17 Nov 2012

Kicking it off Miami style

The whole reason for yesterdays post about the reality of the holidays being just around the corner was spurred from the reality that today was the Christmas Parade at the Falls. It has become a tradition of ours to go every year and it is something that we truly love.

Since the Falls has just added the American Girl store I expected the parade to have been kicked up a notch and I wasn't disappointed. This was the best one yet. I still laugh at some of the things that are in it and can't imagine what they have to do with the Christmas but this is Miami so that's the explanation I give.

Patiently waiting for the parade to start
Playing hand games passed the time
part of some crazy hand game BUT it kept them occupied. You have to get there early to reserve your spot and the wait gets tedious.
The girls were kind of excited about this at first......
But when they saw her they got more excited.
Nothing says Christmas like a Dragon
Or a helicopter
At least he looked festive
Again, it's Miami
This is festive and appropriate
The Coke truck??
Hello Kitty always puts in an appearance
So many fabulous marching bands. How do they hold up tuba's?
Hey, she's definitely festive
Marching band #2848583
Marching band # 3548630
And finally, here comes Santa Claus
Both girls leapt to their feet
After the parade we ALWAYS head to the Crepemaker for dinner, Rosie likes to wear hers.
Normally after dinner we look at all the pretty Christmas lights and then we leave but tonight Coco Jones was giving a concert. A free 30 minute, first come first serve, get trampled to death, tweens screaming at the top of their high pitched lungs, concert, so we stayed. Frankly I would have rather poked forks into both of my eyeballs. It deserves it's own post so be sure to come back tomorrow so that I can tell you what my visit to hell was like.


Leah Mei said...

Hi Dawn. We were there! You need to send me your cell#


Anonymous said...

I miss when The Falls was just a quiet little neighborhood mall and not packed with tons of people. And I absolutely HATE that monstrosity they have put where Restoration Hardware used to be! The last thing we need is MORE restaurants in that place...like the traffic and parking aren't bad enough!!!

Briana's Mom said...

I remember the Falls!! Used to go there with my parents as a kid. Brings back memories! I am chuckling because that so looks like a Miami parade.

Can't wait to read about the concert! I'm sure your head is still hurting.

Your girls are adorable!!!

Pam said...

We were there as well! Emma loved her first parade!

val said...

Our christmas parade had dragons as well.....even Harry Potter. Must be the year for magoc & mystical!

val said...

make that magic......duh!

dawn said...

Dear Anon,
my favourite restaurant blew away with Andrew, El Toritos. gawd I loved it there. many many margarita memories. Yes, it used to be a different place but so did Miami.

Vivian M said...

Your comments under the marching band pictures made me laugh out loud! :o)


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