29 Oct 2012

Whatever will they think

Halloweenie is not a reason to decorate your house in England, in fact the only reason one might decorate ones house in England is for Christmas. We do not live in England anymore and therefore we do decorate our house for Halloween (and any other occasion that we can find).

The girls do most of the decorating, it isn't necessarily done the way I would like it done but it is done how they like it done so I am learning to deal with it.

Hopefully My sis' is arriving today and she will walk into house of crazy Halloween decor, I bet she will think we have gone stark raving mad.

this little table is now also covered in gourds
every single mirror downstairs looks like this.
Lily's pumpkin display
Ghosts ascending the stairs.
Our downstairs bathroom has been turned into a house of horrors and there are lots of other little spookies all over the place.


val said...

Love it! They can come decorate my house.

Vivian M said...

Awesome decorations!


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