27 Nov 2012


This post got lost somehow and didn't get published. It's from Thanksgiving.

The girls didn't want to have a big Thanksgiving gathering at the house this year and they most certainly didn't want their meals served in reverse order and quite honestly I was quite happy to have just us. Before I started inviting the world and his brother over for Turkey we had started a traditional Thanksgiving morning walk where we would go out and collect pine cones. I don't know why or how it started it just did so this year I resurrected the tradition.

I might have done well to think it through a little more as the park we always visit burnt down a year ago so the pine cones were few and far between. It made things interesting and the girls really had to hunt for them. Once we have walked the perimetre of park we stop at the playground for a little while.

my turkeys
A rather burnt park
I love to see them holding hands
She was all smiles until I told her to watch for snakes
Weird mushrooms
Lily took this one of  the flowers
dead pine trees
Lily looking up a tree
We ate our turkey at dinner time, just the 3 of us. We liked it that way. we got to spend the day doing the things we liked while the turkey was busy getting cooked. I'm glad the girls spoke up...or should I say, I'm glad Lily spoke up and Rosie echoed her opinion.


val said...

Why does Rosie look so "grown-up" all of a sudden? Is it the hairdo???

Vivian M said...

Your girls look taller! I have been gone way too long. Glad you are going back to your traditions, these are memories the girls will cherish some day (and maybe repeat with their own kids). :o)


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