2 Dec 2012

Decorating Frenzy.

I had BIG plans for today. I needed to decorate the house for Christmas inside and out, go to a parade, hang the outside lights and get the photos taken for the Christmas card. Yes a pretty lofty list. We didn't make it to the parade and didn't even notice that we didn't make it as we were having so much fun.

The girls took over the decorating and I let them. I have my ideas as to how the tree should look and they have theirs. I just plead that they let me hang certain ornaments, the ones that I hold very near and dear to my heart, or the ones that are really fragile and the rest I let them do. Rosie likes the clump method, Every thing is in a clump. Lily likes her more artistic method, I'm not sure what her method is but it involves gallons of flair.

Once the tree was complete we attacked outside and I have to say I Lily lost all sense of style and taste there and it looks pretty garish. But since the rest of the neighbourhood looks the same we fit right in!

We cleaned up the decorating carnage at warped speed, changed the girls clothes and headed off for our photo shoot and arrived just as it started raining. Oh well.

2 busy little girls busy decorating "their" tree
I buy ornaments everytime we go away and this one came from the Tower of London in March of this year.
I love this one, I got it in North Carolina.
Merry Christmas Y'all
Norman found a hiding place for the night.
I'll show some photos from our beach Christmas shoot tomorrow. They came out so well, spots and all! If you know me on FB you have seen a sneak peek.


val said...

Tell the girls the tree is beautiful....I need to hire them to help me! Two days & I have put up my village & 3 wreaths.....HELP!!

Vivian M said...

The tree is beautiful! The girls did a great job decorating!


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