1 Dec 2012

Ho Ho Ho days

I am going to make sure the girls have a merry, merry, merry, Ho Ho Ho time of year.

I fished Norman the Elf out of hiding last night. For any of you particularly astute readers yes, his name has indeed changed from last year. Last year he was called Smurphy but somewhere along the line the girls changed it to Norman after my sisters car. Anyhoo, Norman appeared and got right down to business. Rosie was alittle concerned that he would behave this year and not get into any trouble. I have been saying for the past month that I hope he behaves this year and just hides and doesn't get into any of his monkey business. It's murder coming up with a new prank each night even with the help of Pinterest and the net.

Rosie was eager to go to bed last night so that she could wake up this morning and start her advent calendar from Auntie Sally and Uncle Andy. I can't blame the child, it's a Cadbury one! When she got up and 5.45 she came downstairs really quietly but suddenly noticed Norman and the quite part flew out the window as she squealed with absolute delight.

Norman, chilling, Florida style.
Later on the girls wanted to decorate the little tress that they have in their rooms so they did just that.
Let there be light
My proud girl and her tree. 
Lily took forever and a day to finish hers, it's that old perfectionist gene. We were hoping to put the family tree up but I had to take my car to the mechanic for it's big physical and we just didn't have time. Tomorrow!

 Tonight after the girls went to sleep Norman reappeared and pulled off this little prank.
Damn, when you're hot you're hot!
I pasted his copies all over the place. I wonder if they will catch on!
I'll let you know. 


likeschocolate said...

Norman is awesome! Have a great Sunday!

val said...

You are good!!!!!


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