6 Oct 2012

Our own American Girl store

Today was the grand opening of the American Girl Store here in Miami and wouldn't you know it, it is mere minutes from the house. The website, catalogue, and magazine promised quite a fancy grand opening so I made a mental note of it and decided if the planets lined up I would take the girlies.

It was, tickets only, to get into the store so first we lined up for tickets, that took seconds and then we took off walking to pass time as we knew had a lot of that to waste before we would be allowed in the store. American Girl and the Falls Mall had done a really great job of keeping the kids occupied and our 3.5 hour wait really didn't seem that long. Honestly, it didn't. They got to do all sorts of activities and participate in give-a-ways, they received free American Girl totes that they were able to decorate, bracelets, face painting, balloon artists, all sorts of things. Many of the shops were offering specials throughout the day and the cinema was showing Kit, for free! We didn't see it as we have it at home and have seen it a billion times.

I finally headed the girls back towards the velvet ropes and we were finally escorted by security into the store. It made the girls feel so fancy. It was all very American. As we walked into the store they were handed an American Girl book just for being there. They were in little girl heaven. There really were way to many people for my liking and comfort level but I let the girls wander and look at everything they wanted to see. After 2 hours, sohelpmegod, we were able to leave. I have never been so happy in all my life. The lines to pay for things wrapped around the whole store and took another 30 minutes. I did buy a movie and a little thing for Lily's doll but no big purchases. Rosie wanted everything in there, she was mesmerised by the store. She does not remember being in the one in Massachusetts.

I can't wait for things to calm down a little. Lily really likes the books and it is an amazing store but not when it is ballstothewalls in peeps. It will be handy having one so close. I would like to get Rosie a doll but she is too big for a Bitty Baby and a little young for a doll, doll.

It really was fun for them to participate in the grand opening and I am so glad that we went.

Our first glimpse of the store as we walked up to get our tickets.
waiting in line and getting closer
Painting their AG totes
3.5 hours later and we are FINALLY next
inside the store...I just love that smile.
On the way home they kept saying, Mummy, thank you so much for taking us. It's the little things that make them happy.


Vivian M said...

We have never been to one, but I can only imagine it is heaven on earth for little girls who like dolls and a nightmare for a parent's wallet!

Sherri said...

Oh my Heavens, wow in Miami. It will surely give us a reason in a few years to come over that way. I myself have always wanted to see one.

Leah Mei said...

We found out they were open on Friday before the official grand opening and we went. Leah loved the store. She had 2 dolls and took one of them to get her hair done in the doll salon. It was awesome to see her so excited about something.


val said...

Don't you wish you were the one that thought those dolls.....imagine the money they make!!

Tammie said...

I wish Erin were into the AG Dolls. I so want to go there. Then again, that would mean driving in that county that I won't drive to. Oh well. I'll live through LIly & Rosie.


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