15 Oct 2012


As the man that lives in this house spends more and more of his life asleep I am spending less and less. My sister has suffered from insomnia for years, the girl does not sleep AT ALL. I on the other hand have never had a problem I just fall into bed, put my head on my pillow and I  know nothing of the world until my alarm clock raises it's ugly voice at 6.00am.

Never had a problem until recently, that is. The sleep crapnea machine has brought with it a kazillion weird and oh so loud noises and prior to that there was the incredible snoring. It's not so much the machine, more the mask and how it sounds when he moves and it gets squished off of his face.  I also have a few things going on in my head that are causing me to to be on an apparent "high alert" status so if any one thing wakes me up regardless of the time, I am up for the day.

I can honestly say I have no idea how my sister functions. 3 hours of sleep is not normal. I have started drinking coffee again just to make it from end of the day to the other. Seeing the man of the house asleep on the chair, couch, bed or anywhere for that matter just compounds my frustrations and makes my sleeping even worse.

Hah, not one to lose my sense of humour I have taken to photographing him napping! He napped today for over 6 hours.....that's more sleep than I have had in total for the past 2 nights.

My kids are even getting fed up with it. Off to find some earplugs that will keep the evil crapnea machine at bay. Night all.


val said...

Oh Dawn......I feel your pain. I have to tell you it doesn't get any better! Why is it men can fall asleep anywhere, anytime?

Love Letters To China said...

I feel your pain too. I never get more than 4 hrs of sleep a night. I use ear plugs most nights and sometimes have to resort to prescription meds. It really stinks getting old. :-(

Vivian M said...

We have the complete opposite here, Corey cannot sleep unless I am wearing my CPAP. And we both sleep well. My machine is extremely quiet. The mask should not be coming off, it sounds like he is not fitted with the right one/size or is not wearing it correctly. If the machine itself is too loud, then maybe you should take it back in to be checked.
Do you have a guest room you can go to get some sleep? It is not a permanent solution, but you need a good night's sleep too.

Tammie said...

I'm with Corey on this. I can now no longer sleep without David's CPAP white noise.

If Jacob's mask is moving around & making funky noises, then it doesn't fit him properly. Call the company & have them look it over. As for his now sleeping for hours at a time, it's due to the CPAP. It took David a full month before he caught up.

Unfortunately, I haven't slept through the night since we went DTC in February 2002. I try to sneak in a nap during the day on either Saturday or Sunday.

Good luck!


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