16 Nov 2012


Next Thursday is Thanksgiving people. The official kick off of the American holiday season. There is no turning back and just because my bright red passport identifies me as a foreigner I live here in a house with full fledged Americans so I have to get with it. I must pull my head out of the sand and start liberally shouting, Gobble till you wobble and Ho Ho Ho.

I am so not ready for this, this year. I thought I was going to be better prepared and feeling festive but I'm not. The festive part I can pull off in a second but the prepared part is out of control and so not happening. #%&*

I had the best intentions. I meant to send all my gifts that needed to go back to the UK back with my sister when she left but I failed to buy them. I just cannot get my head around the fact that Christmas is just around the corner. Seriously how can it be? Wasn't it only just here? My sister was here for Halloween. Halloween happens in October so there must be loads of time and she only left one week ago today.

I can only hope that by next Thursday the commercials on T.V. will have moved me into overdrive and instead of sleeping through the night I will be out shopping with all the other nutcases in the wee hours of Black Friday.

The girls have asked that we not host Thanksgiving this year and their reason made me laugh. My children do not like the fact that on Thanksgiving day we eat our meals in reverse order. The large meal is eaten at lunch time and the small meal eaten later. To them that is wrong. plain. and. simple. It messes with their heads and they both detest it. 

I'd better go and start writing a list and checking it twice of course. On second thoughts how can it possibly be Thanksgiving next week that's just absurd. 


likeschocolate said...

I know fall is going by way to quick! Forget Thanksgiving Christmas is on all the stores radars. Thankfully, I am about 1/2 way done with my shopping.

val said...

The problem being is the holidays are becoming too commercial......I want to scream when I see christmas decor & hear jingle bell rock before halloween is over with!!!! GRRRR

Vivian M said...

I felt the same way this year, but once we started putting up some decorations it changed the mood a bit. Good luck!


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