11 Oct 2012

Team Ivy

If you have been reading my blog for a while you are familiar with little tiny Ivy Joy and Team Ivy. Little itty bitty Ivy isn't doing well in fact she is in heart failure and has been for some time now. She needs a huge life saving operation and thankfully it is scheduled to take place in Boston on October 17th.

♥ Ivy Joy needs help ♥
I cannot imagine what Mary and the rest of the family are going through right now, I honestly can't. Ivy Joy is their baby and she is so sick. I have amazing readers and followers who are doing so much already but I am asking for you to do a little bit more if you can.

Things being as they are here with medical insurance and the fact that Ivy Joy has already had this surgery done already less than a year ago her family could really do with some support. So many people have come forward to offer in any way that they can and this fabulous blog Mama is selling the most amazing T-shirts.  Click the link and take a look.

If t-shirts aren't you thing then send some good ju ju, some positive thoughts or say a prayer for them, please.

This little girl was given no chance at all and she beat all the odds but the surgeon made a tiny mistake and it is causing her heart to fail. This is her only hope.

Become a member of Team Ivy...it's the coolest team there is.
Please share her story on your blog and facebook pages, the more people who hear her story the better the chances of getting her family the support they need.

Xie Xie


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