10 Oct 2012

Here I go again

I have started again, in vain, attempting to capture the perfect fly shot whilst my child is swimming. This time it is of Rosie and it is in vain for 2 reasons, firstly she can't actually do it yet and secondly she can't actually do it yet. It is the most comical thing in the world to watch and I am having the best time ever doing it. Now don't be getting all up in my business, she will get it but this is just the beginning and she is only 5 so she isn't going to be a pro now is she?

I still think she is the by far the cutest swimmer in the pool. This is what she's got so far....it's comical, in a the cutest way EVAH.

she pulls up
the arms appear
she looks like she is playing airplanes in the water. (she is smiling)
her team mate and her getting their fins on
tunnel vision
Day 6 of swimming and she loves it.


val said...

I love the tunnel vision.....that girl is going places!

Luciana said...

She's perfect!


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