14 Oct 2012

Birthday party fun

Today we had the wonderful joy of celebrating Emma Song's 2nd birthday. Emma is my friend Pam's little girl and baby sister to Adam and Noah. Unfortunately Lilipop is feeling under the weather so she stayed home with Dad and I went with Rosie. I received a text from Lily after an hour asking me to please come home, so I did. Lily lives life to the fullest so when she goes down she goes down hard so when I got that text I knew she must have really been feeling dreadful so I didn't hesitate in excusing myself and leaving there and then.

The party was wonderful and Rosie had so much fun. I did to. I just love to watch Emma as she has the most amazing facial expressions and she just makes me giggle. She is a wild child too and is afraid of NOTHING. Child just throws herself into life full tilt....literally. This makes getting a photo of her very, very hard. 

And the party begins And the birthday girl starts moving
Isn't she lovely?
Rosie in the spinning bucket. It span her pretty fast.
Smiley girl loves this place
Wow, so many bubbles
This ball pit was a huge hit.
THe birthday girl and her family
Isn't that the most beautiful cake? It was delicous
So much fun for all these little ones. Happy birthday Emma.


surprise party ideas said...

It seems that everyone had nice fun! Very nice :)

val said...

That cake gorgeous! Love Rosie's socks. Hope Lily is feeling better,

Luciana said...

Little Emma is getting so big.
Ummm, please explain Rosie's socks. Is that the new trend in the U. S. of A?! She totally rocks it. I love her style.
Hope Lilypop feels better soon.


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