26 Nov 2012

Another award

By now you all know how I feel about this frivolous, foolish awards that are dished out by our school district so I will leave the commentary to a minimum and just post the picture.
I have no words
That fact is she was lucky enough to not get sick therefore she didn't have to miss school and got perfect attendance. She doesn't need a bloody award, it's her job. She doesn't need a fanfare for doing her job!


likeschocolate said...

My husband feels the exact same way.

RamblingMother said...

I am so with you! Self esteem is useless if tbey can't read or do math well enough to work later in life. Reward for true accomplishments. Besides parents have a hand in the school attendance dealio.

val said...

Yeah....they even give that out on my golf league! These are grown people.....what's up with that????

Vivian M said...

Agreed, but she still looks adorable holding her awards.


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