R: But what if they need to call you.
Me: The office has my number.
R: But what if they have lost it.

And then from across the table....

Lily says: Rosie you are lost.

I think I nearly shot water out of my nose I laughed so hard. Child just says the funniest things.

Rosie likes to be prepared.


April said...

I need four of these written in Chinese! I'm terrified this trip that I'm going to lose one of them. I'm taking leashes for Eliana and Willow, I have two Ergos and a double buggy! I think I might be fine, but you can never be over prepared. I also am pinning something inside their shirts that say our phone number.

val said...

OMG.....too funny!

Luciana said...

These girls are too cute!!!

I was just teaming up with a friend regarding bracelets for my kiddos at the O. We tend to get confused sometimes because they're always dressed in opposite gender colors.

Vivian M said...

Aww...I like the bracelet!


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