28 Oct 2012

Caution, I'm whining

This freaking Hurricane is screwing everything up. Well except our weather, that I have to say is rather nice.

My sister and her hubby were supposed to arrive yesterday from the UK, they got bumped from many o flight. My sister and her hubby were meant to arrive today from the UK the got bumped from many o flight. The final kick in the teeth came when all flights to New York City were cancelled until further notice and all NY passengers were moved onto flights to Miami and or Orlando.

My sister decided she was giving up, they had no idea where their luggage was but once it was located they were flying off to sunny parts unknown with their luggage full of Jelly for Rosie and chocolate for me and a couple of books for Lily. Sigh.

Late this afternoon my niece sent me a text that said, booked on Virgin flight meet them at the airport at 18. 40. I sent back one word: TODAY?

I then realised it couldn't be today as that would make their flight all of 3 hours.

Thankfully I hadn't told Rosie anything about them coming. Lily had to find out when a swim meet interfered with the visit and she needed to make a tough call. She was devastated. My girl is dealing with some pretty heavy news at the moment and this blow on top of it was pretty rough.

I can't wait to see their faces tomorrow night when they get home from swimming and I am sitting here with their Auntie and Uncle!

Freaking storm. But you can't keep a M*&^y down! We are like Timex watches we take a licking and keep on ticking

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val said...

All I can say is Sandy is creating havoc up here as well & she hasn't arrived yet!!!

Enjoy your sister's visit


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