30 Oct 2012

A taste of home

Late yesterday afternoon with the skill of a scam artist. I slipped out of the house and whizzed of to the airport to pick up my sister and brother in law whilst all the time my youngest daughter thought I was heading off to work. She headed off to swimming with her sister and father. We managed to slip back into the house minutes before they arrived home and the wily auntie and uncle hid strategically in the house and awaited her arrival. Lily was in the know  and about to bounce out of her skin.

Rosie flew into the house so happy to see that I was home early from work and nearly jumped 2 feet high when Auntie Sally jumped out and asked, Don't you love me too? It was a classic moment and one I will never forget. I couldn't however get it on film as it would have blown the moment. I love my sister as she is one of a kind and her hubby is just brilliant.

Sally and Andy were meant to be arriving on Saturday and were flying on passes out of Heathrow but due to Hurricane Sandy they kept getting bumped and by Sunday night they knew they were not coming. Andy stepped up and bought tickets on the spot, last minute with another airline for top dollar just to get my sister here to see us. What a stand up guy he is!

The excitement level was bar none. After about 2 minutes Rosie looked at Sally with a very serious face and said, did you bring my Jelly?  Oh yes she did little girl oh yes she did.

This is gold to Rosie and would be called jello over here. I think this should last a while. Thank you crazy Auntie Sally.
I do not let my girls eat American Jello. It is filled with nasty ingredients and it makes them act nuts. I have an absolute hatred of food colouring and Jello is loaded with the stuff so in this house it is outlawed plus it is just plain nasty.
Love this.
Of course it isn't just Rosie that hits pay dirt when family comes to stay, oh no. I don't do too badly either. My sister stopped into see my Father before she left and daddy remembered that his little girl loves chocolate and sent her some of her favourite biscuits. Just one or two packets.

All my favourites. I might share with the girls, might.
When Lily was little we started to collect books by the English author Julia Donaldson and now we still collect them for Rosie so I asked Sally if she would look for one and she found a perfect one for this time of year and found something suitable for Lily too.

our favourite author
Anything with a pair of knickers on the cover is bound to be a hit with a 10 yr old.
There were lots of other goodies too. My favourite is a Bunnykins moneybox. The best part of course is having my sis to my self for 10 days. It was meant to be 2 weeks but Sandy put the kabosh on that. Oh the fun we will have.


val said...

So happy for you.....enjoy your sister!
BTW I'll be down for some biscuits!

Vivian M said...

Glad they made it there safe and sound! Now share some of those goodies....


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