7 Oct 2012


Lily will not admit that she enjoys anything at all about this bright pink Barbie Jeep. If you were to ask her she would tell you it were her little sisters and that she finds it rather juvenile. However I am her mother and am privy to a different side of her and if I share these pictures with you, you to will be privy to that side too because a smile this big can't lie.

making her sister white knuckled
I love this one
Nice driving Lil'
Keep your hands on the wheel or you'll end up in a tree again.


Sherri said...

love it, love the arms/hands in the air.

val said...

Cool pics.......you're never too big for a pink jeep!

Tammie said...

I won't let it out that I've seen that huge grin. Of course, I wish I had a pink jeep.

Luciana said...

Nice ride! ;)

Vivian M said...

Nice! You may need to up the car insurance, though. ;o)


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