17 Oct 2012

I nearly giggled

When I picked Rosie up from school today she couldn't wait to tell me about something in her backpack. She started to unzip as we were walking to the car so I asked her to wait as it seemed like a really bad idea. It turned out that she had bought a huge amount of her work home for me to see and sign and couldn't wait to see it herself as she was interested to see her grades.

We sat together at the desk going through the papers page by page and she was so happy to point to the E's and S's and then we got to a page and the grade was a U and she went quiet. The next thing I know she is crying. She was so upset that she got a bad grade. I told her that it didn't matter and that out of 60+ papers she got one lousy grade but she was crushed. It was so hard not to laugh. I'm sure I couldn't have cared less about my grades when I was 5, actually I don't think we got graded at 5.

After we finished looking I read her the teachers note which only compounded her short comings, in her eyes. As far as I am concerned she is doing OK. She really does need to slow down and work a whole lot tidier and after reading this from her teacher I think she will. She thinks the sun rises and sets on her teacher so if the note said, Rose needs to come to school with her knickers on her head, I believe she actually might.

Her homework tonight was done with near perfection! Her and Lily are truly as different as chalk and cheese.

I guess it's a fish. 
more work
A much needed suggestion. I bet she does this from now on. She hates to disappoint anyone.


val said...

She is a competitor that's for sure!

Vivian M said...

I hope Rosie learns that constructive feedback is not meant to make her cry or feel bad. :o(

Anonymous said...



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