12 Oct 2012

Seeing Double

I arrive at the pool between 4.45 and 4.50 every day. It is still nearly ninety degrees and bright bright sunshine. By the time I leave it is 8.pm and dark. Sometimes I think something funky has happened to my eyeballs as I see the exact same thing but in 2 different sizes.

Rosie on the board....she is hard to make out as there are a lot of kids in her division
Lily in the board. Grainy photo, it is late, dark and she was hard to find.
Rosie doing backstroke
Lily doing backstroke
Today was Quad F. (Flying Fish Fun Friday) so they do lots of fun stuff. Rosie waiting for her relay****
Lily waitiing for her relay
I just like this one
It might be fun Friday but this is Lily so she's still gotta be competitive.
and I'll leave you with this, a hamster at swimming??!!
Sad but true some moron bought a freaking hamster to swimming tonight. Some people need their heads examined. Oopsie I'm being judgemental again, but what with the 80+ degree weather and whatnot ( I love the word whatnot) it just seems to wrong. But Lily held it and liked it. And as the morons were leaving they dropped the cage and hamster fell out. Uh huh...morons! ****Rosie is standing on one leg because the deck is burning hot so she hops from one foot to another.


Vivian M said...

Kerri thinks the pictures are awesome! I agree. :o)

val said...

Why would you bring a hamster anywhere????????


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