4 Oct 2012

My littlest Flying Fish

I signed on the dotted line and handed over the money and with that it was official. Rosie is the youngest and unquestionably, the smallest member of the Flying Fish Swim Team. She could barely wait tonight to get to the pool she didn't want to miss the warm up. Once I pulled in to the car park she was all about the rushing.

For 4 years she has been dragged from pillar to post as the little sister watching the big sister doing her thang but now it's about her as well. It's over due.

She did a whole lot better tonight than the other evening and her tiny frame wins over the hearts of all that she comes into contact with. All the coaches were commenting on her tonight and saying how good she is. Well at least she didn't drown, so that 's positive. I don't know that she is good necessarily but she is cute and the two can be confusing.

It's going to be a while until I get the fly photo. Tonight they did fly at the end and she was pooped. I filmed it and we were in hysterics. Poor little thing was all out of whack and so tired that she couldn't heave herself up at the same time as her arms so she did them at separate times. Hilarious. I have to say that the child gets an A+ for effort.

Mummy, hurry the sun's in my eyes and I am going to miss warm up.
This gives you an idea of how small she is
enjoying a quick gabfest in between laps.
She is smiling. 
this was her very tired attempt at butterfly. Where are the arms? They appear 2 frames from now. LOL Cute little Pickle.
After tonights swim I was ready with a huge array of snacks for her choosing.....she chose all of them and one of Lily's. She might not be the smallest one for much longer.


val said...

I guarantee it won't be long before she gets it!

Anonymous said...


One Happy Mama said...

<3 little Rosie ... she's got spirit and determination - she will get FAR!! ~Nancy

Vivian M said...

Your girls are amazing....maybe they can teach Kerri how to swim when we come down to visit. ;o)


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