29 Nov 2012

Chalk and Cheese

It was picture day at the girls school a few weeks ago and as is the norm they were asked not to wear their uniforms to school that day.

I asked the girls to pick out their clothes the night before. Rosie took all of 4 seconds to choose her clothes and I was not at all surprised with what she chose, her favourite Halloween shirt and her black leggings. For a fleeting second I was going to talk her out of it but then I realised that 20 years from now when I look at the photo I will say, "Wow Rosie I can't believe you actually chose a dress for picture day that year", completely forgetting that I forced her into it. She isn't a girly girl so it makes no sense to dress her as one for a school picture.

Lily on the other hand disappeared into her walk in closet and was gone forever. Outfits were being tried on and discarded hand over fist. She finally chose something that she loves. Of course once the clothes were chosen she had to chose accessories and then decide how she would style her hair in the morning. By the time she had finished making all her decisions Rosie and I were rolling on the floor groaning in pain.

I understand that there isn't time to make sure that the kids all look smart in front of the camera it's just sit, smile, shoot, next. I always remind them to comb their hair and smile but that is all I can do. I don't expect much from the photos and they never disappoint.

My big girl all pulled together and smiling.

And then there is her little sister!!!

Now I have already mentioned that I don't expect much but really don't you think they could have told her she looked like she had been pulled through a hedge backwards. I literally laughed out loud when I saw her hair.

I also need to add that all the other girls in her class were in such fancy schmancy dresses. Hah!
A perfect depiction of Rose!
She loves this photo of her and I do too.

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val said...

I'm with you & Rosie....that picture is adorably cute hair & all! Please tell me who took Lily & made her all grown up!!!


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