13 Oct 2012

Trees, not just for Christmas anymore

It has now been established that in our house the decorating of a tree is just not for Christmas anymore. The girls love making these tiny little trees for any possible festive occasion and already have designs in their heads for Autumn/Thanksgiving.

If I had a huge house I would decorate like a maniac for all occasions but that would mean that I would have lots and lots of storage space but I don't. I am tempted to check out our crawl space, hmm maybe that's a project for my sister and I in a couple of weeks.

Lily is becoming quite handy with a can of spray paint
These little doo dads are meant to be filled with coloured sand but we coloured them with markers

I halted the decorating once we were done with the tree. I think next week is early enough to ghostify the house for Halloweenie. This is it now until Christmas as far as decorations are concerned because as soon as one set comes down another goes up. Before I know if Norman the Elf will be swinging from the fans again and cuasing chaos.


val said...

They are so clever....homemade decorations rock!

Vivian M said...

Love it!


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