28 Nov 2012


I don't think I mentioned in the post about camping that Rosie got bitten alive. I applied bug repellent to her in a liberal fashion but the little rotter promptly took a baby wipe to her face the second I turned my back. Hah, bet she won't ever do it again. To defend the poor kidlet the stuff I use for times such as camping (makes it sound like I do it all the time doesn't it) or sunsets around water is strong enough to choke a large horse and stinks to high heaven. We didn't notice at all on Saturday that she was bitten but come Sunday morning the child woke up looking like she had Chicken Pox and scratching like she had fleas. At one point she actually asked me if I thought she caught fleas from Pi. I laughed my head off at that one.

It is impossible not to notice the spots. Everyone has something to say and the word I have heard the most is "chiggers". I just thought it was a biting bug but decided today after someone else said, oh they look like Chigger bites, to Google them. What? OMG. How. Disgusting. Are. They. ? .

Take a look for yourself. CHIGGERS Disgusting, no?

So poor little kidlet has some utterly revolting skank again. On a bright side they should be gone in 2 weeks but Christmas photos are scheduled for Sunday. Perhaps you will all be so kind as to ignore the Calamine lotion in this years pictures.

I now have a new reason to add to my list of why, I don't camp.... . . .. CHIGGERS.

You can only see 6 but at the hairline there are loads and of course on the other cheek
under her skin, under her chin, take it from me ( sung to the tune from Ariel)
This nasty crud goes all up in her scalp and ears.
and way down her back.
She also has the bites on one foot and it is really swollen. This kid gets the nastiest skankiest stuff.


val said...

Poor Rosie......they should be able to photo shop the bites...make sure to ask them.

Kathy said...

Poor baby. I feel for her, my so got chiggers once and they were horrible. Finally found some medicine to dry them up and make him comfortable. Hoping she gets rid of them soon.

Vivian M said...

OMG I am never going camping! Poor Rosie, I am sure they must be itchy. Sending her a huge hug.


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