8 Oct 2012

How big? So big.

Today Lily had a field trip with her school and she was so excited about it. More excited than she usually is for field trips. Why, you ask? Because this was to the Adrienne Arsht Centre for the Performing Arts  and my girl loves it there, oh no, that's not it, it's because she had to get dressed up and Lilipop is all about fancy. Usually when they have a field trip they have to wear their uniforms but they were asked to wear something very nice today.

I leave the house early on Monday mornings, sometimes the kiddies are barely even out of bed, so I made sure that her clothes and accessories were all picked out yesterday as I knew if her Father had to get involved in that kind of drama first thing in the morning things would get ugly.

I asked for photos cos I knew she would be feeling a tad sassy. I was right.

Oh my word she is getting so big.

Yes, she's feeling sassy alright.


val said...

OH MY!! You need to start worrying....I cannot believe how "growed up" she looks!!!

Vivian M said...

She is beautiful. I hope you are ready for the tween years....

Alyson and Ford said...

So grown up! Beautiful! Love the sassy!

Alyzabeth's Mommy


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