30 Nov 2012

Swimming...it's been a while.

This is a post for Isabelle. She left us all and went away to college and never got to see Rosie swim so I promised her some photos.

Rosie received her first "proper" swim bag in the mail today. It's nearly as big as she is but she loves it. Now she is just like all the big kids and has her bag with all it's fancy compartments for goggles, hats, fins, towels etc. I ordered her a yellow one as orange wasn't an option, she looks a bit like Big Bird as she swaggers from the car to the pool.

I think she is drowning here.
My favourite....fly
She pulls up well but she is still really kittywompas
A butterfly making a crash landing     :-)
 we were playing Old Maid and the Old Maid is Medusa the swim coach!
A picture for you. Look it's your Mama and Helium Lady.

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val said...

That kid just kills me!


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