16 Oct 2012

Big orange things

We have a pumpkin patch just down the road from the house. It's the only pumpkin patch I know of around here. It's the only sign that it is supposedly Autumn and I absolutely love it. Since Lily was 2 we have visited it every single year. I know it is rather early but I decided today was the day. Lily has a really awful cold so she isn't swimming this week and I decided that I wasn't even going to take Rosie so that Lily didn't have to sit at the pool outside in the heat for an hour waiting for her.

After dinner the temperatures appeared a tiny bit cooler so I ventured to the Great Pumpkin Patch with the girls. It's a good thing we did because I don't think it will be there in another week. There weren't many pumpkins left and the ones that were there were covered in ants and and lots of them were rotten and smelly but it still looked so lovely and made us feel like we lived somewhere that has seasons so we didn't mind at all. (until Lily moved one and maggots crawled out).

Pumpkin patch photos are my absolute favourite photos I just love them. I think it is because they are just so vibrant and different from what we usually see here.

Rosie's innocent little face is fooling no one.
this snarly one is more like it.
You have to love the boots and shorts from my fahionista.
I wanted to buy all of these but they came with an ant farm
The equivalent of the Black Sheep of the pumpkin family.
The girls bought a few baby pumpkins but we had to avoid the big ones that begged to be carved because of the red ants. We need Richie Rich to come back stat to help us again. He was the best pumpkin carver.


val said...

Ants.....ugh! Or you could live at may house where the blue jays & squirrels eat your pumpkins displays....brats!

Vivian M said...

Love the colors - and the girls look so grown up. Nothing wrong with wearing boots and shorts - we do that here all the time!


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