18 Oct 2012

Time for a riddle

What's got black eyes, barks like a seal, a high fever, a sore throat, and a serious pain in her stomach?
Give up?
Lily. Since Saturday!

She just can't catch a break. One set of symptoms subsides and another moves right on in. I can't believe I am actually going to cast these words out into the universe: thankfully Rosie has been spared so far.

Each night I put her to bed and think, wow she is so much better tonight this must be the end of it and tonight is no different. Earlier I nearly took her to the emergency clinic because the pains in her stomach were so bad I really thought it might be appendicitis especially when she started feeling sick.

Feel better little Lilipop we have a big weekend planned.


val said...

Sending good vibes her way.

Vivian M said...

Oh no...hope she feels better soon and gets well quick!


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