5 Oct 2012

What a peculiar man

Having lived in this part of the world for as long as I have nothing should faze me anymore however every now and again something comes along that just simply catches me off guard. Today was one of those days.

When the girls have swimming their classes overlap for 30 minutes and I have free time, (woohoo) where I get to natter with a couple of the other mums who I really really like. We laugh our freaking heads off. Tonight one of "us" couldn't make it so it was just Janen and me when she suddenly said, "look at the fool in the pool with the snorkel". At first I couldn't see him but then I found him. It's not that hard to spot a bright green snorkel in a pool of yellow swim caps. I laughed as it just seemed downright silly. We both figured that once the coach caught him that would be it. As I stared I realised it was an old, old bald guy with a full grey beard and not a kid from the class. I pointed this out to Janen and said something along the lines of Santa Claus being in the pool. We immediately started texting our missing Sista.

As he is swimming Coach is ordering all the kids out of that lane. He is making them get out of the pool.. Old guy offers to move out of the way but coach says, No, it's fine his kids will move and he just moves them all over a lane. Janen and I are laughing hysterically and I was given the job to get a picture to text to the missing Sista.

You have to picture this in your mind. This is an Olympic size pool with lifeguards every(freaking)where who, if you as much as think about doing something, blow their whistles and there is this old geezer just swimming along. I pointed out that it was a good thing he was swimming with the lane lines and not against them as that would have caused quite a traffic jam. The lifeguards are doing nothing, nada, butkas and security who is always, Johhny on the spot is nowhere to be found.

I head over to the edge of the pool all casually with my phone in hand, I figured the big camera might be a bit of a giveaway and snap a photo of the snorkler dude. Seconds after I walk back he climbs out and towels off. He isn't even wearing a bathing suit he has on athletic shorts tied on with a piece of string, WTF? Janen and I were crying we were laughing so hard. It was all made so much funnier by the texts coming back from absent Sista, Jodie.

Really, my life is never ever dull.

I can't make this stuff up so here is the photo to prove it.
In the end I determined he was checking for sharks. You aren't laughing are you? hmmm, I guess you had to be there.
It was handled so well by the big boss coach that the kids weren't even aware that he was there. Well obviously the kids that had to move out of his way knew he was there but all of the others were oblivious.


val said...

It takes all kinds......

Vivian M said...

Wow. (For once, I am speechless).


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